Michael Symon’s Man Cave

by in Food Network Chef, November 3rd, 2011

michael symon man cave
Jason Cameron and Tony Siragusa of the DIY Network show Man Caves believe that every guy deserves a space of his own. Together, they have given men across the country luxury rooms to match each one’s personality and passion. Recently, Jason and Tony stopped by Iron Chef Michael Symon’s suburban Ohio neighborhood to build him an in-house fitness center, complete with state-of-the-art exercise machines, a walk-in steam room and a juice bar. Not just a master of the kitchen, Michael rolls up his sleeves to lend a hand with the power tools and construction of his basement cave.

Tune in to Man Caves on DIY Network on Sunday’s at 8pm/7c and don’t miss Michael in the new season of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs on Sunday’s at 9pm/8c on Food Network.

michael symon's man cave

michael symon behind the scenes DIY network

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Comments (12)

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  2. Heidi says:

    I delive symon did a mistake in taking robert irvine out on the nex iron chef disagre with hes disitio but its made what you gone do.

  3. tonia says:


  4. Numbnuts says:

    Michael Symon is pure garbage. I will immediately change the channel anytime his face appears on my TV. Also I will no longer watch any of the Iron chef shows until he is removed from the program or Robert Irvine is put back on.

  5. TellTailHeart says:

    Seems like you wanted Zackarian to win TNIC all along because: he has no personality, doesn't have the presence you do, is "old" after thirty years in the game, cooks "simple" food, can't stay awake, and is less skilled than yourself. Does last night's travesty equate to more battles, fame and money for you? If not, please explain your ostensible one sided decision. If Z is 'an athlete in his prime,' doesn't this translate to nearly through? Your bias, throughout TNIC, for Zakarian never put your final "vote" into doubt. Recall your comment about Zakarian's "technique continually amazing you?" Wish the same could be said about his food. It looks like it ought to be sent back to the kitchen. Why not give Z a complimentary internship at Lola's. It's the least you can do for your new best friend but don't tell Flay he might be jealous and resent having to give up his title of IC "best loser." You've made all of IC's fans the real losers when you damned Faulkner for a noodle thereby showing your best dish is chicken pot pie. Good show, Mike!

    • JLF says:

      Absurd ramblings of a sore loser. Your favorite, EF, has far more class than you and she deserves a better caliber of fan.

      • TellTailHeart says:

        I agree Faulkner has lots more class than I do and she can disenfan me anytime she wants, with or without cause, and without hurting my feelings. She can also repudiate anything I say. Without a doubt, too, Falkner has better, more-temperate, fans than I am. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this doesn't mean I can't speak my mind about fairness with passion. Last night's show resembled a Soviet-style election. Know this, too, I will always believe Symon's televised role looked in TNIC fiasco like a burned menu cooked in a beach lean to. I pay my cable bills just like everyone who watches the show or uses the internet so you say can your thing and I say mine. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. SML says:

    Totally Disagree with the recent comment by telltaleheart.
    Zacharian is an awesome chef and he proved that from day one of the competition!
    Enough SAID!!!

  7. WestCoastFan says:

    I must say that if he get's a man cave what does his wife get. Surely there is a female version of the "man cave".

  8. JKR says:

    without actually eating any of the fine looking food that the Super Chefs prepared for the judges during the filming of NIC, your opinion is solely based on the edited comments by all the judges. Or maybe you based it on the Super Chefs looks alone,…who knows?
    Although Marimoto liked Faulkner's one dish, he said that Zacharian's overall holiday meal was the better of the two. Are you going to try and say that he can't cook either?
    Regardless, your comment makes it look like you've been sucking on some sour grapes.

    • TellTailHeart says:

      I do like Faulkner's looks and think she's hot (she had the spiked hair before Burell or Guy) but that has nothing to do with my comments. Zakarian lacks presence and from the looks of the plates I would rather eat Chef Faulkner's dishes. They look far more interesting and her main course was better, by far, even in the "edited" comments. You shouldn't win Iron Chef just because you wrap vegetables. As for the sour grapes, wasn't Zakaian's first dish sour strawberries. I know what they taste like just like you, obviously, know what sour grapes taste like.

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