Watch Thanksgiving Live! This Sunday

by in Holidays, November 18th, 2011

thanksgiving live
For the first time ever, Food Network is going Live! Just in time for the feast, on Sunday at 12 pm/EST, Rachael, Bobby, Anne, Alex, Ted, Melissa, Sunny and your host, turkey master Alton Brown, will be on hand to answer your Thanksgiving questions live on-air. What do you want to know? Ask your question here.

The best Thanksgiving appetizer: Watch the Thanksgiving Live pre-show on Livestream or at 11:30 am/EST Sunday. We’ll have exclusive interviews with Food Network chefs as they head into the kitchen to answer your questions.

The best Thanksgiving appetizer: Watch the Thanksgiving Live pre-show here at 11:30 am/EST Sunday. We’ll have exclusive interviews with Food Network chefs as they head into the kitchen to answer your questions.


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Comments (311)

  1. Mikey Smith says:

    Alton, I want to do something different to my bird for thanksgiving. My brother is a great cook and we are both cooking a bird. I have used red wine to do roasts in a crock pot and it worked well. Do you think this would work well on my turkey?

  2. Kim C says:

    alton, is there a way to make gravy thhat minus the turkey flavor and anything turkey related? cause we have someone allergic to turkey and citruses…can you ask alex this? what can i do? is there a sauce i could make with apple juice to subistitue?

  3. Brainscape says:

    It's sure to be a great show with many interesting tips and facts! One thing to know before the feast: It's not the turkey that makes you sleepy afterwards but the stuffing!

  4. Jenivee degeorge says:

    Racheal How do u prepare Veg for the kids I can't get my girl to eat cooked veg she's ten hrs old . Jenivee sac , Cali

  5. Lisa Mamet says:

    Please post Ted Allen’s wine suggestions. Thank you.

    • Linda says:

      Ted mentioned Willemette's (sp?) Pino Noir, I believe. Thanks for responding to the other reader. I wanted to check out the list, too! I appreciate it your help.

  6. Jean says:

    I am looking for the recipe/chef who deconstructed a turkey. Brine d the breast and thighs. Took the skin laid it in a pan put the breast on skin then the thighs, covered with? weighted it down with? to compress it so when cooked and sliced it had a layered look and the skin was crunchy and browned. Anyone?? HELP I have to have this recipe!! Thank You,

  7. lucillemotley says:

    I recorded the foodnetwork live show and am watching it as I type this comment. Alton Brown is one of the rudest hosts I have ever seen on a T.V. show. To say and I quote "dogs, kids, and Thanksgiving just don't mix." is probably the most un family orientated thing a host could say during a "Holiday live show." I watch the Food Network station probably most than others and I can say that a person who is very liberal and has a dry sense of humor thinks that having Alton Brown as a host is a huge mistake and it was a disaster of a show.
    Alton Brown is a PRICK and a WEIRDO… and he called most of Georgia "white trash that will burn their trailers down." What a stella guy that Alton Brown is…… NOT!
    Hopefully the people in corporate collecting their fat check will open their damn eyes and see how dumb they were. Food Network you dropped the ball on this one…

    • Evelyn McElroy says:

      We watch him all the time and never hear any of this rant. He guards his family and NEVER exploits them on TV. He is not your vulgar names so maybe you should study vocabulary be able to. understand what he is really saying. Just my opinion. Eve

  8. Paulette says:

    I thought at the beginning of the show, Racheal started with a festive cocktail and then I believe Sunny used nuts and bacon and spices for a snacking item. I can not find this recipes anywhere. Was I dreaming this or feeling the effects of all the achcol that Alton Brown seems to have drank? Could someone help me with this?

    • Evelyn McElroy says:

      Alton did not drink anything because he broke his own record in carving up the turkey-with an electric knife. No booze for him. Eve

  9. Sharon Holcomb says:

    Whats is the best way to use yams in a dessert

  10. T diaz says:

    do you know good and fun drinks for kids. something that looks kinda cool for a thanksgiving theme but taste really good to

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