Don’t Give In to Stress — Thanksgiving Tip of the Day

by in Holidays, November 13th, 2011

ted allen
Whether it’s your first Thanksgiving or your 15th, making a meal this big can be stressful. Keep your cool with Ted Allen’s top tips for a freak-out-free holiday.

Make This the Smoothest Holiday Ever

Browse more of Food Network’s Thanksgiving recipes and tips.

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Comments (2)

  1. glojay says:

    I watch the food net most of the time. Please answer why it is when meat in or out of its package is never rinsed or washed before being seasoned for cook????????????? This I observed on all your cooking shows…………………

  2. ldytubbs says:

    Mr. Ted first how r you doing……..I love your show! I really do, but I wanted to contact a finalist. I do not need feed back from him, but I just saw a episode I really really wanted him to know how much I loved what he did. I and I hope many more try and contact him, and tell him how special he is for what he did. This episode was great!!!!!!! Executive chef Lance Nitahara, told us that once he was a cutthroat. That he had changed….. well in this episode he showed us how well he had. It brought me, and a lot of people I'm guessing to tears of emotions. Thank you for being a great chef, as well as a great human being for doing what you did. It gives a lot of us great pleasure to see we still have that kindness in people. May you achieve whatever you are searching in life come for you, and your family. I hope the young lady make it to see her grandmother before she gets any sicker…….bless him for what he has done, and I personally bless him for many many many more happiness, or as some of them say a very long, long life.

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