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by in Shows, November 14th, 2011

chuck hughes beau macmillian
The fourth season of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs is in full swing, with 10 new chefs fighting it out for a grand prize that so many would-be chefs covet: joining the ranks of Iron Chefs Marc Forgione, Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, Jose Garces and Michael Symon. Each chef will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the competition but, ultimately, one chef must go home each week. Every Monday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest Super Chef to get the boot.

This week, popcorn seemed to do it in for Chuck Hughes and he found himself battling it out with Beau MacMillan in a sudden-death challenge.

FN Dish: Let’s face it: Popcorn will always wind up between your teeth. If you had your way, which concession stand candy would you have picked?

CH: I was really pleased with popcorn, but I think it played against me.

FN Dish: Tofu: You’ve never worked with it or gone out of your way to eat it. Why?

CH: There are so many great foods out there. Why eat tofu?

FN Dish: Your tofu one-bite left a big impression on both Michael and Simon. If you had to do it again, would you put the sauce on the side?

CH: Absolutely. In the spur of the moment, I went for a one-bite wonder. It was my downfall.

FN Dish: Who do you think has the biggest competitive advantage out of the chefs left?

CH: Anne Burrell and Marcus Samuelsson because of their extensive knowledge of competition cooking.

FN Dish: I love watching Marcus’ reactions when things start heating up in the kitchen. Is he the comedian of the bunch or is it you?

CH: It’s not Marcus and it’s not me. It’s the big Beau Mac — he’s the funniest guy I know!

FN Dish: How do you feel about Judy Joo’s word, “foodgasm”?

CH: It makes me want to roll over and fall asleep (wink). Oh. I mean cuddle.


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Comments (110)

  1. Pat Kilt says:

    Last hights episode was so unfair why give one person pocorn when everyone else had a cady of sorts or easier yet root beer what was fair about that if you are going to ewliminate someone do it with fairness and on that not Ghardelli flopped on hers even though she got first choice a little more fairness won't be watching again

  2. homechefbry says:

    I've been watching Iron Chef America for years and have NEVER seen an Iron Chef OR challenger "replicate" the secret ingredient. I am so disappointed that Beau was allowed to continue to compete when he clearly did not use the secret ingredient in his savory offering in the sweet treat challenge. He even told the judges at the judging table that he only replicated the sweet and sour candy and did not use any of the ingredient in his dish at all. Now, I did not receive a rule book, however, having watched so many Iron Chef America episodes and following the Next Iron Chef competitions, I believe that the chairman, Alton and Kevin clearly state when commentating and identifying the rules that the secret ingredient must be used in the chef's offerings. I believe that Beau should've been disqualified, or at least the savory dish he did NOT use ANY of the secret ingredient in and only be judged on the dessert he offered, which he DID use the secret ingredient in. As a long time Food Network fan, I call a FOUL and challenge this decision….Is a chef/challenger participating in Iron Chef America AND/OR The Next Iron Chef America required to use the secret ingredient in each dish or is it allowed to be represented in some form; taste, color, etc.?

  3. Guest says:

    I think the handwriting is on the wall because there's a gross unbalance between male Iron Chefs and female Iron Chefs. So that leads me to think it will be a female winner. The way it's going with the crazy judging makes me lean that way. Anyway, we will see before long if that's the case or not.
    Some may have already said this before … don't know – loads of posts on FN Dish.

  4. Kay says:

    I'm still trying to decide who I think would be a good Iron Chef. I am not sure that Chef Alex can handle the pressure. She gets a little rattled during the challenges. I don't think Chef Michael can handle the criticism of the dishes he prepares and would not be a very good example of sportsmanship. Chef Elizabeth is still an unknown quantity. She seems pretty calm but then I haven't seen her cook that much. Chef Beau might have a problem since he doesn't follow the rules about the secret ingredients. Chef Marcus is a good chef but I still don't know if he has the personality to be an Iron Chef. Same with Chef Zacharian…he is an excellent chef but don't think he has the personality to pull it off. Chef Burrell has experience in ICA competitions and is also a good chef. She also has a quirky personality. I guess right now, she would be my choice. I do agree with previous comments that the scoring should be changed to a point system and let all the chefs compete until the end and whoever has the most points wins. However, I doubt if that will ever be changed.

  5. Carol Pierce says:

    I am not a great cook and want to improve my skills. Chuck you are the real deal as far as I am concerned. It's fun to watch competitions but the dishes are not anything I would make so why waist my time. Becoming an Iron Chef may have it's place in the culinary world but give me a real chef that makes real food that I can recreate any time. Chuck you are my idea of a "REALITY CHEF". Your dishes are real food and mouth watering enough for me to try on my own. My hats off to you for staying real.

  6. Kris says:

    Dear FN,
    Tell Judy Joo to shut her pie hole with the "Foodgasm" BS already…. I don't need to try to explain to my 9 year old daughter about a foodgasm…. Enough already……

  7. Kim says:

    Chuck Hughes was my go to guy, I thought for sure he would be the winner as he blew away Bobby Flay in ICA and his dishes made the judges "smile". Now he's gone and I don't get it. As far as I'm concerned he is the real chef in this competition. So now I'm rooting for Chef Falkner. She has what it takes to be the next Iron Chef America. She's not pretentious or pompous like Chef Zacharian or Chef Guarnaschelli. She gets right to work on her dishes without all the whining and the drama and the judges seem to like what she makes. By the way, the only real judge on this show is Michael Symon, the other two should go have dinner together somewhere else.
    But, if Anne Burrell becomes the next Iron Chef, you can be sure you just lost another viewer!

  8. Ambar says:

    Chef Burell cooks with the same spoon that she eats, drinks from bottles that she uses to cook, she does that all the time in her cooking show, it’s gross. Chiarello is a jerk, when he had his show i thought he was nice, but after seeing him in top chef i realized he’s arrogant and a jerk. Zacarian and Alex are soo hard judges on chopped but i don’t think the can handle the same things the chef at chopped are thrown in. I liked Irving, Chuck, now i’m rooting for Samuelson to win

  9. Capt. Larbow says:

    Having read all the comments and watched most all the Iron chef shows, I have noticed opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. Why can't people just watch and enjoy the food that each Chef is trying very hard to create. As far as the judges, I have to agree with most of the negative comments, the judges should be real people selected from the audience not a bunch food critics that would not know a good meal if it bit them in the ***. Sorry I had to sugar coat my comments…..

    • FreedomOfSpeech says:

      @Capt. Larbow: This is a blog. It is meant for people to freely express their opinion. You can agree or disagree with the OPINION. We don't want your tired old "opinions are like a**holes" phrase, and we don’t need you to minimize us for expressing our opinion. If you don’t like opinions that differ from your own, please get off this blog.

  10. ThisShowIsFixed says:

    Why is FN going through this charade? It’s obvious that they are planning to crown a woman, so why continue the farce? Just give it to her already! Three exceptional men already eliminated, and nothing but gushing comments for the women. It’s a joke. I won’t be watching anymore.

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