Best 5 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

by in Holidays, Recipes, November 24th, 2011

next day turkey soup
One of the perks of hosting Thanksgiving dinner is that you get to keep most of the leftovers. But how are you ever going to use up the remains of that 20-pound bird and what can you do with all of those extra vegetables? Food Network’s five best leftover recipes below offer creative suggestions to rid your fridge of those Turkey Day remnants and more by repurposing them in easy ways that won’t slow you down on Black Friday.

5. Turkey Bolognese — To save time, Giada uses pre-made marinara sauce to make this simple but satisfying pasta dish, featuring dark-meat turkey and chopped vegetables.

4. Potato Croquettes — Paula coats leftover mashed potatoes in breadcrumbs and pan-fries them until golden brown with a crispy coating.

3. Turkey Pot Pie With Sage Crust — A chopped turkey breast is combined with vegetables and herbs and baked underneath a buttery, sage-scented crust.

2. Turkey Tetrazzini — Emeril mixes egg noodles, chopped turkey and Parmesan cheese into a rich, creamy mushroom sauce that is laced with white wine.

1. Next Day Turkey Soup — Just about anything you ate — or didn’t eat — on Thanksgiving can be tossed into this soup pot, including the turkey carcass, which will add a deep, rustic flavor to the broth.

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