Second Annual “Worst Kitchen in America” Winner Announced

by in Food Network Magazine, October 6th, 2011

alan young worst kitchen winner
When Matt Blashaw, contractor and host of DIY Network’s Blog Cabin, knocked on Alan Young’s door two days ago, Alan was in for the surprise of his life.

Alan, who lives in Charlotte, N.C., is this year’s winner of DIY Network and Food Network Magazine’s “Worst Kitchen in America” contest. A self-proclaimed sweepstakes junkie, Alan recorded his entry with a cell phone, and after one take uploaded it to just one day shy of the final entry deadline.

The five-minute video opens with Young calling his kitchen a catastrophe. With drab pink walls, exposed drywall and electrical sockets, the U.S. Airways flight attendant had little space to store his extensive cutlery collection, as well as pots and pans. The stove had only two working burners, and a piece of bedroom furniture served as a cabinet for all of Alan’s cookbooks and cooking magazines.

At the end, he signs off by saying, “I’m in desperate need. I have the ugliest kitchen in America. No doubt. Just sayin’.” The video wasn’t supposed to be funny, he says, but something about it caught the attention of the network.

After whittling down the entries to 30 finalists out of about 5,600, Alan was ecstatic to be just one in 30. Winning it all has been really emotional, he says.

“The reality of the situation really clicked,” Alan adds. The day after learning he’d won, Alan and his friend Shonn were flown to New York to meet Anne Burrell and attend her Rock & Bowl party during the New York City Wine and Food Festival.

He was all smiles while sipping a glass of white wine and describing his design aesthetic  — eclectic and transitional while leaning toward sophisticated, timeless and modern. DIY Network and Food Network Magazine will keep this in mind as they revamp his kitchen with granite, glass composite countertops, floating shelving and stainless steel appliances.

Watch for the makeover in a one-hour special on DIY Network in January 2012, as well as a feature in Food Network Magazine’s January/February issue.

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Comments (15)

  1. AAT says:

    What is worst kitchen in America?? it sounds like it copied Worst cooks in America!! Why must we keep coming up with more shows that copy other shows?????? :(

  2. Shonn says:

    Hi Victoria, great article and thanks for the mention, however Alan and I would like to clarify that while we think we would each make a wonderful partner for someone, we are both single…we have been very good friends for 20 years!!! Also, my name is spelled mom had to be a little different! Warm Regards, Shonn

  3. jeri says:

    Sorry, but I'm in favor of shows like this. I watch them all! I look for ideas for my kitchen; 1952 blue, breaking, falling apart tile counter top, crummy doors don't close cupboards, and three layer linoleum floor. I have gotten the ideas, now all I need is the money!!! Keep up the good work DIY, and for supporting role Food Network!

  4. Miss K says:

    I am sure that the winner of this contest truly had the worst kitchen as deemed by the judges. However, I am curious why the entry was allowed since it is a 5 minute video and not 3 minutes or less as specified in the Diy rules for this contest. Thank you….

  5. Miss K says:

    I am sure that this kitchen selected was, indeed , the worst as deemed by the judges. However why this entry allowed to have a 5 minute video when the rules specify 3 minutes or less? Thank you

  6. Juraye says:

    I entered the contest and am dissapointed my entry was not chosen. My kitchenis s cramped, old fashioned, with some water damage and a really weird layout. However, i keep it clean. Some of the entries were disgusting. Dirty and really unliveable. i thought our kitchen showed a typical kitchen where $25,ooo. would really go a long way and would be a model for others.. Oh well…

  7. AMT says:

    I'm glad he won…..he is my cousin! Go Alan! (-:

  8. Yvonne says:

    Congratulations Alan! I cannot wait to see you on TV.. and in PRINT.. this is so fantastic!! You are the perfect person for this new kitchen!!!! YAH

  9. Mary baer says:

    You deserve it Alan……… You were a fabulous cook to begin with and with your new kitchen it'll be easier and fun.

  10. Joy Anders says:

    If there is a co-worker that you looked forward to see or worked with, It would be Mr Alan Young. He is a good person with great work ethics. I'm so glad he won and well deserved.

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