QUIZ: Which Iron Chef Are You Most Like?

by in Community, Shows, October 26th, 2011

So you’re in Kitchen Stadium, competing against a fierce challenger who is prepared and ready to make five camera-worthy dishes featuring a secret ingredient in just one hour. As an Iron Chef, how would you face the battle? Do you have a go-to signature dish or flavor profile that you’d use? Are you a calm and organized Iron Chef, or do you thrive on impulse and take risks? Would you be sure to stay away from that pesky ice cream machine, or would you embrace its creative possibilities?

Iron Chefs Michael Symon, Masaharu Morimoto, Marc Forgione, Bobby Flay, Jose Garces, Mario Batali and Cat Cora all welcome the challenges of Kitchen Stadium, but each has his or her own unique style and culinary point of view.

Head over to Food Network’s Facebook page, find The Next Iron Chef tab and take our quiz to answer Which Iron Chef Are You Most Like?

Tune in to The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs on Sunday, October 30 at 9pm/8c to watch 10 all-star chefs battle it out for a spot in Kitchen Stadium and the ultimate culinary title.

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Comments (18)

  1. CCJ says:

    A bit off topic but since many of the "Chopped" judges are vying to become the next Iron Chef here goes –
    The "Chopped" episode last night (10/25/2011) was completely ridiculous. Two contestants were able to advance to the final round after serving raw chicken while the one contestant who served correctly cooked chicken did not advance because he was "not creative enough." IF YOU SERVE RAW CHICKEN YOU SHOULD NOT ADVANCE – no exceptions. This is just basic, common-sense, nothing more. The "judges" should be never be on another episode again.

    • BEN says:

      I thought the same thing. At least the first chef eliminated had the integrity not to serve raw food to the judges. Both chefs serving raw chicken should have been gone, and first chef cut brought back. Now that would have been good TV!

    • Clara Tea says:

      I agree with CCJ about the raw chicken on "Chopped" . The two contestants who served raw chicken should not only have been chopped they should have been arrested for attempted homicide instead of being advanced over the contestant with the properly cooked chicken. The feeble conclusion that the contestant with the properly cooked chicken was "not creative enough" says a great deal about those judges. Eating chicken that is not properly cooked is a health issue – not a matter of some abstract creative concept. What were those "judges" thinking? ( What kind of mushrooms were they eating before the show?)

    • Bud says:

      I agree. The judges didn't seem to have a clue. Come on, it's raw chicken. Both chefs should have been chopped. Seems like the contestants can put anything on the plate and move on as long as they are creative. I disagreed with the winner they picked as well. I would like to see more consistency from the judges. On Chopped Champions, Danielle won by making "simple" things. Then tonight, a guy gets chopped for being to safe. Well I'm done, have a good everyone :)

    • Bets says:

      I, too, was a bit thrown off by their decision to chop the one who served fully cooked chicken. The judges seemed to have eaten a bit too much of the chicken with a raw center – from both contestants. I've had food poisoning from raw chicken, and goodness I would have been most nervous if I were a deciding between the plates! I think they did not "chop" fairly, though often it's relatively easy to tell who will be. Rather shocking, and makes one wonder what WERE they thinking?

    • Stacy says:

      No matter how creative, serving raw chicken is not acceptable no matter what. Had they done that in a restaurant, they would've been most likely sued and/or shut down for health violations. Rare steaks, fine. Sunny side up eggs, fine. Medium rare chicken, sorry you should be chopped. Cooking a chicken properly is like Cooking 101. It's an amatuer mistake.

  2. Blah says:

    I am COMPLETELY like Michael Symon! I am sarcastic, I Iove to cook, i have a weird (but awesome!) laugh, and I am very silly in the kitchen! I am SOOOO like him except for the fact that I am not bald and I am not a man!

  3. Alisa Springett says:

    Would like to bake and cook with an Iron Chef. Even some of the other stars .They say I'm more like Chef Flay. COOL!

  4. Darby18 says:

    Im Michael Symon! Which is awesome because he's my favorite =D

  5. Richie says:

    The judging on Chopped has not always been about the food. The judges often display their personal bias for against the contestants.

  6. @IDOWTIT says:

    Do you know any good cooks? They are the most head – up – their – butt prima donnas on the face of .

  7. Roka says:

    what happened to Mario Batali and Cat Cora? Aren't they Iron Chefs anymore?

  8. Princess_Tomato says:

    Mario, don't back down against the bankers! You were right to criticize their greediness! Everyday people need a voice, and you would be a great one. People love you not only for your food, but for your honestly and personality.

  9. Dottie Powers says:

    Bobby Flay all the way!

  10. Stacy says:

    I think I'm more like Flay. I might have a touch of Batali. He seems to play with his food and have a good time. That is, when he was on ICA.

  11. Anusha says:

    Chefs,Congratulations on your nomination! You both dsevree props for the effort put into this blog. As you might imagine you have many loyal followers cheering for you. I cast my vote.Michael

  12. Anusha says:

    Chefs,Congratulations on your nomination! You both dsevree props for the effort put into this blog. As you might imagine you have many loyal followers cheering for you. I cast my vote.Michael

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