Bow-Tie Pasta With Broccoli and Potatoes — Recipe of the Day

by in Recipes, October 20th, 2011

bow tie pasta with broccoli and potatoes
Fill your pasta bowl with crunchy broccoli, grated cheese and chunks of potatoes.

Get the recipe: Bow-Tie Pasta With Broccoli and Potatoes

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Comments (2)

  1. Maxine says:

    I want to comment on Sweet Genius it is the worst show you have ever put on the foodnetwork,next to repeats of any of the shows.

  2. valerie Bleau says:

    I am a fan of many Food Network shows and 2 years ago when I had a serious bout with diverticulitis that prompted 4 abdominal surgeries, although I watched Rachael, Giada, Ina, and Sandra Lee, it waqs like therapy and not torture to see the recipes and say that something or another would have to be adapted. I did email Ellie Krieger and she had the most wonderful reply. She even went so far as to give a link to work with dietitians in my area. I was just wondering if any other famous chefs had a take on this and the effect of having to be vigilant about one's diet even when eating out. I always have to ask about seeds or nuts at a restaurant.

    I have taken to watching "Restaurant Impossible and would be interested in Chef Robert's take on what would be necessary to establish a teahouse. I am currently a Special Education teacher with 7 years to go until retirement and it would be unwieldy to do both,but I would like some input from Chef Robet nontheless. Thanks, Valerie Bleau

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