Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, September 19th, 2011

roxys grilled cheese food truck
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight new food trucks and a grand prize of $100,000. Each truck will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the game but, ultimately, one truck must go each week. Every Monday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest Food Truck contestants to get the boot.

This week, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese had an advantage over the other food trucks, but just couldn’t find themselves in the right place at the right time.

FN Dish: You had an amazing advantage this week, $1000 of seed money. So what was the ultimate downfall: menu items (foie gras) or location?

Roxy’s: I was proud of our food in Atlanta. We paired foie gras with peaches and cheddar aged three years. It was some of the more experimental and controversial food we’ve ever done. Let’s not kid ourselves: Our first-day locations were pathetic. Piedmont Park was a total bust and that bar — horrible. I try to not remember that day, to be honest.

FN Dish: The team took the Speed Bump in stride. Do you think that had any effect on the elimination?

Roxy’s: The Speed Bump was something my brother and I needed. It brought us a lot closer to each other. Usually, Marc takes the lead in the kitchen, Mike backs him up and works his butt off, and I take care of the business stuff. But this was the first time my brother and I had run the truck ourselves. I’m proud of how we did. I think our parents would be proud, too. I’m not sure if it had an effect on our elimination because that location was prime.

FN Dish: You just can’t go wrong with grilled cheese. What was the best sandwich you created and in what city during the competition?

Roxy’s: We had so many great opportunities to use different types of local ingredients all over the country. In Denver, we found a great local producer of duck prosciutto, so we paired it with Vermont chevre and quince paste. Foie gras, peaches, bacon and Vermont cheddar was another great combo in Atlanta. I think we achieved our goal of creating grilled cheese sandwiches that no one ever imagined, ones that made people do a double take.

FN Dish: Who are you rooting for in the finale: Hodge Podge or Lime Truck?

Roxy’s: I think people would assume that we wouldn’t be rooting for either, because we had a rough start with those teams — we thought they were really arrogant. But being on the road for so long made us realize the good things about those teams, as well. We ended up being huge fans of the both of them and I’m happy to call both teams our friends. I think it’s going to be a battle of two very different, very delicious styles of food. So I wish them both the best. As much as we like both teams, we’ll probably never drop the “Slime” thing.

FN Dish: You left the competition grateful for the lessons you learned and the connections you made with the other trucks. What can your fans back in Boston expect from the truck now that you’re back? Any new menu items?

Roxy’s: We opened a month before we started the race and we had a lot to learn. We went in as food truck freshmen and came out of this race with a Ph.D., thanks to all of the trucks that we had the opportunity to be on the road with (yeah, you too, Slime Truck). Our fans in Boston should expect the same ridiculousness and abrasiveness they’re used to when the three of us are working the truck, but with a much more refined and polished kitchen system. We’re putting out better food, faster. But we’re still three Boston boys, so you never know what kind of trouble we will be getting into next.

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Comments (84)

  1. bill says:

    The Hodge Podge cook is so annoying and has such a big ego. They don't deserve to be in the finals. Korilla got the shaft. Sounds like they were set up for ratings.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      They weren't. There are criminal laws and civil laws that would make Food Network either be shut down or sued for millions of dollars if they had setup Korilla for ratings.

      You cannot do stuff like on that on shows that a have a cash prize. These rules date back decades due to a number of scandals that occured. Said scandals killed the game show movement for over a decade and landed a number of people in prison.

      Also Korilla could sue for libel since their reputations and business had been tarnished by being called cheaters. So no they not set up for ratings.

      • Dawn says:

        So sorry but they did CHEAT!! It was wrong. And GOD showed them. As when the Total was read!! They did not have to CHEAT!!!~ They had enough Money. So there!! That is the TRUTH, Like it or not. GOD ruled!!

  2. sparky says:

    ok so no blog post for Korilla? Ya they cheated, but everyone's posting it on Roxy's and Seabirds blogspot. Ya I'm suprised Hodge made it too, but the chef has the hook ups in all these big cities. An advantage unfair or not; if you wanna see a level playing field they outta send these truck to towns that are 2,000-50,000 in population. That'd be sink or swim territory as there wouldn't be any "hookups" or homogenized ethic communities.

  3. Yay... says:

    Hodge Podge all the way!!!

  4. ELLEN KENT says:

    Hey Roxy I watched you guys on that race you should have won and the lime truck go home you guys were awesome. I am hoping that one I will have my own hot and cold truck. Well hope you guys will be ok in Boston that is my home town also my parents are from there so good luck.

  5. @StevenRC says:

    Congrats Roxy on a great run. The next time I am in Boston (where I studied many years ago)

  6. @StevenRC says:

    This is for the producers of The Great Food Truck Race:

    Dear GFTR Producers,

    Thank you for your program, which I have enjoyed for its two seasons. It has turned me on to the vibrant Food Truck culture here in the San Francisco Bay Area. In general, I very deeply despise "Reality TV shows" such as Survivor and Big Brother, however, your program is very enjoyable, just as I am a big fan of Bar Rescue and Restaurant: Impossible. I prefer it when shows allow the natural situation to evolve, and I really dislike sudden twists, and those two "Rescue" shows have amply demonstrated that Reality TV can be more natural and be successful.

    I have only one area of suggestions to emphasize the "Food" aspect of GFTR.

    I would like to very strongly suggest eliminating the "Speed Bumps." IMHO they were a major distraction and annoying. My interest is in seeing the trucks compete head to head using their skills and products to the full, to find out which is really the best team. Maybe even eliminate the "Truck Stops," and just have a straight contest. No more "game changing phone calls," please!

    While I like Mr. Florence as a host and hope he continues, I would recommend that for season 3 he err on the side of friendliness and supportiveness for the teams. He shines when he does that, and otherwise…not so much.

    If you want to introduce variations, perhaps these might be good:

    — Let the trucks know in advance that some given day, say Saturday, is going to be "Vegetarian Day," so that we can see who can plan and execute the best Vegetarian dishes. Likewise any other variations should be announced before the trucks go shopping.

    — Sometimes mandate that for a given day, either no trucks can be in the same block, or all the trucks must park together (in the style of our Bay Area's Off The Grid events); or, mandate team up parking, whether predetermined, by their choice, or random (a drawing).

    — Having one team win an advantage is fine with me, however, I would elimininate penalties. The fact that one team has the advantage in a given city is enough disadvantage for the others.

    — For money amounts given to each team, I think that is not as much of a factor now as it was in season 1, since just about everyone has figured out how to buy wholesale on credit from distributors or restaurants.

    Keep up the good work, and I appreciate your considering my suggestions. Go CT Food Trucks!

    • tootiredtothink says:

      They are a not disraction but what can happen to a food truck in operation. Also they make sure one team doesn't dominate every city and lead to a conversational ending like last season.

      The two finalists didn't dominate every city they won a city or two but often scrapped on by.

      This is a game show. Not a reality show. It is a game show hence the reason they do not rig things. Because rigging a game show is a felony.

  7. Barrie says:

    What I don't understand is why people are saying "Is this how people from Boston act?" when the other teams have had just as much attitude/arrogance/etc in certain/different ways. What does location have to do with anything? That's kind of immature.

    Hodge has an ego and so does his team, does that mean all people from Cleveland have egos?
    Lime Truck dudes come off as arrogant and cocky, and extremely self-absorbed most of the time they're on camera… does that mean ALL people from Orange County, CA act like that too?
    Korilla guys cheated, does that mean if TGFTR has another team from NYC on the show in the future, they will cheat too?

    Seriously, someone can be a fan of certain teams and not a fan of others. But to blame an individual person's attitude that you don't like based on where THEY ARE FROM is just as classless and tacky as you all say these food trucks are doing.

    I'm not from Boston either, but really folks. Have a little tact when judging these teams. An individual person does NOT represent an entire city or state as a whole.

  8. The shorter guy is hott!!!!!!! He made the show better to watch.. hehe! =)

  9. Barrie says:

    What I don't understand is why people are saying "Is this how people from Boston act?" when the other teams have had just as much attitude/arrogance/etc in certain/different ways. What does location have to do with anything? That's kind of immature.

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