Fans Show Love for The Pioneer Woman With Launch Parties Across America

by in Events, September 1st, 2011

ree watch party
It’s no surprise that Ree Drummond, better known as the Pioneer Woman, would have a strong following of Tweets during this past Saturday’s premiere show on Food Network, but fans took it one step further by throwing Pioneer Woman watch parties. Fans young and old gathered around the couch with delicious dishes of chocolate cake, macaroni and cheese, and complete breakfast buffets like @jenjenk enjoyed with her family (pictured above). Below, check out four more of our favorite watch party moments that were captured on Twitter.

ree watch party 2
@ashpags noshed on some of Pioneer Woman’s favorites.

ree watch party 3
@marlohalt toasted to Ree with morning toadies and iced coffee.

ree watch party 4
@lovefeast and #teamree celebrated the new show with doughnuts.

ree watch party 5
@emmyd23 celebrated with macaroni and cheese.

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Comments (21)

  1. DeeK says:

    Nothing personal against Ree but she wouldn't have lasted 2 rounds on Food Network Star. I kept comparing her to the recent episode's judge's comments in my head. Her comment about adding cream to her hamburger meat was laughable at best. Food Network, don't arm your viewers with a show judging potential hosts & then have a show with a host that couldn't have come close to winning. You & now we know better.

  2. eclecticdeb says:

    I can't believe FN has fallen this far. The mac-n-cheese is pedestrian at best, the blueberry pancakes are thin rubbery pieces of fried batter. Yeah, I GET that you want to make money, but do you REALLY have to program for the lowest common denominator?

  3. Carole says:

    what happened to "The Pioneer Woman" on Sat Oct. 8th? I want to see that program, I love it!!!!

  4. Steve says:

    Ok..Seriously…I just watched an episode of this The Pioneer Woman and almost fell out of my chair. I mean is this meant to be a serious show??? I agree with a few other comments about her lasting on "The Next Food Network Star" She would have been gone in no time. She may be a perfectly wonderful woman in real life, but she is NO TV personality..

    • Guest says:

      Amazing isn't it what Food Network considers talent. Ree Drummond can't cook and has no screen presence. Her voice sounds like fingernails on a chalk board and her attempts at humor fail big time. Her recipes for the most part are lifted from community cookbooks. Bottom line, she used her husband"s mega-bucks to build a TV studio and hired publicists to promote her frontier charade on Madison Avenue. Food Network and HarperCollins bought into it hook, line and cow pattie.

  5. Lacey Gray says:

    My favoririte Food Network star is The Pioneer Woman. I am from New Orleans and cook for a huge family. Her recipes are great and save me time and time again.
    Keep it coming.

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