Marc Forgione’s Advice to the New Iron Chef Contestants

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, September 19th, 2011

marc forgione
The countdown to the premiere of Next Iron Chef has officially begun (Sunday, October 30) and who better to kick it off than season three winner Marc Forgione? Nobody knows the stresses of the competition better than he does and with 10 new super-chefs lined up for season four, we asked Marc to share his lessons learned with the new contestants.

1. Do not underestimate any of your competitors.

2. Taste your food.  Sometimes, in the heat of battle, you get caught up in the craziness and forget the basics like tasting your food.

3. Be fair.  If you need a small amount of parsley, take a little and leave the rest for the others.If you’re going to win, you want it to be because you’re the best, not because somebody didn’t have something.  Plus, it’s good karma.

4. Don’t cut yourself. A cut really sets you back when time is of the essence.

5. Follow your gut.  When the battle begins, your first instinct is usually the right one. I never second-guessed anything I thought of last season. You need to trust yourself.

Marc Forgione competed on and won season three of The Next Iron Chef in 2010, beating out some of the country’s top chefs for the ultimate culinary title – Iron Chef. Chef Forgione began his career at the age of 16, joining his father, culinary legend Larry Forgione in the kitchen. Years later, he opened up Restaurant Marc Forgione in the New York City neighborhood Tribeca, which has received a two-star review from the New York Times.

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Comments (62)

  1. mpbear says:

    Forcione is talented and competitive – and

    he hasn't been on the show (maybe once?)

    since being selected. And yet there's morimoto

    Who can't speak english (it IS america's iron

    chef!!!) and there's garces who couldn't cook

    his way out of a paper bag. I do not like Cora

    but I think she's a pretty good competitor. So

    why go thru a whole season to select a

    new iron chef and not use him? Doesn't make

    sense to me!!

  2. Lin says:

    I would like to see Anne Burrell go all the way. I feel that she is the most personable calm and down to earth chef in this competition. Plus she gives many tips and hints as she cooks during her show – she is great !

    I'm so looking forward to October 30th !

    While I really enjoy Gordon Ramsay, I think that he is perfect in Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef, IMHO !

  3. S.W. says:

    I like Cat Cora….. She is the only one that does'nt sweat..please have the chefs wear a sweat band or a hat.. they look uncomfortable and I get disgusted seeing the sweat drops go into the food!!!!

  4. hmay311 says:

    This is the last and only real "reality" show ever! I am behind Anne Burrell all the way! Just watching the way she makes fresh pasta is inspiring!

  5. hmay311 says:

    BTW, just got Anne's book and I am even more of a fan! Inspiring and enlightening!

  6. vicki_in_Utah says:

    Oh this is going to be great, I like all these chefs. I am rooting for a female, there needs to be a little balance there, this past season all the iron chefs werel the men.

    • J.G. says:

      This show is not about balance, it is about who is the best chef. Gender should have no bearing on the outcome.
      Being Canadian, I am rooting for Chuck. Besides beating one of the best Iron Chefs ,namely; Bobby Flay, he is very personable , a fun TV personality and his love of good food is infectious.
      Alternatively,Michael Chiarello is a fantastic chef,has competed against the best before and has shown just how good he really is. Would love to see him show his genius on the Iron Chef.

    • tbcabbitt says:

      I know what you mean it's a testosterone festival anymore. I have noticed on any competition show if it comes down between a female chef and a male chef, the male chef wins. What irks me the most is that female judges are the most guilty of this. I guess I should be happy Donatella Arpaia isn't a judge. She really isn't qualified to judge any food competition. Obviously her reputation isn't deserved.

  7. M & M says:

    Waiting for the day…I know it's going to be exciting. Most of them are good. It's going to be hard to judge.

  8. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    I'm so excited about this season of iron chef. I'm a big fan of Anne Burrell and Michael Chiarello, and I admire all of the others. This is one competition I really love. I too am tired of a too heavy emphasis on reality type shows on Food Network. I can't get cooking channel where I live. I want to see shows that teach me how to cook. That's why I'm in culinary school at my local community college.
    I too like chef Forgione. He's a class act besides being a great imaginative chef

  9. Annie says:

    Mr. Forgione..I saw your new show last night..I was so dissapointed in the JUDGES (if they could be called that!!) I did not know if I was watching two comics..certainly not qualified to judge anyone in your status of deserved qualified and experienced judges..not what I saw before me last night..and I have always respected Judge Donatelle (not after last nights episode in which she allowed
    Griffin and Kelly to drag her down with them in their unjust opinions (neither knew good food and commented
    endlessly in territory they did not know!! I feel that you WON (without a doubt). I know my food and though
    not the cook to be comparing myself with any of your show cooks..I know and understand Gourmet Cooking and tastes!! If the Iron Chef Food show continues to put before me such unfair and inexperienced judges to critic great cooks like yourself, Flay and other greats on the show..I will absolutely have to start watching other shows instead!! AM SORRY..but I was flabergasted and so upset with those two (maybe three including the switch that Donatelle made)…looking forward to seeing you again in near future (with RESPONSIBLE JUDGES!!)..Annie

    • Linda says:

      I totally agree with your opinion of Iron Chef episode featuring Mark Forgione. I was so looking forward to the episode because they never seem to feature him. The show continually broadcast repeat episodes with the same Iron Chefs. The two female judges were funny but not qualified to judge. kathy Gifford especially always manages to twist any comment into a sexual connotation. Always showing off for the crowd. Kelli Ripa at least tried. Neither was even remotely qualified to judge any famous chef – least of all an Iron Chef. It was an embarrassing and undeserved loss for Chef Forgione. I (and other fans) will not continue to view Iron Chef without responsible/qualified judges.

  10. Annie says:

    My previous reply was much too long..had to comment though!!

    Looking forward very much to seeing the next Iron Chef at work!!

    My favorites are Anne Burrell and Hughes..also Chicarello out of Napa, CA


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