Hodge Podge Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, September 28th, 2011

hodge podge truck
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight new food trucks and a grand prize of $100,000. Every Sunday, we saw each truck pull out all the tricks to stay in the game. But, ultimately, one truck said goodbye each week. Sunday night, it was down to the final two: The Lime Truck and Hodge Podge.

Both battled multiple Speed Bumps, but it was the Truck Stop that changed this competition for good for team Hodge Podge.

FN Dish: First of all, congratulations on making it to the finale. What was your ultimate strategy for getting there?

Chris: First of all, it was important that we work together as a team. We also found it rewarding to team up with
friends and restaurateurs around the country — it allowed us to stay connected and find supplies faster. It seemed like we were able to find someone in the Certified Angus Beef family all across America.

FN Dish: Do you think the fact that the Lime Truck cooks up beach cuisine for a living gave them an advantage in Miami?

Chris: No, not really. We can cook or adapt to any situation that we have to. I don’t find it difficult to make a ceviche.

FN Dish: You killed the first Speed Bump, recovering your truck in just two short hours, but lost the Truck Stop, which gave Lime a huge advantage. Was that your ultimate downfall?

Chris: Losing the Truck Stop was our downfall, no doubt about it.

FN Dish: It’s obvious that Lime can’t pull in customers as well as the girls can. You also have a great system of taking orders curb side and producing food fast — is that your marketing strategy back home?

Chris: We have a lot of great people here on staff, a lot of great cooks and a lot of great order takers. We train the staff to remember people’s names and what they like — it makes it more personal. Cleveland is a small town and everyone seems to know each other; we can also our family. In fact, you can find my sister, Catie, on the truck every day.

FN Dish: My heart was racing at the end, so I can’t imagine what you guys were feeling. Talk to me about those last moments, running up on the beach and seeing Lime. Did you see the truck first or the team?

Chris: We saw Lime first. It was disappointing. We knew we had reached the $15,000 mark, but we just weren’t as fast.

FN Dish: What will you take away from this competition? I’m sure the dynamic of the teams relationships has changed.

Chris: I definitely put more faith in the girls. For the first couple of episodes, it was a one man show. Towards mid-season, the girls really stepped up. From now on, I’m going to put more faith in the people that are there to support me.

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Comments (38)

  1. i was really disappointed on how edited the episode was… how the Food Network made it look like 2 days worth of work, while in reality (no pun) it was 4 days. No one knew how Hodge had most of the Miami food trucks helping them out, while Lime had no local help. It was really one sided, and I'm glad Lime pulled away victorious based on MERIT not by bribing local fans to eat at the Hodge truck

    • Wendy says:

      Bribing is a strong word to use…….especially if you are basically Lime Truck's promoter/ agent whatever you are! Are you sure you want to use that word?

  2. Audrey Twogood says:

    Yep hodge should have won!! I think what the show ended up being was a race to see how fast your truck could drive!! SOO UNFAIR!!!!!!!

  3. Kate says:

    We didn't like the outcome last year, looked fixed, and now for them to give Lime Truck a 10% advantage was not right. This is a competition and maybe an award of $500 but not 10%. We are totally disenchanted with this show, feel the outcome 2 years in a row are fixed. Sorry to see Tyler Florence associated with something so bogus and not entertaining. Get it right guys, let the trucks just compete with road bumps but not overt advantages to anyone.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      You obviously forget the Atlanta episode where Roxy's got a 1000 dollar head start. Guess what they still wound up in the bottom. It happened several times in this season and last season.

  4. luvcookin says:

    Hodge showed class right up till the end. Even in this interview, he shows class by not bad mouthing the competition. Way to go. Wish he and the truck were in my neck of the woods.

  5. tootiredtothink says:

    I loved the Hodge Podge breezy chic outfits and team work of Jacquelyn Romanin and Catie Hodgson. Chef Chris is passionate about his food and has a great work ethic. Congrats!

  6. mary says:

    I think that when you got down to the Final Two Trucks it should have been left at a straight up sales competition without one Miami Guy's Tastes being such a major factor. Obviously – Hodge Podge had momentum from Atlanta – and if 5 minutes separated the two in delivering 15,000 dollars – Hodge Podge clearly would have won – if it was truly a competition of Sales – they performed better in Miami and still lost.

  7. maryo says:

    HodgePodge you are the clear winners – you really busted out all the stops and really made a connection with both the diners and viewers. HodgePodge has heart and soul. Chris you are clearly passionate about what you are doing. Keep going!

  8. Laurel L. says:

    Lime didn't deserve to win. Daniel is an arrogant, ignorant idiot. I was born and raised in New York City (Manhattan) which has some of the finest restaurants in the world. I married a Kansas City boy and moved to Kansas. We're not a bunch of rubes. Being in the heartland of America, we attract culinary talent from all over the country (and all over the world). I could take you to restaurants here whose chefs would make you look like a White Castle wannabe. When you went to K-State, it was not necessary to "dumb it down." I hated it when Lime won because I don't like to see bad behavior rewarded. Lime: Take the money and go back to California while you still know everything and are superior to everybody.

  9. BR50190 says:

    You were a winner too Hodge! Keep on putting the great food out there and good luck with your restaurant.

  10. Junior says:

    Lime won because ONE chef liked ONE dish that they made. Hodge Podge was only 5 minutes behind them at the end after spotting them $1500. If anything, that shows that Hodge Podge is the better truck.

    To Tyler and the Food Network writers:
    Do us all a favor and forget the lame "speed bumps" next season.

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