Hodge Podge Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, September 28th, 2011

hodge podge truck
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight new food trucks and a grand prize of $100,000. Every Sunday, we saw each truck pull out all the tricks to stay in the game. But, ultimately, one truck said goodbye each week. Sunday night, it was down to the final two: The Lime Truck and Hodge Podge.

Both battled multiple Speed Bumps, but it was the Truck Stop that changed this competition for good for team Hodge Podge.

FN Dish: First of all, congratulations on making it to the finale. What was your ultimate strategy for getting there?

Chris: First of all, it was important that we work together as a team. We also found it rewarding to team up with
friends and restaurateurs around the country — it allowed us to stay connected and find supplies faster. It seemed like we were able to find someone in the Certified Angus Beef family all across America.

FN Dish: Do you think the fact that the Lime Truck cooks up beach cuisine for a living gave them an advantage in Miami?

Chris: No, not really. We can cook or adapt to any situation that we have to. I don’t find it difficult to make a ceviche.

FN Dish: You killed the first Speed Bump, recovering your truck in just two short hours, but lost the Truck Stop, which gave Lime a huge advantage. Was that your ultimate downfall?

Chris: Losing the Truck Stop was our downfall, no doubt about it.

FN Dish: It’s obvious that Lime can’t pull in customers as well as the girls can. You also have a great system of taking orders curb side and producing food fast — is that your marketing strategy back home?

Chris: We have a lot of great people here on staff, a lot of great cooks and a lot of great order takers. We train the staff to remember people’s names and what they like — it makes it more personal. Cleveland is a small town and everyone seems to know each other; we can also our family. In fact, you can find my sister, Catie, on the truck every day.

FN Dish: My heart was racing at the end, so I can’t imagine what you guys were feeling. Talk to me about those last moments, running up on the beach and seeing Lime. Did you see the truck first or the team?

Chris: We saw Lime first. It was disappointing. We knew we had reached the $15,000 mark, but we just weren’t as fast.

FN Dish: What will you take away from this competition? I’m sure the dynamic of the teams relationships has changed.

Chris: I definitely put more faith in the girls. For the first couple of episodes, it was a one man show. Towards mid-season, the girls really stepped up. From now on, I’m going to put more faith in the people that are there to support me.

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Comments (38)

  1. williamsagency says:

    Hey Chris, I really liked your enthusiasm during the show. You and Lime Truck were definitely my favorites throughout.

  2. cheryl s. says:

    I was pulling for Hodge – so close. You guys should drive down state to Dayton! You represented Ohio.

  3. dee says:

    Congrats on having Great Class youall are the true winners in our Families eyes!

  4. Mary says:

    You will always be the winner in the eyes of your Certified Angus Beef family!

  5. louise says:

    Sad the Truck Stop money was so large… That actually gave an unfair advantage considering the prize was based on money. It would have been better to have a food restriction, or time shortened, or something else. But giving money when that is part of the final win? Hardly seems fair. It was indeed true when you said that simple one challenge win would determine the winner, regardless of competitive energy and spirit. I liked both trucks, but wanted to see a fair competition.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      The winning or losing of each stop is always based on money. They have had 1000 or more advance in the till challenges this season and last season. Often times it backfired on the team that got it.

  6. ruthie says:

    my husband and I regiously watched the competion and we soooo wanted you guys to win. Nevertheless, to us you HODGEPOGE was the winner…

  7. Wendy says:

    I believe you won in the eyes of the viewers if you read the comments posted after the finale. Most viewers think the finale was decided unfairly and should have been a straight money race with no $1,500 advantage thrown in for a chef's subjective decision. You handled the beach scene with the Lime Truck guys with class. I live in Columbus, OH so I will try to visit Cleveland real soon.

    • Debbie Wall says:

      Amen, I only watched this show because I feel in love with your truck. I would sit up and watch it again in the early am. If I am ever in your city. i will look you up. Your truck is the only one I would want to try. You are all a class act in my eyes. You should of won. In my heart you are still the winners to me.

  8. BOB says:


    • tootiredtothink says:

      You mean if Korilla hadn't cheated.

    • Debbie Wall says:

      Well they cheated. So they did deserve be there in the finally. What was not fair is the show giving it to lime truck. There should of been no extra money given on the finally. It should of been based on sales only. Since they did win the truck stop they should of been given maybe some extra time to sell. But for them to give them 1500.00 all they did was seal the fate of the hodge podge. I feel that this show was just given to lime truck. I will not watch this show again. It was so unfair to do that in a finally.

    • dale says:

      korilla cheated and they deserved to go home if you cant follow the rules dont go to the compition

    • Wendy says:

      Korilla were stupid enough to cheat and arrogant enough to think they wouldn't get caught. They are not a factor in whether the finale was fair or not. The fact is HP outsold Lime Truck in Miami and should have won.

  9. Brian from NE Ohio says:

    @ 'BOB' Integrity: Learn It. Because the people from Korilla sure won't teach it to you. And as it has been stated, they CHEATED.

  10. Peter says:

    I've been a Lime Truck fan for a long while. They are my absolute favorite So Cal food truck. That being said, the show did come down to the two best trucks and the two best crews. Chris, Jason, and Jesse are all great chefs. When they had a chance to just create and cook, they were all outstanding.

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