Hodge Podge Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, September 28th, 2011

hodge podge truck
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight new food trucks and a grand prize of $100,000. Every Sunday, we saw each truck pull out all the tricks to stay in the game. But, ultimately, one truck said goodbye each week. Sunday night, it was down to the final two: The Lime Truck and Hodge Podge.

Both battled multiple Speed Bumps, but it was the Truck Stop that changed this competition for good for team Hodge Podge.

FN Dish: First of all, congratulations on making it to the finale. What was your ultimate strategy for getting there?

Chris: First of all, it was important that we work together as a team. We also found it rewarding to team up with
friends and restaurateurs around the country — it allowed us to stay connected and find supplies faster. It seemed like we were able to find someone in the Certified Angus Beef family all across America.

FN Dish: Do you think the fact that the Lime Truck cooks up beach cuisine for a living gave them an advantage in Miami?

Chris: No, not really. We can cook or adapt to any situation that we have to. I don’t find it difficult to make a ceviche.

FN Dish: You killed the first Speed Bump, recovering your truck in just two short hours, but lost the Truck Stop, which gave Lime a huge advantage. Was that your ultimate downfall?

Chris: Losing the Truck Stop was our downfall, no doubt about it.

FN Dish: It’s obvious that Lime can’t pull in customers as well as the girls can. You also have a great system of taking orders curb side and producing food fast — is that your marketing strategy back home?

Chris: We have a lot of great people here on staff, a lot of great cooks and a lot of great order takers. We train the staff to remember people’s names and what they like — it makes it more personal. Cleveland is a small town and everyone seems to know each other; we can also our family. In fact, you can find my sister, Catie, on the truck every day.

FN Dish: My heart was racing at the end, so I can’t imagine what you guys were feeling. Talk to me about those last moments, running up on the beach and seeing Lime. Did you see the truck first or the team?

Chris: We saw Lime first. It was disappointing. We knew we had reached the $15,000 mark, but we just weren’t as fast.

FN Dish: What will you take away from this competition? I’m sure the dynamic of the teams relationships has changed.

Chris: I definitely put more faith in the girls. For the first couple of episodes, it was a one man show. Towards mid-season, the girls really stepped up. From now on, I’m going to put more faith in the people that are there to support me.

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Comments (38)

  1. Second place in the Great Food Truck Race is a great accomplishment. Chris Hodge produces solid workable menus for every challenge. The biggest downfall was sometimes he went overboard trying to impress the judges. Too much sauce or too much going on on the plate. Good chef and well organised. Well Done Hodge Podge.

  2. RJN says:

    A great season was ruined by a reward challenge that all but GAVE lime the victory. 1500$ was WAY too much of an advantage …..to me it killed the show….making it almost impossible for the other team to even compete……Hodge almost pulled it off but came up a little short. To me they were the much better team…..they sold much more food in the same time as Lime which shows me they were the best. That reward challenge should have been maybe 500$. That would a been a big advantage without being ridiculous !

    • Chris Fitzgerald says:

      AGREED!!! I liked both teams (and still do) heading into the final. It almost looked like the ending was fixed. The powers that be must of known that who ever won the speed bump would come out on top. Why would you want the speed bump to be the ultimate factor in who wins. It does not make sence at all. I was so pissed when they announced the reward, not because Lime Truck won, just for the fact that the show was over at that point. I throw a rotten tomato at who ever made this decisdion!!!

  3. Audrey Twogood says:

    come on guys, stop with the negative comments. Lime truck won and theirs nothing we can do about it.
    we can however choose to change the channel when the shows on!!

  4. Glenn says:

    Hodge Podge was my favorite of the show. Chris and the girls clearly should have won at the end. A $1500 reward was a BS reward at that point in the show. Lime was a fine team and I didn't dislike the truck but they only won because they were padded by the Truck Stop. They could not have earned $1500 in the five minute difference between the two teams arriving at the beach. If the show rewards another team such an advantage next year at that point in the race I'll stop watching. It really was no different than Korilla cheating, which by the way, if they hadn't cheated Hodge would have been sent home then. Chris bring that truck to Baltimore!!!!

  5. Glenn says:

    Send a truck to Richmond…on level ground Chris and the girls have on match!

  6. Bo-Thai says:

    In the final episode- the desert challenge – how many hours did it take you to make $15,000?…. I am a festival food vendor and I know what it is like to have a perpetual line-up, making that kind of money in a matter of hours the three of you would have to be moving at lightening speed !
    Even at a price point of $35 and granting a turn-around-time of one minute, you would still have to be running full out for 7hrs. ! After watching you guys work I find that difficult to believe…. But hey, thats show business,baby!!

  7. fap says:

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  8. taco man says:

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