Guy Feels the Love From Triple-D Fans and Videos to Watch

by in Food Network Chef, September 21st, 2011

guy fieri taping
Guy Fieri recently met with a couple who have made a hobby out of traveling to all of the places featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. So far, Food Network fans Ben and Barb Stillwagon have been to 249 locations and have created a scrapbook collection of their travels. But it’s their latest stop at Guy’s own Johnny Garlic’s that brought them face-to-face with their inspiration and gave them a chance to share their memorabilia with him. reports that “Guy asked Ben and Barb if they could leave the albums in Santa Rosa for a while so their souvenirs could be scanned into a computer for possible use in the future.” Ben described the meeting as a dream come true.

Videos to Watch:

Paula Deen was seen helping out with the distribution of food for the Blessings in a Backpack program in the Louisville area. Watch the video.

Scott Conant made Spaghetti With Tomato and Basil on Good Day Cafe. Make his perfect pasta at home with these pasta tips.

Food Network stars named their top fall food trends for PopSugar TV. After watching, you’ll be craving pie. Check out these great pie recipes.

Michael Symon made his mom’s lasagna on Good Morning America.

Iron Chef Jose Garces talks about his Chicago restaurant, Mercat a la Planxa, and winning Next Iron Chef on Windy City Live.

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Comments (16)

  1. mwfoster25 says:

    This Guy is one of the most awesome hosts you have ever had on this network. Love his show!!

  2. shannon says:

    hey Guy i went to this diner for years. its called Anns dinner in westwood Ma i have gotton may people to agrree to put this post up

  3. paul t says:

    Guy, my wife has terminal cancer and she wants me to let you know about
    an italian diner that makes everything from scratch and the portions are huge.
    She hopes that maybe you can visit it. It is called Romeo,s and it is located
    in lakeland florida. You would not believe the food. hope you can visit

  4. Joann says:

    Hi, Guy, I really love you, but now I'm getting tired of you monopolizing the network. Did you buy it? My love for you is turning into a love/hate because you are all I see now.

  5. CelticKay says:

    Guy, you should visit D & R Depot restaurant in Leroy, NY. Great food, great atmosphere. Located near Rochester NY. Try their chicken pot pie.

  6. Lee Fasnacht says:

    I love Guy's shows and the food network. What has happened to all the other shows. Diners, Drive in and Dives seems to have taken over the newwork.

  7. CherryCooks says:

    I hadn't seen the Disney holiday special of Triple D previously and watched it last night. The show was thoroughly enjoyable, and I plan to watch it again. Looking forward to the "Kid Rock" Triple D tomorrow night.

  8. C'mon Guy! Let's race that Camaro against the Chevelle…I adore your shows and get so many ideas for my meals from you. So much fun to watch, learn and create. My husband told me the other day…" I think he has 2 Camaros, one East coast, one West coast"…I told him 'your just jelous, ha'. Keep monopolizing, love it!

  9. Jan Dwyer says:

    I love Diner Drive-Ins & Dives….but in all the shows I haven't seen a very special place in South Bend, Wahsington. Chester Tavern,1005 W Robert Bush Dr, South Bend, WA (360) 875-5599 ‎

    This little tavern has some of the best Fried Oysters you will have the pleasure of putting in you mouth. They have a good selection of beers to go with this wonderful dish. The tavern was written up a number of years ago in the NY Times by their food editor. The tavern has a great staff and the owner is there to great everyone. Ambiance is great for this little tavern in a wonderful little sea town.

  10. David says:

    I have watch everything that Cheech Marin had done over the years and I have loved his ability to perform, but It makes me sad that his Chairites was race base. I never though he was like that. but now I know. Just because you are of a certain race doesn't make it okay to promote only that race, That is what wrong with America.

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