Giada’s Top-Rated Sauce and Bobby’s Healthy Food Fight

by in Food Network Chef, September 14th, 2011

giada de laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis’ Tomato Basil Sauce for Target has been receiving some attention after Consumer Reports conducted a taste test of celebrity food products. The taste testers concluded that: “Most consumers would not be able to tell her sauce came from a jar.” With a great taste and affordable price, Giada’s brand received a Consumer Reports best buy ranking. Try making Giada’s Simple Tomato Sauce or Bolognese Sauce at home.

Bobby Flay has teamed up with Aetna for their Healthy Food Fight campaign, which teaches people about the benefits of eating healthy. A national cooking contest, with a chance to win $10,000 worth of groceries is up for grabs, as well as feature appearances from Chef Flay. Visit to submit an original healthy recipe for chance to win.

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Comments (9)

  1. kari says:

    I think Gina the creator of should be on food network for all the great tasting healthy recipes she has created and shared with others.

  2. kari says:

    I think Gina the creator of should be on food network for all the great tasting healthy recipes she has created and shared with others.

  3. Aaron says:

    A great place to check out food and drink specials is

    They have over a million offers such as deals, coupons and discounted specials. They also feature handy reviews and will even send you emails about offers in your area at your favorite venues!

  4. Max Jr Martinez says:

    He (Max Jr) remembers you. I don;t like the TORSO. Get it done.

  5. Cody Besler says:

    Have I ever emailed anyone with a link suggestion? Sure. I’ve done all sorts of stuff through the years. But link building has the least return on investment. That’s why I prefer to create visibility instead. You can make bad content visible and get no links. You can make average content visible and get links. You can make great content visible and get LOTS of links.

  6. I am still learning about ZUmba but so far I love what I see!

  7. Mert says:

    It is an absolute shame that The Food Network has stooped so low as to have Giada At Home (or any of her other insightful programming) become one of their major programs. She is what all women do not want their daughters to become. She kids herself into believing that she is a successful independent woman who has paved her own way with her “talent” of cooking. She has deluded her self into thinking that she is the first person who ever thought of cooking with heavy cream, cheese, butter and garlic, and that she is the only person who is able to create such “complex” dishes. She wears low –cut revealing shirts to entice her viewers and to distract them from the fact that she can’t actually cook or create a true original recipe. She is beneath any given woman who uses her body to get what she needs out of the world because unlike them she lies to her self, her family and to her audience that she is “just cooking”.
    As a woman, a wife, a cook and a TRUE professional woman I am absolutely disgusted whenever I see her over rated programming on TV or her “quality” products at Target.
    You may think it is hot to have a woman who does not eat, who does not value her husband (clearly demonstrated by her low cut tops and skin tight outfits) or her child. You may think it is hot that she has no true applicable life skills or that she would take about 3 hours to primp and prep in the morning to look the way she does on TV. You may also think that a woman who has no true voice is also hot, one who would cater to her husband like a “king”, and would not be able to stand on her own. However, most people, and most men would agree with me that a woman who is hot is a woman who owns her sexuality, owns when she wants to get the attention of other men, who honors her husband and child, one that has a voice of her own, one that own the fact that she is not perfect, and is not cookie cutter. She owns that fact that she deserves to be healthy, and fit, and that she is aware what her true gifts and talents are. Some iconic women like this would include Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce, Madonna, and any other given woman who is completely aware of herself, who embraces who she is regardless of what society thinks and has a voice. Clearly you have not had a relationship with a woman like Giada, because I guarantee that it would have ended after just a few months out of pure boredom. You can only have sex so many times in a day.
    I know after reading this post, most people will think that the author (Me) is probably and older, unattractive bitter woman who has not had any physical attention. But it is the exact opposite. I am a very in shape 24 year old woman who 5’4 blonde and 115 pounds, and who is a newlywed. However, body image messages in the media and women’s studies is a very hot button of mine. It is women like Giada that make me physically ill that the world has become so shallow and ignorant of the poor messages that they are sending to young girls around the world. If I could get one message across to all young women, girls and anyone else who wants to listen: You are NOT there to cater to a man’s every need, you are to be an equal in a relationship and to be able to love someone regardless of their flaws when you are married. That you do not need to look like a skeleton with boobs that are so large that you will develop a buffalo hump with in the next 10 years, that you are to have your own voice, and that it is important to love you and who you truly are on the inside.

  8. fapping says:

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  9. of course like your web site but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again.

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