What Is the Best Topping for Pizza?

by in Community, September 15th, 2011

smore dessert pizza
Cheese, pepperoni and pineapple, oh my. Food Network asked Facebook fans: “In your opinion, what is the best topping for pizza?” Not only did 3,843 of you answer, but you also shared extremely detailed choices.

Spinach, bacon, ham, mushrooms, olives, garlic — you guys want it all — as long as it’s covered with gooey cheese. Extra cheese was the number one topping of choice, with pepperoni and pineapple following close behind. Fans love pineapple classically paired with ham, but don’t mind if it’s mixed with chicken or bacon.

Every veggie possible made the list, but you’ll heap your slice high with mushrooms, olives and onions. Sprinkle a bit of garlic on top and you’ve got yourself a dream pie. Now that you’re probably craving pizza, make some at home instead of ordering in.

Spice things up with Rachael’s Thai Chicken Pizza. Cucumbers, bean sprouts, peanuts and duck sauce make this chicken pie a melting pot of international flavors.

Add some seafood to the mix with Bobby’s Grilled Shrimp and Cilantro Pizza. Buffalo mozzarella adds creaminess, while the cilantro pesto brings out the delicate flavor of the shrimp.

Ellie’s Egg, Ham and Spinach Pizza is less than 400 calories and puts a laid-back spin on Sunday brunch. Get step-by-step directions for Ina’s White Pizzas With Arugula, or try easy Pita Pizzas from Food Network Magazine.

Of course, no pizza list is complete without a dessert option. Bake Guy’s S’more Pizza (pictured above) with marshmallows, dark chocolate, graham crackers and a dash of chili powder for a sweet snack.

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Comments (45)

  1. Sherri says:

    Bar B Q Pulled Pork…

  2. Denise says:

    Seafood on one half and the other with salami, pepperoni,bacon, tomato, onions and garlic on the other side. Yuummm

  3. George Mitchell says:

    Canadin Bacon and Pineapple

  4. sue says:

    My favorite is hamburger, onions and feta either with regular red pizza sauce, an alfredo sauce or garlic sauce. Sometimes instead of hamburger I get chicken…..all are yummy!!!

  5. Joanne says:

    Love shrimp, pineapple, & black olives. :)

  6. Pam says:

    Love chicken, garlic, artichokes!

  7. Jeannine says:

    Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Mushroom, Pineapple, Onion, Black Olive and EXTRA Cheese, this is the best ever. (like you I thought "what an odd combo" but my BF eats it this way and it is good)

  8. Linda says:

    Pepperoni, cheese

  9. Patricia says:

    Pepperoni and jack cheese

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