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by in Shows, August 4th, 2011

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The seventh season of Food Network Star is in full swing and the writers on the Star blog are dishing. Last week, the five remaining Food Network Star contestants got roasted by some of the industry’s funniest comedians. If you missed the episode, catch up with this recap or watch the latest exit interview. This Sunday, eliminated finalists return to help the final four in head-to-head Iron Chef battles.

Watch an all-new episode: Sunday, August 7 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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Comments (53)

  1. jeri says:

    Ok everyone. Wake up. Penny did what I thought she might do. She is a spoiled brat! She was voted out and did her best to to bring down any contestant she was paired with. She was already out, why couldn't she be a good sport and try to help? Did u see her face when AB was talking to her? Marybeth was a gracious loolse and I hope FN finds her something. Can't wait for the finale. Vic really does need to expand his base of knowledge. He's so cute. Susie should expand her ingredients knowledge. Jeff is also star quality. Why didn't he do something with that mayo? I was impressed with Suzie, I think she finally accepted her heritage.

  2. Fran says:

    Who was the briliant one who approved the screening of Penny in the first place and then let her come back again on Sunday to cause more stress/trouble for everyone involved – especially Mary Beth?

    Good job judges! I would like to see a total different panel of judges next season.

    • No_New_Axes says:

      Aren't they arrogant? After seeing them as judges, I'm much less likely to watch them on their own shows now (at least Bobby and Gida). It has been eye opening and I'm beginning to not care too much for Food Network.

    • jaydee_007 says:

      I feel quite certain that if you keep an eye out, you are going to see articles in Food Netowrk Magazine written by Mary Beth.

  3. jeri says:

    I agree Penny has no place on FN! She is downright mean. There will be places for other competitors, who are worthy. Some are excellent commentartors. I think I would like a show that demonstrates cookings technical aspects as well has how to combine spices and herbs for the dish. Maybe I should go to culinary school!!! Anyway, can't wait for the finally.

  4. FN Fan says:

    The committee kept saying that Mary Beth had a dry wit that they loved. I never heard it. If it exists, why did they edit it out? It would make her an interesting personality. Bob should consider her for a food travelogue type show.

  5. bobby_fillet says:

    The judges are usually good about getting things right and this time they did again. Enough of the food bloggers who write about food but don't know how to cook. FN finally learned their lesson after last season's disaster. Mary Beth had to ask the butcher how to cook duck since she had never done so before!!! Puuuuuuuuleeeeze!!! She had to go. What next? She never cooked a hambuger before? The final three should be a great contest although I don't see what they see in Susie. Doesn't FN already have a Susie clone?

  6. jeri says:

    I think the judges have been right so far. Remember, the stars that don't win still have a chance for a show! Depends on their abilities, skills, and personality. Don't give up hope on your favorite star. I'm looking forward to the finale. I'm not giving away my pic but have hope for my fav. Perhaps a FNS Chopped show would be in the future. Could be interesting with Penny involved. Chopped really showcases culinary ability. Look forward to finality.

  7. Linda Koetsier says:

    Although I do like Susie, not as much as I do Jeff, I don't think another food show on Mexican Food will take off. You already have a good show based on Mexican Cuisine.

    You really don't have anything based on Jeff's POV. I enjoy and have made a lot of his sandwiches and I think there could be a good show here.

    • midgem says:

      I totally agree with Linda K.

      I think Jeff or Vic would be great on TV. Both POVs are plain food using easy to handle ingredients. And, it is the stuff we eat.

      However, that being said….Susie is fantastic and really knows her way around the kitchen. She is a find and has star quality.

  8. arizona diners says:

    You should have never let Whitney go…she was THE next star! Maybe new judges who are better at choosing who people want to see on TV is in order…

    • bobby_fillet says:

      I'll bet that Whitney will be back on the Cooking Channel just like Kelsey's Essentials. It's where FN puts the ones who should have won but didn't. Eventually FN realizes that they f'ed up. The ones who win are never to be heard from again after 2 years (except Guy).

  9. Kay says:

    I think Jeff has all the qualities for a food show host. He has matured over these pat weeks and I would love a show abput sandwiches. Whos doesn't like a good sandwich? Susie is just alittle too perjy for me. She just doesn't inspire me to want to watch her..Jeff does.

  10. jeri says:

    I think I'm gonna have to agree with Kay. FN hasn't had a show devoted to sandwiches. And he's good lookin (eye candy). Who wouldn't want different ways to make a sandwich? They are my go to food. I'm a home health nurse and most of the time that's all we have time for. I would so love to be able to prep ingredients on weekend and be able to take different stuff to work. I don't get a designated "lunch hour". I work 8 straight and take lunch when I can. Sandwiches are the perfect variety!!!

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