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by in Shows, August 4th, 2011

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The seventh season of Food Network Star is in full swing and the writers on the Star blog are dishing. Last week, the five remaining Food Network Star contestants got roasted by some of the industry’s funniest comedians. If you missed the episode, catch up with this recap or watch the latest exit interview. This Sunday, eliminated finalists return to help the final four in head-to-head Iron Chef battles.

Watch an all-new episode: Sunday, August 7 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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Comments (53)

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  2. Rachel says:

    WHY are you bringing Penny the poophead back on? I am not watching thismepisode. I was sooooo happy when ms. negativity went home… uggghhhhhhh

    • Plainjane1 says:

      Hi Rachel, I don't think that they're bringing Penny back for the drama. This is standard procedure in almost all of the cooking competitions. They bring back past contestants to act as sous chefs. This has two purposes. First, they don't have to worry about auditioning new talent; and two, it gives the remaining contestants a chance to smooth out some of the rough edges. I think in this case, Penny needs a chance to redeem herself and Mary Beth needs a chance to overcome a serious obstacle. Usually, when they bring back a controversial contestant, that person more or less behaves themselves. From what I've seen on the show, I don't really like Penny as a person but I do respect her cooking talent and her pride in her culture and heritage.

  3. Juanito Mandujano says:

    I was sad to see the death of "Vic Vegas"! I was SO looking foward to him getting a Triple D style show focusing mainly on Las Vegas, and different subjects, i.e. buffets, casino restaurants, food truck scene, mom and pop places, breakfast, etc……I feel that a show with him would give ANY travel channel show a run for its money

  4. jeri says:

    If you'll notice there have been non winners get their own show! Tom is a good example with his show. I enjoy watching him, even though it's not his own cooking show. His is the right personality for that show, and he does a darn good job! Just be patient. Maybe your favorite contestant will get his/her own show after all-based on their talent!

    • Jay says:

      And how about Adam Gertler? He's great fun to watch.

      • jeri says:

        I love Adam, he's so good looking! The show they developed for him is perfect, I just love it! My kinda show-just like me, kid in a candy store. I have my son mail me the "old time" candies from a store near his home in Petaluma. Brings back lots of memories.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      Tom, Jeffrey, and Kelsey have their own shows. The non-winners are better than the winners. Seriously, does anyone watch Melissa? Or Arteeeeeeee Parteeeeee? Hey, instead of throwing curry on every American dish, I'll throw garlic on it and get my own show.

  5. Front Row Eats says:

    The problem with this season is that aside from each the stars' personality and charisma, they really have limited cooking skills. Aarti was a skilled chef with extensive knowledge of lots of different ingredients. She held her own in Kitchen Stadium when she was forced to compete on Iron Chef during the finale. All of this season's final contestants would fail in the Iron Chef challenge.

    Judging on personality alone, I hope that Jeff takes the crown.

    Anyway, check out my food blog called "Front Row Eats"


    • Guest says:

      Arteee a skilled chef? You have got to be kidding. She was nothing but a food blogger and hasn't shown anything since winning.

      • Ann says:

        I watched a couple of her shows, more our of curiosity than anything else, and found her to be much less than a professional and to me she is so phoney. I didn't particularly care for her during the competition either and her type of food is not of interest to my family. She is not somebody that I enjoy watching so I quit watching her show.

      • spam_hater says:

        She likes Artie because she is also nothing but a food blogger and a spammer.

    • No_New_Axes says:

      I hated (HATED) the way Bob fawned over her about her ethnic food POV. I wouldn't watch Arti if they paid me.

    • jeri says:

      This is ot the right place to advertise personal sites! This is the place to comment, critique, and compliment the topic at hand.

  6. Denny says:

    Does anyone at Food Network really read any of the blogs?? If not, where to you go to make a real complaint?

    • Kappy says:

      I don't know if they read them or not, only place I've ever found was to email them under Contact Us at the bottom of the page, but then I never got a response from that either, even after trying a zillion times, so I just gave up. I didn't even get a email confirmation that I had even made a comment, got the feeling they didn't give a toot about what I had to say, even though we watched Food Network 90% of our TV time.

  7. Glen says:

    I used to be such a big Alton Brown fan UNTIL I saw what a snooty & mean-spirited tool he is on the Next Food Star competition. His interaction with the contestants over the past seasons was such a huge turnoff to me that I can no longer watch God Eats, Iron Chef America or any other of his shows. Bummer.

  8. Jane says:

    I was sorry to see Mary Beth go, she brought a high level of food understanding and how to layer flavors to the show. Her point of view was very original. If she is not the Next Food Network Star, so be it, but I think Bob and the network should bring her back in some other capacity. I would watch her.

    • Guesttoo says:

      I agree. Is the network afraid of someone appearing to have a brain and natural facial expressions? I don't want to see someone who's depressed of course, but they keep cultivating the same phony attitude stuff. I've been watching reruns of America's Test Kitchen & Cook's Country…and I like it!!!!

    • Irene says:

      I hope Food Network is able to offer Mary Beth some other future opportunities. I think she was one of the best in describing the food and the flavor depths. I would watch her too. But what Penny did to her in this round was very hateful and vengeful and I hope all the viewers, as well as the Food Channel people saw Penny's true colors and NEVER offer her any future opportunities. I certainly would not watch her.

    • Shelley B says:

      Mary Beth has a great food vocabulary but clearly couldn't cook food…which is a credibility requirement for a cooking show! I was impressed that she never mentioned the obvious sabotage by Penny in the Iron Chef episode…..shame on the network for setting up any situation where someone as vindictive as Penny would have any opportunity to impact another contestants results!

  9. Garth says:

    Keep Mary Beth? I, for one, enjoy civility in a TV personality. Quirkiness becomes predictable and boring. I'll take substance. Give Mary Beth a chance.

  10. Dee says:

    Does anyone else think that Penny used this episode to purposefully help Mary Beth off the show? While I don't think that Mary Beth is necessarily worth her own show – she can describe food, but cooking it seems to escape her, I really feel like Penny was doing her usual and just trying to sabotage Mary Beth. I hope FN NEVER gives Penny any kind of show. She is such a mean-spirited person!

    • Punkido says:

      I don't know if what Penny did or didn't do would of had any bearing on Mary Beth's elimination, but all I saw in Penny was pure unadulterated vengence. I can understand strategy when she was a competitor, but she was already disqualified, so she had nothing to gain by being so hateful, which I saw as totally intentional. She couldn't get along w/ the other females and she wasn't a team player. Could one imagine the ruckus she would cause trying to work w/ a team on her own show ??? I hope that her behavior ended any opportunities from any TV career, I absolutely would not waste my time watching her.

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