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by in Community, Food Network Chef, August 29th, 2011

pioneer woman ree drummond
Last Thursday, Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman, dropped by a Food Network Facebook chat. If you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

Jennifer Waters: What is the best way to season a cast-iron skillet?
RD: Jennifer, I have always generously smeared the skillets with shortening. I then heat them for a long time in the oven. But lately, I’ve been cheating and getting the pre-seasoned Lodge pans. They’re amazing.

Nova Wick: How does it feel to transfer from blogging on the Internet, where you interact and talk to your fans, to getting your own show?
RD: Nova, it’s all been such a gradual thing. I love blogging the most; I feel like it’s my core. But the show gives me a chance to show a slightly different view/perspective than my still photos and (sometimes weird) writing. To answer your question, it has felt very natural.

Donna Yearyean: What item (bowl, pan, utensil, etc.) in your kitchen are you most sentimental about and why?
RD: Donna, I have a very, very old pewter hand juicer that belonged to my grandmother Ga-Ga. It’s the most amazing tool and I haven’t found anyone that sells a modern-day version of it. I’ll post about it soon.

Meg Marie: When is your second cookbook coming out?
RD: Meg Marie, the second cookbook will be out either March or April 2012 — I’m excited about it.

Anthony Sorrentino: What’s your favorite hot winter dish?
RD: Anthony, because it’s been so hot in Oklahoma (112 degrees, anyone?), it’s been hard to get excited about stews, roasts, etc. But that’s what I look forward to about winter: hearty beef stews that take hours to make. Lately, I like to add beer to stews.

Rhonda Nestor: I make up my own recipes, too, and have never used a cookbook. Do your kids have trouble with eating anything you’ve ever made up?
RD: I live in a pretty picky household, so I’m used to cooking some things that are met with less-than-enthusiastic responses. So I stick to basic, hearty foods most of the time. Then once every couple of weeks, I throw in something weird and see how it works. My girls are actually becoming much more adventurous, so I finally have some company.

Erika Knapp Barringer: What is your favorite hearty breakfast meal?
RD: My husband would definitely choose biscuits and sausage gravy, but I love migas. Have you heard of migas? It’s basically a big skillet egg dish with onions, pepper and jalapenos. But then you throw in strips of corn tortilla and serve it with salsa, avocado and sour cream. It’s the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat for breakfast.

Kris Lewis Lescinsky: How on earth do you drag yourself out of bed so early and make yourself coherent enough to cook amazing food and blog about it with enough wit and humor to make us all laugh?
RD: What a sweet question. Well, sometimes my husband drags me out of bed and sometimes I go kicking and screaming. And I’m often not coherent. But overall, it helps that we do live in the country and that we homeschool the kids, etc. It makes for a more seamless day in that I don’t have to run errands, drive carpools, etc. But I also love cooking and I love blogging and people tend to be more efficient at the things they have a passion for.

Stuart Reb Donald: Do you think the Internet is an untapped source of talent for TV hosts?
RD: In answer to your question: yes. Just look at the incredibly amazing food blogs out there — I can’t even begin to name the talented, creative people who’ve started food blogs that I read regularly. In fact, I can think of three right now who, if they had their own cooking show, I’d tune in to every single show.

Sara Levine: Hi, Ree! What was it like shooting a show in your own kitchen? How did your family react to all the cameras around?
RD: We shot most of the cooking at the lodge, which is a separate guest house on our ranch. I knew it would never work for the cameras to be in our actual kitchen at our house every day because that would mean I would actually have to have a clean kitchen at my house every day. We did film a couple of scenes at our house and when those scenes were over, I knew we’d made the right decision to film at the lodge. It was hilariously chaotic. Kids and basset hounds everywhere.

Jess Patrick: What is the best dinner and dessert to win a man’s heart?
RD: Best dinner to win a man’s heart? I hate to be repetitive, but chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy makes a huge, I-care-about-nothing-but-your-happiness statement. It’s comfort food to the max. For a slightly less gravy-saturated meal, I think just a beautiful rib eye steak cooked in butter with a big helping of buttery mashed potatoes. For dessert, a chocolate cake sundae or brownie sundae is sure to elicit a kiss or two.

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Comments (124)

  1. Cheryl says:

    Love Love Love this Show!! I already have been enjoying the blog. The show is done well. Thanks for an amazing show! Just because Marlboro Woman is jealous and encouraging people to write nasty comments doesn't mean the show is bad. In fact it means the show is amazing! Keep it coming!

    • Jan says:

      Excuse me, but no one is "encouraging" me to do to anything. Being from a long line of farmers and married to a farmer, and after having watched the shows for myself, I have drawn the conclusion that it is mostly staged. What cooking she does is well below standard for a TV show. Is the Pioneer Woman encouraging her family and friends to write glowing reviews in order to stay on the air????

  2. Suzie Cupcake says:

    Pioneer Woman show is sooo fake! Her recipes are appalling. Wake up Food Network, you really screwed up on this show.

    • colleen says:

      Love this show , shes very real! and i love her recipes, dont find them appalling , apparently you dont cook !! suzie, but its good and its hardly fake, So yay Food network , keep the show coming!! love love

  3. trufflelady says:

    I love the simplistic approach to Ree's recipes. It's a shame folks have to knock her for use of butter, or hearty recipes. I grew up a country girl, and this show brings back fond memories of our way of life and yes all those deep fried family dinners. There are many other chefs on tv but I prefer the simpler approach to meals. Bobby, Anne & Guy, you are entertaining but too complicated most of the time. And Paula, you keep up all those recipes using that BUTTER! There are many shows on FoodTV, some good, some not. Change the channel for Pete's sake if you don't like something.

  4. Confused says:

    Last week we suffered through the ill-mannered Drummond men and a guest sitting with their hats on at the table all through supper on the deck, and this week we have to listen to Ree tell us how the men hate to eat outside because they work outside all day…so FN is allowing her to make our point for us – IT IS IN FACT ALL STAGED, FOR SHOW, and NOT "KEEPING IT REAL" AT ALL!! This bad joke must come to an end…PLEASE.
    Her triumph of the week – rolling a log of goat cheese in dill weed – boy howdy! There is something new…that has true chef written all over it, Great to learn something today.
    The problem is no one at FN actually reads this blog or cares that the comments and thumbs up or down lean so heavily against this show, nor do they care that so many people were anti-Pioneer Woman that they had to disable her last blog on It really is sad. What the FN followers want should mean something but, not unlike Ree, it is all about how much money they can squeeze out of everyone until the whole thing implodes.

    • WWP says:

      It drives me crazy when another person uses the presumptuous royal "we" when voicing their opinion. Until someone actually elects you as the spokesperson for TV viewers everyone, it's best to take ownership of your opinions by using the personal pronoun. Otherwise, when you try to bolster your opinion in such a transparent fashion you lose credibility and simply appear to be just as disingenuous as those you railing against. I don't care if you hate or love a show, but speak for yourself and have enough confidence in your opinion that you don't have to try to inflate its importance.

      Oh, and thanks for the newsflash that TV shows are staged. Gosh, I would never, ever have figured that out without your help….

      • Confused says:

        Dear WWP – 2/2
        Oh, and you are welcome for the newsflash, maybe you have not put in enough time listening and reading to warrant making a comment on my opinion. If you had, you would have seen and heard Ree tell us all how genuine her blog, recipes, and now TV show are…that they are, in fact, not staged at all, just an extension of her "keepin' it real" in her 'real life'.

      • Confused says:

        Dear WWP 1/2,
        NO, no, thank you…not only for the lesson in grammar and pronouns , but also for the attempt to point out what is genuine.
        You see, I took the time to read each comment and reply on this blog and to take notice of how those comments had been rated with the thumbs up or down before writing my own comment. No one had to appoint me spokesperson, as they have already spoken for themselves. Because I am capable of doing some mental math and because all of the information is still here in black and white for everyone to see not hidden in some transparent make-believe, I think it is fair to comment on such. Therefore, I am absolutely speaking for myself after listening to the show, reading Ree's blog, taking the time to read the comments left here, and then expressing my understanding and feelings about all of the above. And just for the record, I feel extremely confident in doing so, as I can very clearly explain how I arrived at my opinion.

    • alma says:

      if ;you don't like it change the channel, no one is forcing you to watch it. There is several of the food network stars I think is just silly so I don't watch them. No need to try and force my likes on everyone else, mabe there are other people who like them. I just recently found the pioneer woman and i just love her, that is my opinion.

  5. Judyluvs2cook says:

    I knew nothing about Ree, aka "Pioneer Woman." Happened to stop at the Food Network channel to see what was on. Let me tell you, my jaw dropped when I saw her making macaroni and cheese, sliders, etc. Laden with butter, grease, cream, pasta. I kept saying to my husband, "This is so wrong, but looks so delicious!" I have made many of these sinful dishes, and my family LOVES it!! Not every day, but twice a week. YUM!!!!!! You GO REE!!!! Real recipes for real families with no left-overs!

  6. Davon Spivey says:

    I absolutely love the Pioneer Woman! She is awesome and I am so glad to see someone in Oklahoma showing off great recipes. I am heart broken that her cowboys don't take their hats off at the table. Keep the resipes coming but make those cowboys mind their manners when they are indoors.

  7. BR50190 says:

    Ree Drummond is being added to the Iron Chef lineup. The secret ingredient will be…….(drumroll) butter! This show is a joke!

  8. Bettye Hayes says:

    I enjoyed the show and looked forward to it's airing. I was disappointed that it wasn't on yesterday at it's regular time. Has it been removed from foodnetworks line up or put in a different time slot? I would really like to know.

  9. gwen says:

    I too was wondering what has happened to her show on foodnetwork, Has it been canceled? Please

    • Cheryl says:

      I hope PW was cancelled as it's a ignorant show…What happened to Nigella Lawson,Ingrid Hoffman and Eli Kreeger they had good shows.

  10. Angel Coble says:

    I am really loving the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility issues? A number of my blog audience have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any solutions to help fix this problem?

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