Sky’s Gourmet Tacos Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, August 14th, 2011

skys gourmet tacos
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road last night with eight new food trucks and the bright lights of Vegas. With a grand prize of $100,000 on the line, each truck will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the game, but ultimately, one truck must go each week. Every Monday, FN Dish will bring you exclusive exit interviews with the latest “Food Truck” contestants to get the boot.

This week, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos seemed to face one challenge after another — money, a blown-out tire and resulting time constraints — and unfortunately, Barbara, her son Victor and business partner Kevin had to say goodbye.

FN Dish: I originally thought the $500 was going to be your major setback due to pricey ingredients; however, it looks like your blown tire might have sent your team home. Tell us about that moment and what you did to make up for lost time and money.

SGT: At the time the tire blew, we were literally right in the middle of engaging team strategy for Vegas — the cameras were rolling.  During those hours of delay in locating and then having the tire replaced, I missed 12 critical phone calls, including our confirmation call for the high school’s spring break student fundraiser of which we were the exclusive food vendor for 1,500 kids/parents/supporters.

FN Dish: You never made it to that student event. With the tire blowout aside, do you think being the exclusive truck at an event with 1,500 people would have given you an advantage?

SGT: I believe we would have unknowingly had a huge advantage, especially considering that Sunday was “bone-dry” for all of the other trucks except one, which had an OK day.

FN Dish: On Saturday, other trucks collaborated with popular Vegas food trucks. Do you think you should have taken that route first?

SGT: In hindsight, we should have chosen a less time-sensitive solution like partnering with a popular Vegas food truck and used it as a primary strategy.

FN Dish: You recovered quickly from this week’s speed bump, which was to turn off the propane. Tell us about your strategy.

SGT: We already had a hot grill, so as soon as the call came in, we started preparing food for sale just as we do with food prep for catering jobs in the restaurant.  We then kept the food on the grill as the grill went from hot to warm which essentially was like using a food warmer.  This strategy allowed us to sell food over the next two-and-a-half hours.

FN Dish: Barbara, you said you, “had to digest the disappointment.” Weeks later, how do you feel?

SGT: There is no easy way to digest living out a worst-case scenario on national TV.  But because character and integrity remained intact throughout the experience, the disappointment has since settled into the “experience” of it — something with which to go forward.  I also believe the takeaways were, are and will be far greater than if we had foregone the experience altogether.

FN Dish: What advice can you give to the remaining food truck contestants?

•    A plan “B” is nowhere near enough — consider C, D, E, F, G, H and I.
•    When you think you have thought it all through, think again.  In this game, you must anticipate the unanticipateable.

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Comments (26)

  1. Myra says:

    This is incredibly stupid. As many people have said previously, we don't want to see competitions where the focus is not on food but on stupid antics. This is why many people no longer watch Food Challenge, the focus is no longer on skill, they have gremlins hiding utensils and other ridiculous distractions.

    Spinning a wheel to slash tires? What the heck?

    Can we please go back to who has the best food? Or is this now the stupid antics network?

    • stopyourwhining says:

      while you're sitting there complaining and spending an hour of your day on "stupid antics", let me teach you about an awsome invention to help with just that problem! it's called the remote… use it… that way you'll be watching what you want to watch, and the rest of us will be enjoying the show that we like…

      • Myra says:

        I had just started watching when the host mentioned spinning the wheel, I changed the channel, total viewing time, maybe 8 minutes.

  2. foodjunkie2011 says:

    I would like to commend Sky's Tacos for their display of maturity. They did suffer the unfortunate circumstances of life which are in "real" life as well as in "reality TV." I enjoy the show but agree with the previous comments regarding the speed bumps. I think that the contest should be based on the quality of food and the best business practices. If for some reason they encounter a difficulty, as SGT, did then part of the business plan shoukd invovlve a fix but purposely adding glitches is not necessary.

  3. Kid Carboy Jr. says:

    I feel like, if I was about to go on a coast-to-coast roadtrip with $100,000 on the line, I might buy some new tires to replace the old, bald ones and outfit my truck accordingly beforehand. A spare might also be a good idea to have on hand.

    You know…because of the driving across America portion and stuff.

  4. Food Network since it's fine identified and connected thus it would not have problems that a smaller network would have in setting all this up. just about the other food truck could not go around from town to town and originated commercialism while not obtaining permits and inspections done before hand.

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