Robert’s Fitness Rules, Bobby’s New Palace and Alton’s Book Tour

by in Food Network Chef, August 23rd, 2011

robert irvine
Robert Irvine recently shared his rules for balancing food and fitness with Gourmet Guy on Maintaining his chiseled physique isn’t always easy with his busy schedule, which includes traveling, filming his shows and running a restaurant. Regardless, Robert follows a simple guide to keep him motivated. Find out what his routine includes, as well as the four easy rules he strictly follows, Robert Irvine’s 4 Rules of Food and Fitness.

Bobby Flay has opened a new location of Bobby’s Burger Palace on K Street in Washington, D.C. The restaurant opened for lunch with a crowd of approximately 400 hundred people waiting outside. Bobby spent opening day taking pictures with fans and signing autographs. According to The Washington Examiner, Chef Flay has hopes that President Obama will stop by for a burger and share his thoughts on what should top the local Washington, D.C., burger.

Alton Brown is set to launch the third edition of his Good Eats series of books titled Good Eats 3: The Later Years on October 1. In the coming months, he’ll be touring the country, signing new copies of his book. A full list of the dates and locations for the book tour are available at

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Comments (4)

  1. amyrchapman says:

    why aren't there any book signings in MI?

  2. joe won says:

    i have enjoyed a lot of food network shows. However; restaurant impossible tops it all. I think it's a smash, and you should keep this show going forever. I love the way you guys change family lives but most of all how u guys educate the cooks. I can see restaurants all over US making changes for the better. I thank you all for bring this awesome show to the network. please keep this show going. you are the man! bobby!

  3. Jeff L'Amoreaux says:

    Please approach Crabby Larry's in Chalfont PA for Restaurant Impossible. Really, it's the poster child for that show. Rudeness, swashbuckling decor, hopelessness and potential all wrapped up in one. It's perfect.

  4. tonia says:

    didn't know where to post this but you got the royal screwing from Micheal Symon , you shouldn't had to cook off with that raw egg dude any way Zaraian or however you spell his name didn't even follow the rules on iron chef ………royal scewing from FN

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