Free Lunch Fridays: Korilla BBQ and Devilicious

by in Events, August 22nd, 2011

korilla bbq truck crew
Last week, Food Network launched The Great Food Truck Race: Lunch Is On Us campaign, with Korilla BBQ and Devilicious Food Truck each serving out 100 free lunches this past Friday in New York City and San Diego, respectively.

Fans that waited in line on Friday for Korilla BBQ got to choose anything off their menu, including their famous burritos. Over on the West Coast, fans were treated to Devilicious’ decadent butter-poached lobster grilled cheese sandwiches.

“This has been a great experience — such an incredible turnout,” said Eddie from Korilla BBQ. “We’re ready to make 200-300 meals today, possibly 500 including dinner.”

So what’s it like to wait in line with more than 100 fans? Korilla BBQ’s super fan @gillang said that even though he was lucky ticket number 84, he only had to wait 15 minutes. “I waited for Food Network to Tweet the secret location of Korilla and then I rushed over with my friend,” he said as he waited for his Spicy Pork and Bacon Kimchi order.

devilicious food truck
Join the fun: On Sunday night, immediately following each episode of The Great Food Truck Race, fans visit Food Network’s Facebook page to see which city and food truck will host the next Friday lunch. Throughout the rest of the week, Food Network posts clues to the location of the food truck on Twitter. Finally, on Friday at 11 a.m. local time, @FoodNetwork Tweets the final location. At noon, the first 100 people in line receive a free lunch.

gillang food truck

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Comments (88)

  1. Jdawg says:

    I love the show but wish I could find it somewhere online – the food network site has last years videos, hulu says it can't show the video… what the? Food network – time to get in on 21st century technology…lots of sites have figured out how to still run ads and make money showing video online – let's make it easier for people to watch your shows!

  2. CCJ says:

    Seabirds constantly talk about how they are vegan: "It's John Elway! Maybe he's vegan. It should be easy to find mushrooms, because we're vegan. There aren't many vegans in Denver" etc…Why do they have to go on and on about how they are vegan?

    • tootiredtothink says:

      A lot of vegans and vegetarians in the US have this attitude where they have to proclaim that they don't eat meat. They act like they are a discriminated against class and preach their lifestyle like it is a religion.

    • Tim says:

      They're just taking their cue from the homosexual community. If they can be loud and obnoxious about who they are, then they believe people will listen.

    • dangergirl says:

      If vegans were smart, they'd realize that there are very few pure carnivores; most people are omnivores. Which means most people will eat vegan food if it looks good. What hurt the Seabirds is they tried to sell only to vegans. And they had absolutely no urgency of service. Most people aren't afraid of vegan food, but they don't want to wait forever for it.

  3. fmedic says:

    This weeks episode will be my last. Everything that was great about last years show is gone and the competition is really just a joke. No matter what city, where they park, what they sell, every truck has super long lines. It's just who can cook and serve the fastest. No cooking talent or marketing skill required. It's amazing that these teams think they're all that too… sorry Food Network but it's time to come up with an original idea or at least stop pre-promoting the show to get the crowds out at every city.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Well here is the thing. The first couple of episodes you didn't see super long lines at all.

      The Kansas episode was in a small town so word spread. Also there were only three locations and one location had most of the trucks so guess what every one in town was also going to go there.

      Also it always been about pushing food out the quickest. It was how Nom Nom every city got the most sales.

    • Lil says:

      I have to agree with you about the lack of true competition. This season the teams seemed to rush thru their menus and get the food out fast in order to get the most money. After a while all the teams seemed to blur together and it was getting hard to figure which was which by cuisine alone. Then the bomb this week that one team had to go so low as to cheat. Then acting as tho it's not their fault and that Tyler made them look bad (their comment). I'm done also watching the rest of this season.

      • tootiredtothink says:

        Last season the team that did what you are complaining about won the most money in every city and since they lost to the grease faces in the finale by what appeared to be a few minutes that generated a lot of controversy.

        If there is true competition in every team then every team is going to nearly be matched in what they get in each city money wise. So far that has occured with the amounts between being safe and being sent home often in the hundreds of dollars. With no truck making several thousand more each stop then the rest of the trucks which is what happened last season. Last season a truck was lucky to make over a 1000 in a city.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Ah the season was over before the episodes started to air. There is no way they can prepromote the show unless a station does it in the city the trucks would be arriving at.

  4. Janet says:

    What do I have to do ~ change the channel early? There's the usual "coming next time" promo, but for the past two weeks they SHOW the upcoming "speed bump". I already knew from last week that they'd have to drop their prices to a buck. Is that just dumb or am I missing some new marketing technique?

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Blame the editing departments at tv shows. Masterchef, Hells Kitchen even movies these days spoil things they should know not to spoil since you can figure out something that is supposed to be a surprise or outright state who will lose.

      They don't do it to try to fool you either which would actually be clever.

  5. Guest10 says:

    Korilla did the same thing with several Korean establishments. Was that also racism? I think not. It's just networking. The Seabirds went to a place that was vegan-friendly for a loan. Cafe Con Leche actually had a disadvantage by working with that restaurant, since the owner then demanded payment during the service. Race and ethnicity seems irrelevant in this case, as they should be in any case.

  6. Ballys886 says:

    I love this show and I was hoping the Korilla guys were going to win but hey have disappointed me. I can't beleiev they would actually cheat and to do it ins such an obvious way. I hope they truly feel bad and even worse to find out that they would have still been int he game without cheating. They had no faith in themselves or their truck. You guys really are a disappointment.

    • Jirafe says:

      Very strange indeed that they did this

      • tootiredtothink says:

        Well when they bend the rules and didn't get any penalty (such as in the challenges) but instead reaped the rewards I suspected they thought they could get away with breaking the rules.

    • Jason says:

      They apparently added $2700 to their sales, which is 50% over their actual numbers. Such a big obvious difference, and knowing that the receipts would be checked against the reported numbers. The trucks probably had a camera/sound team with them the majority of the time they were open to catch the action and drama that can come unexpectedly so it will be obvious if you cheat by such a large margin. Why couldn't they have faked the receipts too (fake sales to phantom customers) to match the cash intake ? They seemed a lot smarter than that…

      • tootiredtothink says:

        Fake recipets would have been hard to pull off in the time they would have to do it in plus being observed.

        I suspect their padding was often slight of hand or in the rare moments the camera guy turned to record some other activity of the korillas when the cashbox wasn't being watched. I think they must of thought the counters wouldn't be tallying up every reciept to see if the total matched what was in the cashbox because of how tedious it would be.

        • Jason says:

          Must have been REALLY desperate to try adding 50%. From footage and casual observation, you can clearly see that they weren't as busy as previous cities and faking that much in additional sales is just too obvious. This probably triggered scrutiny on the books and receipts because the producers probably saw the numbers and knew something was not right.
          I would have rather lost fairly rather than shame myself and my business by going out this way. Wonder if they can say anything to defend their side of the story.

      • Ballys says:

        I think they were smarter then that. It was way too obvious to just put the money in and not make fake receipts. I thinkthe show offered them something else to get them to do this just to put a little drama intot he show. i don't think we've heard the last of Korilla.

        • tootiredtothink says:

          Sigh. There are legal issues with doing that. Shows that have prizes have to obey several laws.. If they don't the network can get shut down or pay millions of dollars. No network wants to risk that for so called ratings when the stunt can cost them advertising money. Bad publicity ruins companies. It is not good advertising. It is the exception rather then the rule that bad publicity can generate enough money to overcome the effects of the bad publicity.

          Sorry but not taking care of receipts either destroying real ones or faking them to hide how much money is or not going into the till happens in the real world all the time.

          How else do you think they bust restaurants for not paying sales tax? They look at the receipts and the restaurants not paying the sales tax do not fabricate the receipts to hide how much money they are not paying.

          • UR2naive says:

            Sorry I'm not buying it. There is more to this story then what the Food Network is showing (the magic of editing).

            1) A $2,700 difference with no receipt is too obvious and no one is that stupid.

            2) They showed no clips of Korilla explaining themselves.

            3) Korilla being under contract to not say anything about the show for an amount of time, even when that episode is over, means the show is hiding something.

            I'll hold on my judgment until I get all the facts. I'm not about to take Food network's word for it.

          • luvcookin says:

            Do you really think that FN is going to release all the facts? This is FN, after all.

          • Waiting4TheTruth says:

            I agree. FoodNetwork is hiding something and Korilla is under contract where they can't defend themselves. We can't persecute Korilla until we know the facts. The last challenge last year was unfair to NOM NOM (who was in the lead in nearly every single race until the end) and it's obvious FN can make the show turn out however they want. I used to like Tyler when he cooked on his show, but I really don't like Tyler on this show.

        • Sara says:

          I agree with you. There is no way those three boys would have done that without putting receipts in the cash box with the cash. Ratings my friend, ratings!!

          • tootiredtothink says:

            Do you understand how many receipts it would take to fake that much cash that they put in?

            Literally hundreds. Do you think they had that much time to do that with the cameras around? It's a lot easier to put in money then fake the amount of receipts required.

    • Dave says:

      I am sad to see that Korilla cheated. They were a real contentor. I have several questions that I wouldlike to be answered.

      1. Was it a team decision or was it done by one of the members?
      2. Was the reaction on camera due to the fact they were told already and they did not expect it to be on camera?
      3. Did Korrilla have any words in their defense or did not the show just boot them off?
      4. Did they boot them off like they did as punishment and to send a message?

      • tootiredtothink says:

        1. It was likely each of them did it to a small amount say 900-1000 a grand each when they thought the camera wasn't looking.

        2. They likely didn't expect to get caught.

        3. They just said they were made to look bad. Plus their tweet that they would never cheat New York means they did cheat.

        4. They broke the rules. That means you are disqualified.

        • UR2naive says:

          1) We'll have to wait till they are allow to comment (stupid contract)

          2) Editing man its the magic of editing

          3) Its that pesky editing again. The comments that they did show could mean just about anything. And how on earth is their comments on twitter mean they cheated. How did you come to that conclusion.

          4) It seems they broke the rules and got disqualified. But we'll have to wait to hear their side of the story.

    • Martha says:

      Korilla has not only disappointed us as viewers but at Korean Americans. Cheating not only themselves but the entire viewing population of the United States. If they cheated on national television can anyone ever trust them again? What about NY? They have cheated NY and their families that were cheering them on and supporting them. As a viewer, my only request is that when there is a reunion, Korilla is not invited back. The look on the faces of the others in the Great Truck Race was enough for me. I felt back for Tyler, but after he disqualified Korilla for cheating, no remorse came from Korilla and all that came from Steve, all he said was, "he made us look really bad" NOOO YOU MADE YOURSELF LOOK REALLY BAD. You guys make me sick actually. Tyler is a wonderful person who has achieved his place where he is by NOT CHEATING HIMSELF OR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

      • Guest says:

        I was very disappointed to see what they did and how they reacted! I didn't expect that from anyone. How sad to know they would have won if they didn't cheat. It's all Karma!!!! They better learn but I wonder how their crowd will react to this now or if it will affect their future business?

      • Terri says:

        Although I am not a Korean American, I thought the same thing as Martha. Shame on the Korilla truck, you not only disgraced yourselves, but your heritage too. I bet your families are embarressed about your "sneaky" endevor. Perhaps, your families should send you to Korea, so that you can earn and learn a hard, earnest living, instead of being typical spoiled Americans.

        SHAME ON YOU!!! Can you hear that???

    • Ward0313 says:

      I too am so disappointed in Korilla. I really thought they would be this seasons winner.

    • bystander says:

      These guys are one trick ponies. Take the meat out and they sh*t in their pants. Customers were complaining about their tofu crap that they served during last week's episode. I can see that they were sweating and looked desperate but never in my life imagine these Asian dudes with their asian pride would resort to CHEATING. What a disgrace. I guess these Americanize asians don't have prides. They should take their "I love NY" shirts off. Do we New Yorker and NYC lovers want to associate with these crooks? The health department should come in to inspect the crap they put in their food.

      • Wait4TheTruth says:

        You are an idiot. You are saying things without knowing the facts. You don't realize editing is MAGIC. You can make something out of nothing and nothing out of something. Here's an example, I just edited what you typed above:

        These guys take the meat and tofu and Customers love their food.

        • tootiredtothink says:

          Editing? Sorry but this is a show with a cash prize they cannot rig the show. If it ever came out that they had rigged the show there would be felony charges as well as other criminal charges.

          Korilla could sue for libel and win millions of dollars if they didn't cheat. Since they aren't suing and refuse to talk claiming to be under contract that means they did indeed cheat and got caught.

    • Jane says:

      I was stunned. Like the HodgePodge guy said, "you have to have the receipts to go with the money." I do understand that the stakes are very high and the thought of losing $100,000 can drive people to do things outside of their normal character. But, really, why didn't they realize that they would be out by crossing the line. I don't even want to see the rest of the show. Korilla seemed to embody the American dream and their food was different than the rest. Shame, shame.

    • Carole says:

      Not a total surprise that they cheated. The Asian culture is expected to win at all costs. It is not a disgrace to cheat but a disgrace to lose. I experienced this first hand working in education and how many cheated on tests.


    • David says:

      I really loved their comment referring to Tyler saying, "He made us look bad." No, Tyler didn't make you look bad. You made you look bad. They were so stupid and had they not cheated they would still be in the race.

    • terri says:

      cheaters never win. do they realize the fall out that this will have on their business?
      It was really stupid.

  7. munepenny says:

    Your exit interviews are supposed to be up every Monday.


    We all want to hear thier side of the story. What really happened?

  8. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone else think that the Hodge Podge people are completely obnoxious?? I understand that they are in a competition…but really, "better than Roxy's grill cheese" and then taking orders from other truck's lines…ridiculous. And that guy thinks he is god's gift to the culinary world…he's an idiot! I'm so sad that Korilla allegedly cheated…both because they were my favorite truck and Hodge Podge would have gone home.

    • Luvdoggie says:

      Was rooting for Korilla also but what a dumb move in putting in their own money because they had no faith in their own abilities. I may have to skip the rest of the episodes because I don't care for the other teams at all.

      • Jennifer says:

        Even though I didn't like Roxy in the beginning, I think they are going to be the team I'm rooting for…I can't stand Hodge Podge or the Lime Truck. So I guess Roxy is the team I dislike the least. The first season was so much better…I'm not sure what happened this season.

        • tootiredtothink says:

          How was the first season better? With the exception of Nom Nom all the trucks were run by idiots who didn't know how to get locations by networking. Nor could they serve their food fast which was why Nom Nom was often thousands of dollars ahead while most trucks were lucky to get a grand in two days.

    • David says:

      Korilla really did something stupid and unnecessary.

    • 7felines says:

      Ok, the "Hodge Podge" truck has just a BAD buncha people! The "girl friend" is an IDIOT! They are conniving and unscrupulous. i think the whole thing, and yes, i watched last years' show, is a rip-off! i totally question this fiasco with the Korilla truck because if you go "back" and check things, (vis a vis, video) when the "Vegan" menu was installed/enforced" someone-i think (now don't quote me) was serving something FRIED that looked suspiciously like MEAT! (a veg doesn't look like this!) i am so TIRED of Florences' SANCTIMONY! Geez, what a total TOOL! i wouldn't touch his food with a ten foot pole! i think we are OWED an explaination-i wanted Korilla to win-the rest of this crew are a "BAD LOT"-i know they came to my home town, but did i eat there-NO! Who knew, ya know? i just think the whole thing is FISHY-like it smells BIG! i mean really-"grilled cheese"? Would you PAY THAT? Hello! i just think everything is a scam-SO DISAPPOINTED in the Food Network-i love the whole thing but-like, i should be the judge! Lets' get "real folks" tastin' the food and bein' real-not some wanna be chef who couldn't lick Anthony Bourdains shoes, ya know? Thsi is LIMP! i am so NOT watchin' anymore-i want to KNOW! i feel this was a frame-up-something is really wrong here-

      • tootiredtothink says:

        There are vegetables you can fry. They do look like meat when fried that way.

        FYI I think you are confusing the episodes because the Seabirds when they were doing their jack fruit and calling it pulled pork where frying it and it looked like meat.

        Also there have been chefs that have tried out the food trucks along with food critics.

        "The "girl friend" is an IDIOT! "

        The pudgy one isn't his girl friend it is his sister.

        Grilled cheese with mushrooms and truffle fries. Yeah that would cost nine dollars. Sorry there are gourmet grilled cheeses that do cost more then a buck.

    • claire says:

      its so sad to see that korilla cheated..and that hodge podge dude shouldn't had been rude when korilla was leaving

    • guest says:

      It is such a sad thing that Korilla did not have enough faith in themselves and cheated. I am sure they would have won the whole deal if they had continued. The truth of the matter is that the show's system for winning is simply who can get the food out the fastest…and everyone knows that Asian cuisine is very quick to prepare which would lead to more sales. I am disappointed, the rest of the teams are rude.

    • Scigirl says:

      I have not been able to have anything but contempt for Hodge Podge since the season began. The chef is nearly delusional in his assessment of his abilities and those poor girls… someone really needs to have a talk with them about the fifties being over and slavish devotion to an egomaniac is not the only option available to them in this life. I am very hopeful that the finale finds Lime Truck truly wiping the floor with Hodge Podge…

    • Gokorilla! says:

      I completely agree Hodge Podge people are rude and inconsiderate, I mean it's a competition but you don't take orders from someone's line. I want Korrila to come to south florida so i can eat from them but if I ever saw Hodge Podge I would stay far far away from that truck and the egotistic chef.

  9. wjd1150 says:

    very said you had to cheat to try to win. and you would have WON!!!! but you TO CHEAT!!. you give the rest of your community a bad name. LOSERS

  10. wjd1150 says:

    Hodge Podge. Girls put on some paint's the short dresses look honorable. i have to close my eyes ever time they show them in those offal dresses. and lime green is a lil gay to

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