Free Lunch Fridays: Korilla BBQ and Devilicious

by in Events, August 22nd, 2011

korilla bbq truck crew
Last week, Food Network launched The Great Food Truck Race: Lunch Is On Us campaign, with Korilla BBQ and Devilicious Food Truck each serving out 100 free lunches this past Friday in New York City and San Diego, respectively.

Fans that waited in line on Friday for Korilla BBQ got to choose anything off their menu, including their famous burritos. Over on the West Coast, fans were treated to Devilicious’ decadent butter-poached lobster grilled cheese sandwiches.

“This has been a great experience — such an incredible turnout,” said Eddie from Korilla BBQ. “We’re ready to make 200-300 meals today, possibly 500 including dinner.”

So what’s it like to wait in line with more than 100 fans? Korilla BBQ’s super fan @gillang said that even though he was lucky ticket number 84, he only had to wait 15 minutes. “I waited for Food Network to Tweet the secret location of Korilla and then I rushed over with my friend,” he said as he waited for his Spicy Pork and Bacon Kimchi order.

devilicious food truck
Join the fun: On Sunday night, immediately following each episode of The Great Food Truck Race, fans visit Food Network’s Facebook page to see which city and food truck will host the next Friday lunch. Throughout the rest of the week, Food Network posts clues to the location of the food truck on Twitter. Finally, on Friday at 11 a.m. local time, @FoodNetwork Tweets the final location. At noon, the first 100 people in line receive a free lunch.

gillang food truck

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Comments (88)

  1. northwestchefs says:

    This show is great. I wish they were in my neck of the woods. <a/>

  2. BBSteve says:

    storage wars, pawn shops, repo men – now food trucks – what do they have in common? – always the pose with the arms crossed – looks unfriendly and uninviting – I wand a Happy Meal, on wheels – let's do more fun food than tough guy food – just a thought…

  3. Paul B. says:

    I would go to see them in my town, definitely. Korilla's food looks really interesting.

  4. TrackerSam says:

    Korilla won the week but what did they win?

    • Nubbkins says:

      I don't think they get anything this year, unlike last.

      • tootiredtothink says:

        I think they either couldn't get a prize sponsor or they decided to instead use that money to boost the cash prize at the end. I think Nom Nom shook them to the core by winning every city and the backlash against food network since Nom Nom didn't win the final prize either. Honestly they seem to have a better assortment of food trucks this time.

  5. tootiredtothink says:

    Actually other trucks got food cheaper due to who they knew. Including buying food on credit. Sorry but if someone did talk to a chamber of commerce or knew a friend they could get free food as well.

    Sorry but the food trucks could connect to a chamber of commerce if said chamber of commerce wanted to sponsor them for an event which they would get food for free to sell. Chambers of commerce do this all the time. Restaurants get supplies as long as they mention who provided the items.

  6. Mookie says:

    We really enjoy the show, but what bothers me is the promotion of driving and talking on cell phones. I think each team should have been provided a portable Bluetooth.

  7. Foodie31 says:

    That group of obnoxious school boy bullies from Boston for the last two weeks have it out for the Lime Truck. Are they so jealous that Lime Truck has a better tasting food product that the Bostonians need to block in the Lime Truck in both episodes? That is so mean-spirited. They have been in the bottom of both episodes. Karmic payback. I hope they will either grow up and act like men or lose and be gone next week.

  8. Suzie Cupcake says:

    The Korilla truck guys will be hard to beat. I do find it hard to believe the vegan girls are doing so well. Their food must be good or they are just getting the better food truck's over spill.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      It's three girls who are slim. Do you think some vegan guys or girls that looked like sick twigs would get a lot of customers?

    • As a non-vegan who is addicted to Seabirds truck, I can confirm that their food ROCKS! And you don't have to be a vegan to know kick ass sweet potato fries… I've eaten at most of the SoCal food trucks, and theirs seriously owns it!

    • teacup317 says:

      The Korilla guys have no integrity, no pride and they should be taken off the Food Network website all together. They have given a black eye to all Koreans. Sad in this day and age that they had to cheat.

  9. mrsjkoster says:

    Question about the rules of the race: The trucks advance or go home based on sales/receipts. What happens to the money they make? Do they keep it or does it go to the show? My kids are anxious to know.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      No idea. Never read any mention on whether they keep the money or not. I hope they would since it otherwise it would put the food trucks in the hole just to be on the show.

    • Robin says:

      Never thought about that but now that you've asked the question I'd like to know that too.

  10. demise says:

    I agree with you, timeman. That bothered me, too. Plus, that team are assholes! If they lose, I bet they blame the fact that they are hispanic on it.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Ah the food they had to pay for. Plus other teams have gotten food from restaurants. Last season one truck got most of their food from restaurants that they had gotten a discount for. It was the French food truck.

      Also other trucks such as Hodge Podge contact restaurants.

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