Devilicious Says Goodbye — The Great Food Truck Race

by in Shows, August 22nd, 2011

devilicious food truck
The second season of The Great Food Truck Race hit the road with eight new food trucks and a grand prize of $100,000. Each truck will try to pull out all their tricks to stay in the game but, ultimately, one truck must go each week. Every Monday, FN Dish brings you exclusive exit interviews with the latest Food Truck contestants to get the boot.

This week, Devilicious Food Truck’s marketing strategy seemed clever at first, enticing people over to eat their food, but it came back to haunt them in the end.

FN Dish: $100 isn’t a lot of money, but your team had the clever idea to go to a commissary. Can you tell the readers what that is?
DFT: A commissary is where we park our trucks to meet health code requirements; they also supply food, beverages and other items necessary to run our trucks.

FN Dish: It seemed like everyone used their connections in obtaining food. Did going there play to your advantage or disadvantage?
DFT: Hard to say. They had good products at the right prices since we only had $100 to spend. We also saved time not having to drive to a retail supplier.

FN Dish: Everyone loves eggs, bacon and cheese; however, you mentioned that the menu you served wasn’t as gourmet as you’d like it to be. If you had just $100 more, what would be on the menu?
DTF: Lobster!

FN Dish: It seemed like you shut down early on Saturday to regroup. Looking back, should you have stayed open later?
DFT: We made a decision that at the time seemed to be the right decision and we stand by it. Our mistake was charging too little for our food.  If we had raised prices by just 50 cents we would not have gone home.  We played by our rules: good food and fair prices. At the end of the day, we knew we had integrity and did not overcharge for our product.

FN Dish: It was a great way to entice people over to the truck and it worked. However, you lost by a mere $159. If you could do it all over again, would you have kept it to a Saturday-only promotion?
DFT: Hindsight is always 20/20. I’m proud of our decisions and proud of us.

FN Dish: These speed-bumps are certainly shaking up the competition. Which one was harder for your team: turning off the propane or moving a mile away?
DFT: We handled both speed bumps with humor and good solutions — I don’t think either truly affected our outcome.

FN Dish: What advice can you give to the remaining food truck contestants?
DFT: Keep on truckin’.

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Comments (26)

  1. Paul B. says:

    Korilla has this season won. They work harder and network better than all the other teams. Korilla made a total mockery of the sausage challenge by not making any sausage and then selling the pork products from the challenge at a big profit. The winner of these food challenges has to win a lot more than $100 and the right to stay in their current spot during a speed-bump segment. Roxy's food truck is hanging on by a string and will probably be gone Sunday. They work hard but just don't have the grill space.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Well last season as the teams decreased the challenge rewards got a lot better. Such as a thousand dollars or exclusive access to an event with a few thousand people. I do wish if they say if the food trucks keep the money they earn during the race.

      Also I sincerely hope the final challenge is a better because it was an outrage how nom nom lost even though they won every city. A race up a building to the roof? At least Nom Nom got tickets and hotel rooms to each city. They don't seem to have a reward for winning a city anymore.

    • TrackerSam says:

      I'd like to know what the prize for winning SLC was?

  2. Nubbkins says:

    I was actually amazed that Korilla made that much. The sausage challenge gambit they pulled certainly paid off well, though. Salt and pepper grilled pork belly …SO tasty!

    Roxy's is barely hanging on. I won't shed any tears if they do lose though…there's a difference between being aggressively competitive and being jacka**es. I know they're there to win…everyone is. But, damn.

    • TrackerSam says:

      Jack@ss is being much too kind for what they are. Hope they go home soon.

    • CCJ says:

      Also why does Roxy's put "Boston" on everything they have (t-shirts, truck, posted menus)? Not everyone loves Boston and this could alienate a lot of people across the country.

      • BostonInThaHouse says:

        Probably because, for those who like Boston (and there are plenty of people who do!), it's a smart way for them to say, "If you're ever in Boston, look us up!".

  3. Skitz says:

    Didn't any one notice that Roxy cheated? They were told they had to move at least one mile for the Speed Bump challenge. According to the blurb on the bottom of the screen, they moved 3 blocks!! What's with that? Seems like the Food Network needs to get it'e game up to par !! Roxy should not be in the race at all!!

    • tootiredtothink says:

      Depends on how long those blocks are. Pretty sure the camera guys would have informed that they hadn't moved a mile but it looked like they weren't moving across city blocks so they may have gone a mile.

    • jeri says:

      I really think they moved the required distance. An official would have figured it out if they were short. Some "blocks" are long. In some sub-divisions blocks are different. In my neighborhood there is a mile between "blocks ", and if you go around the corner it's more than a mile!

      • tootiredtothink says:

        Plus it was three blocks up on main street. So depending upon how far away main street was they could easily have moved the required distance.

  4. CJW says:

    I have a question I hope someone can answer. Do the food truck teams get to keep the money they make during each selling challenge? If not, where does that money go? Since I heard on this 2nd episode that over $25,000 was made during selling, it got me to thinking, as I don't recall having ever heard last season nor in these first 2 shows of this season. Thanks to anyone who may have the answer for me.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      No idea. I hope someone asks one of the teams through their various websites and twitter feeds. Usually shows pay for transport by airline tickets for contestants. Where the teams stay and do they pay for the gas and food for them to eat from the money they make or does the show pay for those two things?

    • Paul B. says:

      I do think that that the teams get to keep the morning they earn during each challenge. Do they get to keep the sponsor's trailing cars as well? In the first season it seemed like the teams brought their own cars or were given cars from different manufacturers, but this year all the cars are from one producer and the in-show plugs are really obvious. I don't mind, but it would be great if the teams got to keep the cars. They all work very hard.

      • tootiredtothink says:

        I see they have cars for each team with the truck's logos and phone numbers on them. So odds are those are their own cars.

  5. Polly says:

    This season's focus is more on the gimmicks rather than the food. I hope there are more food challenges like last season. This is a great show and it is too bad that more people don't know about it. I would really like to know more of the details of running a food truck on a day-to-day basis.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      That should give you an idea. It gives you an idea. It's a business like any other with start up costs, operating costs, legal requirements for example not every place allows food trucks.

      If you watched the show one of the trucks had to move since the place they were at didn't want them. Usually you have to call the owners of the place you are set up at otherwise they can have the food truck removed by the police which is a major cost to the food truck owner. Then you have various parking laws etc.

  6. Polly says:

    Also winning contestants last season received plane ticket and hotel accommodations. What happened to the perks for this season? Also Tyler seems to have a crush on the crew from Seabirds.

    • tootiredtothink says:

      I think getting rid of the perks is why they can increase the prize money to 100k. Plus after Nom Nom won every city last season perhaps they were worried that one truck could do the same.

  7. Jues says:

    Super exit interview, very classy, guys!

  8. Donna Wilkinson says:

    I can't believe the comment that the Lime Truck made in Manhattan, Ks about "dumbing it down for all the locals there!!! How very RUDE of them!!!! I think ALL the teams were surprised with Manhattan having sooo many people there. The lines were extremely long the whole time they were there. All the trucks were busy all week-end! The LIME TRUCK guys deserved to go home but UNFORTUNATELY they didn't!

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