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by in Behind the Scenes, Food Network Magazine, August 19th, 2011

perfect iced tea
To come up with Food Network Magazine’s perfect iced tea recipe, Food Network Kitchens recipe testers compared hot- and cold-brewed black, herbal and green teas, testing each with both tea bags and loose tea to ensure accurate results.

“Although the cold brew did have a nice, pristine flavor, you ended up having to use so much more tea,” recipe tester Andrea Albin, recipe tester, says.

iced teas

Whether it was brewed hot or cold, loose tea produced more flavor. The type of flavor, however, is all up to you (see our infused syrup mix-ins on the link below).

Get the recipe: Perfect Iced Tea

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Comments (41)

  1. Connie Fraser says:

    Why have you ruined the Food Network Cannel's programming schedule, especially at night. I hardly ever
    watch after 6:00pm. I don't like Chopped, Next Food Newwork Star, or any of the programming you have on at nights and weekend. It used to be I caoul always find something I liked to watch, day or night, but
    you guys have gone way down on your programing.

  2. Kay Prochaska says:

    I agree with Connie. I hardly ever watch Food Network at night or weekends anymore. Please take off the Cupcake Girls. I get enough of family fighting and sad stories without watching it on the Cupcake Girls.

  3. ED'S GIRL says:

    I love Choppped! My favorite by far, Cupcake girls is silly, I want more Ann Burrell, she teaches as she cooks! Paula Dean makes dishes that make cardiologists pale _ plus that fake accent and stupid laugh turn me off, Son Bah-bee ? loyal kid, Alton Brown is starting to sound like a puppet, Restaurant makovers are interesting, but he is so LOUD and ANGRY I would not want him around, I love learning little tricks in cooking, but want more instructive ideas, Rachael Ray did it but eDS joined the womens thing and I lost interest,

  4. Kathleen says:

    I have to agree that there is not as much actual cooking instruction on Food Network any more and I miss it. I love learning, not watching everyone compete all the time. I also have to agree about there being way too many cupcake shows, cake shows, competitive shows. Teach us basic, intermediate and professional level skills for cooking. That is why we loved this channel.

  5. Gloria LaRoche says:

    Cupcakes? Everybody I know is on weight watchers or something………I am a pretty good cook! I've gotten better from watching cooking shows. I want to know how to make great dishes. For company they are not all figure friendly and that's fine. I still want to enjoy life. I personally could care less about cakes and cupcakes. Give us great teaching skills for unbelievable main courses!!
    Don't like the new set up online. I can hardly find the simplest of things……you've made too many improvements. Don't want to watch competitions. Want you to gear the shows around the cook at home!
    My Mom never taught me a thing about cooking. My friends did.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with most comments. The only shows I watch are Chopped & Anne Burrell. And I think most people know how to make iced tea.

  7. Jessie Troutman says:

    I love food network and all programming, except cupcake wars and ten dollar meals it is not creditable. Iwatch all weekends and at night. keep up the good work, I miss big daddyand hope he will soon be back in the line up.

  8. Diann Ward says:

    Here in Mountain time, all the good instructional shows are on starting at 5:00am (weekends). After working my 40 hr week, I like to sleep in a little. By then it's $10 Meals, Aarti's party and Hungary Girl. I agree with the above blogs – we want all levels of cooking instruction with doable results for the home cook. Does anyone really think the food advice from HG is at all healthy? I think her diet is nothing but chemicals, artificial food subsitutes, and just wrong.

  9. Aaron says:

    I find the Twinings cold brew to be very flavorful. One bag, one glass of tea. I don't think chilling hot brewed tea makes a stronger flavor. I always feel loose leaf is weaker tasting since it is not as finally ground as bag tea.

    All the people complaining and leaving comments not relevant to the article, go away.

  10. Carl says:

    I have a 3 qt Mr Coffee Iced Tea Machine that makes absolutely perfect iced tea every time. The model I use has an adjustable dial that allows you to steep the tea longer for stronger tea. I use 3 family size Lipton tea bags and add flavor with a regular sized herb or flavored tea bag (my fave is Constant Comment). I can sweeten the whole batch by adding sugar to the hot tea. Perfect iced tea!
    I'm gonna try some of the flavor options listed in the recipe.

    I thought this article was about iced tea. Like Aaron said:

    All the people complaining and leaving comments not relevant to the article, go away.

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