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by in Shows, August 12th, 2011

food network star final three
The season finale of Food Network Star is this Sunday and fans are certainly vocal about their favorite contestant over on the Star blog. This week, Jeff, Susie and Vic will face the judges one last time, but a surprise Camera Challenge will send one home early.

Watch the finale: Sunday, August 14 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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Comments (98)

  1. KD, Texas says:

    I have never posted a comment on line before, ever, but must say how very upset I was that Jeff was chosen over Susie. There are not many Mexican recipes out there that have the ease of preparation and interest that Susie brought to the table. I was so looking forward to her winning and would have made her show a priority.Too bad you guys refused to see the huge following she has! I will be looking for her to be somewhere on tv!

  2. Dijon says:

    Not surprised that Jeff won. He's the perfect pitch man to help FN lure in the young male demographic. My 22 year old son, home from college this summer, has been faithfully watching with me and rooting for Jeff since the start. Young guys can so easily relate to Jeff's style, personality and humor…..and of course they can all relate to his food…..the Sandwich! Still loved Susie and Vic and I hope we'll see more of them on FN as well!

    • jeri says:

      Jeff's show is perfect for college students! When my son was in college he would have loved a show like that! Students don't often have time for a real meal. Most live on top ramen and spaghetti os. Healthy (mostly) sandwiches could be a real go to meal. Perhaps moms could do the prep and send the stuff (safely of course!) for fixing in the dorm. As a mom, I would have loved it! My son would too!

      • bobby_fillet says:

        Jeri, you are right on except you forgot the other basic staple for college kids: mac and cheese. It hasn't changed over the last 30 years, top ramen and mac n cheese. Probably the two most unhealthy things they can eat. But, they are cheap.

  3. Pew Pew Penny says:

    Congrats to Jeff, but like many others posting here…I hope Suzie gets a show too. Most of us are very interested in learning how to make mexican food – with a twist. Plus, she is just infectious and fun to watch. After watching the reunion and the finale, I'm wondering if anyone else was surprised that the panel didn't have more negative comments to make about Penny's lousy attitude and her actually SABOTAGING Mary Beth in the Iron Chef competition. She wasn't in a "game" at that point (she was brought back after being eliminated to be a sous chef for the remaining contestants) so there was no need to be so nasty. I agree with Mary Beth (who was also a poor loser toward Jeff – who for all I could see, was never mean to her or did anything underhanded toward her), the way you are on the show, is the way you are in life and Penny is just a nasty person no matter what she's doing as we saw in that Iron Chef challenge. Her food may be delicious, but she poisons it with her horrible personality.

    • it Kat says:

      Perfect comment about our congrats to Jeff & hope Suzie get a show too!!! AND to Penny's lousy attitude…agreeing with MaryBeth's comment. This competition is about FOOD, New ideas, camera personality, team effort with the Food network. Penny should not have been allowed to continue as far as she did NOR should she have been allowed to hinder MaryBeth in the Iron Chef competition.

  4. Neanie says:

    Come on, Jeff, really???? All Sunday night all I heard was the judges commenting on how Susie had star quality with her food and tv personality. I looked forward to watching her and learning more about Mexican food. When Vic was voted off I thought it meant Susie was the winner. I do not plan to watch the sandwich guy's show. I would have watched Susie as she was fun, talented and brought so much to the "table". Hopefully some one will seriously recognize her talent and reward her with a food show. FN missed the mark!!!!!

  5. 1opinion4me says:

    Really…. I would have watched a show with Vic- won't watch Jeff and wouldn't have watched Susie either. This is the third season I've watched this and I have never agreed with the judges- and I haven't watched any of the winner's shows either. Really disappointed this time- Vic would have had a very interesting show worth watching!

  6. Punkelf says:

    I totally understand the various qualifications the judges are looking for, and understand why Jeff won. It's all good, I like his warmth and POV, and am excited to see his show. I hope that Food Network sees that they have two other spectacular stars on their hands in Vic and Suzie. I would watch them as guests or stars on show as well.

  7. terry says:

    I hope that susie jimenez is recognized somehow – she is fantastic. jeff mauro is also great, but i think that the sandwich concept is a bit limited. I can't imagine sandwiches EVERYDAY!
    both deserve to have their own show, not to mention "mama's boy".

  8. Angie says:

    I thought Susie should have won. She is great in front of camera and her food looked very appealing. Vic also was good, I don't think I will be making a lot of sandwiches.

  9. jeri says:

    I have no dought Vic and Suzie will show up on FN. They are both worthy and have personalities that appeal to the audience. Oo luck to all.

  10. Jennfier says:

    sandwiches aren't my pov, so I'm sorry I won't be watching you Jeff.

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