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by in Shows, August 12th, 2011

food network star final three
The season finale of Food Network Star is this Sunday and fans are certainly vocal about their favorite contestant over on the Star blog. This week, Jeff, Susie and Vic will face the judges one last time, but a surprise Camera Challenge will send one home early.

Watch the finale: Sunday, August 14 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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Comments (98)

  1. disapointed says:

    Jeff is cute and entertaining
    Jeff makes sandwiches
    I know how to make sandwiches

    Susie is cute and entertaining
    Susie cooks real food
    I don't know how to cook Mexican food and was looking foreward to learning from her

  2. LRP says:

    Really? Really! Jeff over Susie. I know how to make a sandwich and I know how to make a meal and interchange them. I wanted to learn to "spice it up " with Susie and to learn more about her family traditions. She is cute, infectious and interesting. Jeff's sandwiches looked good. Jeff can be funny but sometimes he borders on bafoonery. I won't be watching his show.

    I do get it. You needed a male winner. Season 5 and 6 had female winners. I watch Melissa and Aarti and would definately watch Susie–so much to learn from her. If the judges listened to their own comments they would have picked Susie. If you might have been thinking Jeff is another Guy Fieri I'll bet you a sandwich you guessed wrong. There is only one Guy—watch him too. I'm feeling robbed.

    • ddavis says:

      You are right. She should have won. I will not watch his show either. She could have really inspired us to cook Mexican food. They should give her a show anyway. Sandwiches are boring.

    • Dawn says:

      I totally agree with you. I have never been so disappointed in the Judges. There is nothing special about making a sandwich. However, in watching Susie, I grew to want to cook Mexican food. She has the passion and is truly a network star! I definitely will not watch a show about making sandwiches. I agree with you — He is not GUY and couldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole! The judges missed a golden opportunity to have a truly inspiring cook as their next start. They should give Susie her own show!!!!!

    • jeri says:

      Keep watching! I have a feeling Suzie will get her own show. She's good enough. She has enough talent, and the judges liked her!!

    • Lou says:

      I can see that someone who likes Melissa and Arty would like Susie. But then, I can't watch Melissa or Arty. They are soooooo annoying.

  3. Nancy says:

    I like many other people are completely surprised that Susie lost. I really think the Food Network Judges are sooo stupid for whom they picked to win! If Susie would have won I would really have loved to see her show, but now I will never watch Jeff's show who would want to see him and his boring sandwiches. What a dissappointment.

  4. jaydee_007 says:

    I went into the finalie with no choice among the three remaining contestants. (I think my desire to see Penny Gone in the Early Shows distracted me from choosing a favorite.)
    I'm pleased that Jeff Won (and would have been pleases with Vic or Susie also) and am hopeful that Susie, Vic, and Mary Beth will have future engagements on Food Network.
    It appears that Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelburg do not like to waste the talent they find in this show and I feel quite confident that we'll see more of Susie and Vic in the future. I also would not be surprised to see a Mary Beth Byline in Food Network Magazine.

  5. jeri says:

    I'm sorry so many of you were disappointed in the judges pick. I personally would watch a sanwitch show. As I stated before, my job revolves around easy fixings for lunch that I can eat when I can. I have no dought the Suzie and Vic will have a roll in FN future. They are both great. And I would defiantly watch Suzie, I love Mexican food. Be patient and keep watching!!!

  6. franciens says:

    I am so disappointed that Susie did not win!!!! Not that I don't like Jeff I just really connected with Susie. I have attempted to watch some current Mexican show on FN and I cannot get into any of them. They just don't have whatever it is that Susie has, even Bob said she had something special. FN is there not enough room to bring Susie on as well?? Of all the FNS winners there are only a couple that I watch, obviously Guy rocks, but I also like Aarti, she has come a long way since the beginning and I like her food. I hope there are enough comments that FN will give Susie a shot and we can all learn about her family and especially how to cook some great Mexican food!

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