Aarón Spices up the Blues, Guy’s New Restaurant and Videos to Watch

by in Food Network Chef, August 15th, 2011

aaron sanchez
Chef Aarón Sanchez has formed a partnership with the House of Blues to bring his signature Latin flavors to their tables. According to Las Vegas Weekly, “The new menu will include meals inspired by many types of cuisines, including dishes like shrimp and grits in a garlic chipotle sauce and meatball sliders.” In addition to his new show Heat Seekers, Aaron is set to launch his third restaurant this fall in Kansas City.

Guy Fieri will launch a fourth location of Johnny Garlic’s later this month in Dublin, California. Guy tells the Dublin Patch, “I’m always thinking of new dishes and I get my culinary inspirations while visiting mom-and-pop shops around the country for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” If you can’t get to California for the opening, you can make one of Johnny Garlic’s menu items in your own kitchen: Penne With Chipotle Shrimp and Hotlinks.

Videos to watch:
Michael Symon shares his secret to great spaghetti sauce using fresh herbs with YumSugar.

Marcella Valladolid shares her healthy tips for enjoying Mexican food without the guilt on NBC Bay Area.

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Comments (10)

  1. Geneva Alexander says:

    I watch Food network at least 80% of the day if I'm off work, I noticed that i do not see Aaron McCargo Jr. anymore. But I did notice that at least three of the contestants that lost that season have more aire time than he does. How is that, THAT you lose and become the bigger winner. First Aaron is moved form Sunday to early morning on the weekend. You give him another show that I watched once and never saw again. What is it, he's a good cook, he sounds real, unlike some of the charactersI'm watching now. I refuse to watch the next network Food star again because it dosen't matter what you do during the show it is how you end up. and to me looks like the losers are the biggest winners.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      I think in many cases that it takes some time to realize that FN made the wrong choice. The winners the past few years have all been duds. The only good show I've seen from those who didn't win is Kelsey's Essentials. Tom's show and Jeffrey's show won't last long. I like both Tom and Jeffrey but FN stuck them with dogs.

      • luvcookin says:

        Agree Bobby! For a while, when he was actually writing a blog, Bob Tushman told us that McCargo's show (Big Daddy) was one of the most watched shows on the channel. Now he's not on anymore. What's up with that?! Can't stand the choice they made with Aarti. All giggles and jiggles. I do like Melissa though. Kelsey has been given a show on the Cooking Channel that everyone does not get, but I enjoy her show. Tom and Jeffrey have travel shows that I do not watch for various reasons.

    • Lou says:

      It's based on ratings. To save face (their own) they never cut someone off after the 6 show contract. If the ratings haven't developed after 1 or 2 years they are gone. We all have had favorite shows canceled that we liked but it takes more than a few viewers to keep it going.

  2. Denny says:

    Last week on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", Aaron Sanchez talked about Machaca Beef. I have searched all sites looking for that recipe, any help?

  3. Geneva Alexander says:

    That's all true, but if you give a new comer lousy aire time, there no way to win ratings, Prime example all of Guy's shows come on at decent evening hours. Hopefully they get it right with the next food network star. if some of them didn't have so many repeat shows and the same shows airing all the time they wouldn't make it either.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      It was the same with Guy. He didn't start out on prime time. He had to work his way up like everyone else. They start them on weekends and if they draw an audience then they get better time slots. Aaron, Melissa, Arty, Frenchie never made it past Sunday. Adios to them.

  4. jwild says:

    I really do not like Heat Seekers, Aaron's new show. He and his co-host seem totally fake and they are much better chefs than how they are presenting themselves. I hope Food Network revises the show or puts it in a different format. You can't make everyone into a Guy Fieri. Only Guy can do what he does.

  5. Bad Andy says:

    Great Show……..BUT……..it appears that the dishes they get are made…. HOT……..just for them…..went to the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas last night to try their Dragon Rolls that were featured ….and ate all 8 of them without a problem…asked the manager and he confirmed the above…dish was made …SUPER HOT…just for them…so if u ever go to the Luxor to try it…MAKE SURE….they give u the real thing……not the cheap nock off….

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