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by in Shows, July 14th, 2011

The seventh season of Food Network Star is in full swing and the writers on the Star blog are dishing. This week, fans said goodbye to a fan favorite and it got everyone talking — even Melissa d’Arabian. If you missed last week’s episode, catch up with this recap or watch the latest exit interview.

Watch an all-new episode: Sunday, July 17 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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  1. jeri says:

    OMG! I can't believe you all are still on the subject of Chef Flay's comment!!! (by the way, that is oh my gosh, for those who are easily offended). What an intolerant people we have become, after fighting to gain religious freedom, and the right to be independent thinkers! Shame on you. Enough is enough. Get over it!! If you want controlled thinking and religious conformity move to the Middle East. Live in Iraq or Iran where religion is the law, such as it is. They have VERY strict rules about what can and cannot be said. Then maybe you will appreciate the land of the free. God bless America.

    • Eileen says:

      What makes America great is the respect we show to all religions, ethnicities, etc. This comment was CLEARLY disrespectful of Christians. The shame is on those who lower our standards of respect that we demand of ourselves.

      "Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, 10so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."
      Phil 2: 9-11

      • jeri says:

        Excuse me, but I really don't think you got it. Didn't I say this country was built on religious freedom? Isn't that showing religious freedom? Recognizing all religions? Recognizing all beliefs? You are talking out of both sides of your mouth. You want religious freedom as long as it's YOUR religion, YOUR belief??? What's with that? ALL Americans should be able to practice religious beliefs, regardless of what that belief may be. That is why we are America!!!! Hello!

  2. Bob says:

    I agree that the airing of Bobby's "Jesus Christ" was a bad move in my eyes and that if he had offended Allah or Budha they(the Food Network) would have been walking on egg shells(or ducking assassination attempts). But so much for the Christian morals that founded the good ole U.S.A.
    If you can read this and openly discuss it without fear of repercussion, thank a veteran. Semper Fi forever.

    • jeri says:

      Yes, thank you for the reminder! My father is retired Coast Guard and by brother served in the Navy for 10 years, with 2 years in Viet Nam. THANK YOU to all the men and women in the military who perform their duty so valiantly. God bless them all and bring them home safely.

  3. BevM says:

    I believe some of you don't get out much! Ever spend any time around cops, firemen, military personnel, construction sites of all kinds, show biz, or just ordinary peoplem especially at work and (especially) those from New York, Jersey, and some other large cities??? If you 're going to your undies all in a wad over swearing, you're going to be shocked…SHOCKED I tell you, a LOT in the real world. If your world shelters you so well that you can be this outraged over a nit, I haven't a clue where you live, who you associate with, or where you work not to encounter it daily, if not hourly. You must be outraged all the time at what people around you say and do, and I'd love to know if you challenge each and every one of them, and request apologies every time something is said or done that isn't quite "christian" enough for you.

    People saying what Bobby did don't give us Christians a bad name. Being self-righteous and judgmental enough to make people gag turns others off right and left. Blame the network for not editing it out, but for Go…er…gosh sakes, let it go already! Pay attention to how forgiving, kind, generous, loving, and charitable YOU are and let other people deal with their God as they see fit – and isn't coming to God in our own way and time the whole point?

  4. stuffed4now says:

    I cannot wait to see what formulaic train wreck the editors have for this week's Food Network Star. It looks like buffoonery and bad performances are scheduled… The judges odd observations and contradictions are sure to be front center for the final roasting of at least one misguided contestant with a few counterparts getting taunted and mocked as well by the judges.

    Will New York Flay turn into 'bobby of the hood' proudly throwing down F-bombs (or sacrilege) to show his NY street cred? Will giada's mean little attitude, multiple-personalities, and over-bright teeth overwhelm the goodwill her breasts have brought to males in the audience. Tuschman is smart enough to provide appropriate guidance to the other judges, however, drama sells so he will be the voice of reason while the editors coax as much 'theater of the absurd' out of the available footage to surround Tuschman's island of sound critical thought. Finally, Fogelson appears smart and business like – but her hair makes her appear a bit thrashy and unstable – the picture of her wild untamed hair framing her thoughtful facial expressions and intelligent demeanor creates annoyingly inconsistent visuals…

    As for heavyweights Rachel and Ina, I like them both. They definitely own their style (like Fieri) and are stars because of it. However, they are great not because we believe they are great chefs, but because we know they are more like the rest of us (perhaps their culinary skills are better than most of their audience…) and their grounded personalities do not extend beyond their talent which makes the audience enjoy their company.

    I'm ready for the circus – send in the clowns!

  5. Mary says:

    Dear Bobby,
    Yes, it was very, very offensive to one of the world's great religions. I am sure you didn't recognize that at the time or I'm sure you wouldn't have done it. A simple apology to your the members of your audience who were offended would be appropriate.
    Dear Food Network,
    What you did was much worse.

    • John Smith says:

      wow!!! There is so much more to complain about in life rather than picking someone apart. Find something else to complain about….please

  6. jeri says:

    I'm not going to blast anybody this time, I'm simply going to say that I would be honored to cook with either, Ina or Rachel. There styles are so different. Ina is (usually) simple and elegant. Rachel is simple and easy, home, and earthy. Rachel has no "culinary" skills and at one time Ina's boss was the president!! How diverse is that? If only I could cook half as good, I could be a FN star (hahaha, in my dreams, right?). P.S. It is totally refreshing to hear all the different comments and opinions, this truely a wonderful country. Whatever your religion or belief (or non belief), my heart wishes you well.

  7. Terry says:

    I am sooooo glad you got rid of Penny. Had she been given a show I would have changed to something else. Too pushy!

  8. Dolores says:

    I am surprised that people actually believe someone like Penny is a real contestant on this show. She is obviously an actress to bring drama to the show. Her biography states she was born and raised in California. She has a Spanish accent. I think they put her on the show as a Middle Eastern person because of Osama Ben Laden. Food Network wanted viewers to hate her and this added interest to the show. Alicia was also an actress not a real contestant. I am also surprised no one could tell this either. Look at how she was afraid to speak very loud and was constantly in a frenzy. This was so fake just like Penny's act.

  9. Gina says:

    Food Network has jumped the shark.

  10. jeri says:

    Gosh! Bobby's controversy seems to have died out. The drama queen is gone. Everyone is so quiet!! Where is everybody? We still have 5 contestants to go. Jyll is gone even though she cooks good stuff. Mommas boy folded. The King of Sandwich is still here. We have no clear cut Mexican view. I'd like to read about some view points. Wake up!! Am I the only one up at this time, although I m going to bed. I have do have go to work in a few hours. I'll see what's going on in the morning.

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