POLL: Jyll, Wolfgang Puck and a Dish Called Risotto

by in Shows, July 18th, 2011

jyll everman
When Wolfgang Puck escorted Jyll to the kitchen to show her how to properly make risotto during last night’s episode of Food Network Star, were you shocked?

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Comments (87)

  1. MRJ7 says:

    If you are professing to being a chef and vying for a spot on a television show, you ought to be able to correctly prepare a risotto. All the people who are bringing up their so-called religious beliefs need to go and watch Pat Robertson and no real television. It was hilarious that Bobby said what he did. Is he arrogant, yes, and that's probably why he has so many shows on the network.

    On the risotto, anyone would be lucky to get Wolfgang Puck to show them how–for free! Don't pass a dish on to someone that isn't stellar when you're in a competition. That is what it's about. Being the best. Don't be on television if you aren't prepared to be embarassed. Get over it.

  2. ginny says:

    W. Puck told all of us more about who he is than he did about how to make risotto. And it wasn't tasty!

  3. stuffed4now says:

    Oh bobby flay – they just ran your LOSS of battle cabbage on Iron Chef! Perhaps wolfgang needs to teach you how to boil cabbage… on national TV….
    Those dishes looked poorly conceived and appeared overly worked in your attempt to overcome proper harmonizing of the ingredients with the theme ingredient appropriately emphasized… and 5 minute kimchi???
    I only wish the NFNS contestants could have judged your criminal treatment of cabbage.

  4. stuffed4now says:

    We need to peel back the onion on the behind-the-scenes at the Food Network. Rachael Ray seemed almost disinterested in this week's contest looking more like a viewer than a doer. Her audience was more involved and genuinely attached than she was. She did appear to get a little wet in the seat when Jeff stepped in – and he clearly stepped up HUGE while other contestants shrunk under the lights of RR's studio…
    Where was Giada? – not going to venture into Ina and Rachael's territory? or perhaps NOT welcomed!

  5. Mackerel Snapper says:

    This is a competition..There are going to be times when you're going to fall flat on your face and you just have to get up and keep going..The judges are not there to hold your hand. Criticism is always expected that's how the chefs learn.

  6. stuffed4now says:

    First, the judges look worse than the contestants when they diminish their stature by attempting to make more of a situation than is warranted. After all this is just a cooking show comp with no value beyond entertainment. Even with a FN contract in the balance – the antics and vitriol of the judges is disproportionate to the societal value gained by humiliating or upstaging the contestants in the search for a better impromptu cooking/acting performance…
    Second, these highly produced shows on the Food Network have many takes and special chef handlers that go over the production – so the 'magic' is engineered and the 'fantastic' cooking results are a facade.
    They need to quit insulting the audience by adding such drama. Tuschman gets it – I wish the other judges would join the adult table as well.
    "Class never goes out of style."

  7. Chloe says:

    Many of the cooks on food network seem to have ENORMOUS egos about their food. Justified to some extent. But when you consider the limited range of foods cooked (Italian, French, Mexican, a teensey-weensey bit of Chinese and Japanese and an even tinier bit of Indian cuisine) and the relentlessly carnivorous, fatty recipes and weigh them against the claims of "greatest chefs in the world" you can only wonder. The world according to food tv is pretty small!

    Wolfgang Puck was arrogant and insulting. One can offer a critique without belittling the other person.

  8. Maria says:

    I don't think Wolfgang Puck meant anything but to help her. His timing was just all wrong. Some of the chefs are a little over the top. I just don't see him that way. I remember watching his cooking shows. He always seemed helpful. I miss them!

  9. angelas says:

    you guys all need to get a grip on reality

  10. stuffed4now says:

    angelas, you provided no basis for your comment.
    Your inability to articulate points that support your belief is indicative of CLINICAL PSYCHOSIS that makes you invulnerable to reality. You simply respond in a reptilian manner to others – without any critical thought familiar to educated humans.

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