POLL: Jyll, Wolfgang Puck and a Dish Called Risotto

by in Shows, July 18th, 2011

jyll everman
When Wolfgang Puck escorted Jyll to the kitchen to show her how to properly make risotto during last night’s episode of Food Network Star, were you shocked?

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Comments (87)

  1. Jame says:

    Wow! There are a whole bunch of people who need to join the real world. First, Bobby did not do or say anything at all unreasonable or wrong. It was a natural reaction. He is a consummate professional. If you are on television on a show contest you should be prepared for the heat. Included in that is correction and teaching. Given the way many of the contestants disrespect the judges quid pro quo! Nobody signs up for television expecting less. as for Puck, you misread his direction, he is not being mean spirited he was teaching her. His delivery may seem stern, it is just his accent and demeanor being an excelled teacher. And last, Giada, really you may want to think before you speak. Her smile is hers, it is warm and genuine, its called genetics ( look it up). you may note her darling baby Jade has the exact SAME smile and face structure. I am very certain Jade is not being disingenuous at barely four years of age. Perhaps one of the worst things about the internet, is that it gives everyone a voice. Clearly a large portion of humans should keep theirs to themselves. j

    • Chey60 says:

      so if he would have said "Nigga" that would have been ok?? really? or how about a jewish slur? it's not ok to curse…it's bad enough we have to hear it all the time everywhere else but during a cooking show? really??

  2. GMC says:

    Wolfgang Puck was his usual pompous, condescending self. While I realize that it is common for chefs to correct what they see as badly prepared food, that was neither the time nor the place for it. Jyll was put in an enormously difficult and embarrassing situation and she handled it with grace and class. Two things Puck lacks. Giada and Suzy also lack the same. What exactly did they want her to do? Any other reaction would have been unprofessional…isn't that what they should be looking for? Not to mention Giada is the LAST person to talk about being fake and seeming staged. She is unwatchable. As for Bobby Flay's spontaneous remark, it just slipped out. There is no reason to apologize. Finally…let me say this: GOOD RIDDANCE PENNY!

  3. Dave says:

    I'll start by saying that Bobby Flay is arrogant, annoying and the third "a" that I can't say here, I have never liked him in any capacity, he's smug, intensely dislikable, and always trying to impress (he has to always say "utilize" instead of "use").

    Given all that, his poor choice of comment the other night did not upset me so much as I believe it was just a quick reaction, most of us have said that and worse at some point, My problem is with Food Network for not editting it out…guys, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? You do realize that the comment in question is not something any public network should be using, If someone sues you it's deserved.

    • jodi says:

      It's not a public network, it's cable. And what kind of idiot would sue FN for that remark? Oh, the holier than thou kind of idiot like you, I guess.

  4. Dave says:

    I agree with another review that stated Jyll reacted very professionally given what Puck did (which was in extremely poor taste, competition or not)….seems she's in a lose/lose with the judges, if she had broken down then they would have probably have said she was being unprofessional…at least Puck gave her credit for that, it's more than the judges did.

    They finally got rid of that immature frat infant, YEAH!!

  5. FN Star viewer says:

    Poor Jyll! Why to embarres her like that?? Jyll did AMAZING by holding herself from tears!! I think she should get an A+ for handeling it! They should NOT send her home after this! Jyll told Whitney that thats how she makes it at home. Wolfgang is WRONG!!!! Just because Wolfgang is a 5 star chef, he shouldn't have said that, if you got on FN Star than you food must be amazing. GO JYLL! Vote for her!?!?!?!

  6. Pam says:

    Where were your editors Food Network during the WP dinner party? There was not excuse to have Bobby Flay's exclamation as Wolfgang Puck went to the kitchen with Jyll put on the air. I love the Food Network and up to now have never had to worry about offensive language. Hey! I love Bobby Flay. Who among us haven't made a slip in our speaking. However, the editors should have caught it and edited it out instead of offending so many people. Wake up guys!!

  7. Bruce says:

    Simple, If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  8. Jacko says:

    if you can't cook a risotto……then you DO deserve to be a Food Network "Star". Let the real cooks play in the kitchens, you can play on a set.

  9. sandra c. says:

    I hope Jyll accepts her correction and learn to be a better cook, after all having your food critiqued is part of learning on this show. I would love for any of the judges to judge my food and tell me how to do a better job. Learning how to do something better or new is life to me.

  10. Rebecca says:

    Wolfgang Puck was cruel to humiliate Jyll the way that he did. He could have critiqued her dish without the trip to the kitchen to show her how he thinks the dish should have been made. He came across as arrogant and cruel. I hope Food Network will not invite him to be a judge on future series of the Next Food Network Star – – – he should apologize to Jyll. It was insensitive and unnecessary. The whole thing should have been edited out before airing.

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