VOTE: What Should Bobby Eat for Lunch?

by in Food Network Chef, June 21st, 2011

bobby flay
Today, Bobby Flay launched a fifth video on his YouTube series, Bobby Flay’s Office. In his most recent dilemma, he needs help choosing a meal for lunch: Should he eat a healthy lunch from Mario Batali’s Eataly or indulge in Hill Country’s fried chicken?

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Comments (4)

  1. Naville says:

    Hill Country Chicken of COURSE!!!! ITS AWESOME!!! CHICKEN and HOME MADE PIES you can't beat that!!!!

  2. Neil says:

    Bobby is so hilarious, I've watched him for years and studied him, he has gone from a uptight man to a professional/laidback kinda guy who NOW can differentiate between having fun and competing. love all the throwdowns and his assistants are GREAT. love Meriam and Steph!

  3. foodgoddess says:

    I have been watching Bobby for a few years now, and he seems to have a great sense of humor, which I think makes him seem very approachable. He is always well dressed and well spoken. I can see how he's come to build the empire that he has! As far as what he should eat for lunch, I think he looks great, so he should eat what he wants! (As long as he thinks it tastes good!)

    And if Bobby is ever in Houston and wants a date, he can call me! I would love to hear some of his funny stories! Alternatively, he can cook for me anytime!

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