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by in News, June 1st, 2011

watermelon agua fresca
• We love everything about watermelons, except maybe chopping them. Until now! Enter the watermelon knife –- who knew sharp bladed things could be so adorable? []

• This Thursday, the USDA will reveal its new food icon, replacing the age-old pyramid for a plate. “We presume that it will be divided into sections that will show you how much of different types of foods you should be eating,” Elizabeth Cohen, senior medical correspondent for, predicts.  []

• 2011 is the year of beer (gardens, that is). According to the New York Times, there are over 50 German-themed drinking halls in the five boroughs with new ones cropping up and iPhone apps to tell you where to find them. []

• With global warming, the temperature isn’t the only thing that’ll rise –- so will food prices over the next 20 years. []

• Students at Bath Spa University have created five dresses made entirely of cheese (and they used one ton of it to do so). Because, you know, who doesn’t love a good fromage frock? [ via]

Here’s our round-up of food news, trends and happenings across the web. Check back for more, and tell us what else you’re loving in the comments.

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