Food Network Star Premieres This Sunday

by in Shows, June 3rd, 2011

food network star finalists
Back in early April, we gave you a look at the new set of contestants on season seven of Food Network Star. Since then, you’ve cast your pre-season predictions in the Fan Forecast Vote and have watched a sneak peek of the show on the Star homepage.

Now, the time has finally come to indulge in Food Network’s number one series: This Sunday, Food Network Star premieres with bigger personalities and unforgettable star-power.

Join us for a live Twitter viewing party with Entertainment Weekly and special guest stars starting at 9pm/8c; use #star in your tweets.

Tune in: Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central

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Comments (96)

  1. mcg says:

    the foodnetwork needs to get it together and get rid of Penny, she is ruingin the show and it is hard to beleive that the judges are falling for her…

  2. devonae says:

    To carry a show, you HAVE to have a likeable personality! I can't imagine that ANYONE in the USA feels drawn to watch Penny !!!. She has not proven herself to be the "Middle Eastern Momma", but she HAS proven herself to be the "Wicked Witch of the Middle East". Obviously, this overly arrogant woman thinks that all she has to do is show up & cook ! I think she will end up turning people AGAINST middle eastern foods just because everyone ps SO aggitated at her hateful personality! I think she would eat Gordon Ramsey alive ! Do we REALLY want to hundreds of thousands of dollars into what could turn out to be FoodNetwork's worst nightmare !?!?!

  3. jo ann says:

    enjoyed the show tonight. the right person went home. the commercials on the show were repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated. if this happens every week, there will be one less person watching the show. thats me. after the second commercial time out, i changed the channel.

  4. devonae says:

    Oh and I sure wish soneone would share all these comments with Penny! Maybe THEN she would get it, but I doubt it. Someone like that is NEVER wrong and everyone around them are ignorant fools! Bob, Susie & Bobby, I have 3 words for you…….. RUN FORREST RUN !!!!

  5. Nancy says:

    On the July 4th show tonite, why was Penny allowed cook kabobs and tabouleh , that is "not sausage and peppers" when every other contestant all cooked what they were supposed to. She should have been kicked off for that, besides being a witch to everyone.

  6. lengleng says:

    If Penny is not sent home next week…I am done. Guarantee, I do NOT care how good she cooks. There are always great recipes out there I can get somewhere else. I can't stand to look at her, not to mention to listen to anything she has to say. She will cause any shows to loose funding until she has a change of heart and attitude.

  7. Denise2654 says:

    Penny? Really?? I am so disappointed in the turn this show has taken. I'll tune back in when she's eliminated. If she wins, I will seriously never watch the entire network again!

  8. Lucy Matters says:

    I have watched all episodes of the star competition and have come to the conclusion that if Penny wins, I'll never watch her show and maybe even Food Network any longer. She is such a mean b h and after burning the macaroni and cheese, she was kept on!

    Even the grammar on some of the other contestants: "I got no money"–"me and Paula" (made up name)—"how yous doing?" How do you select these contestants?

  9. Jeanie says:

    This may be my last season watching The Next Food Network Star. Seems like the producers are going the way of other trashy reality shows by keeping Penny. She is not fun to watch. It doesn't matter how good your food is, if your personality is abrasive, your show will bomb. After the first two episodes, I wised up and now fast forward through Penny's immature rants to the camera about other contestants. She needs to go….for the sake of the show's reputation. I have enough drama in life without having to watch Penny insult her cast members and whine to the camera.

    • bmarti2 says:

      Oh my! This is the first time I have ever blogged. I told my husband that I was going to send a comment in about Penny because I feel she is so negative and I would never ever watch her program if she won. Little did I know that there are many who feel the same way. She is the ultimate mean girl. She makes me sick to my stomach. I think the screening process for this show should have picked up on her personality and not waste the spot on her and chose someone with ligimate star appeal. You messed up on this one Food Network. I would do a better job than she and I am just a recreational cook, but I have sense and sensibility. I choose very carefully with what I spend my precious time watching. In the past this show has been one of my first choices, but you are making me second guess myself. I will give you a couple more weeks but if she continues much further, I will probably stop watching.

  10. LBE says:

    Penny is very unprofessional and I wouldn't watch her if she won. Hopefully she won't, that would be a waste of air time.

    • Donna says:

      If Penny wins, you will lose a lot of fans. She is a backstabbing awful woman. Even if she cooks good food, she should not win. After all, a good personality and getting along with people is extremely important. She is extremely self-centered caring about no one but Penny.

    • jonna says:

      I agree I can't stand her being so "catty" I won't watch her ever!

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