Food Network Star Premieres This Sunday

by in Shows, June 3rd, 2011

food network star finalists
Back in early April, we gave you a look at the new set of contestants on season seven of Food Network Star. Since then, you’ve cast your pre-season predictions in the Fan Forecast Vote and have watched a sneak peek of the show on the Star homepage.

Now, the time has finally come to indulge in Food Network’s number one series: This Sunday, Food Network Star premieres with bigger personalities and unforgettable star-power.

Join us for a live Twitter viewing party with Entertainment Weekly and special guest stars starting at 9pm/8c; use #star in your tweets.

Tune in: Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central

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Comments (96)

  1. big_bear295 says:

    I just finished watching the 6/26 showing of NFNS. Penny continued to be an irritant to me. Seriously, if she stays on much longer, I will have to quit watching NFNS. She is SO two-faced. She has no problem slamming others through snide remarks or just outright verbal attacks. But tonight, when Chris was telling what he heard from the Cougar Town personnel, Penny couldn't handle taking criticism. She had to go on the defensive and try to put him in his place. Like many many others on the blog, I can promise that I would NEVER EVER watch a show featuring Penny. It would also make me wonder about the selection process the judges use. Right now, I watch FN probably more than any other channel. But, that would become difficult if the judges chose Penny.

  2. momurok says:

    Penny is definitely not a nice or likable person. If she were to get her own show, I will absolutely start watching something else. If you want "bitchability" then she's a shoo in.

  3. Neil says:

    WOW, I thought I would be the only one complaining about Penny and her evil soul, I too will turn the channel and not support her at all, but, let's remember that these judges see EVERYTHING and it's all about ratings and talent, they see it and will act on it, it's just not the right time. Who can beat Aarti in middle eastern? right now no one as far as i'm concerned!

  4. Penny O'Brien says:

    I love Penny's culinary point of view. I would be very happy to have a show that highlight's Middle Eastern food. That said, I do not/not like Penny's personality; she is not/not a nice person. In fact, I think if she wins, that she would turn out to be a very uncomfortable Diva. She needs to have a kick in the butt. If she can get her act together, perhaps she could be a good winner.

    • marion says:

      I am in total agreement with you on Penny. It is no crime to be a strong selfsufficient woman but she is downright nasty. I would not watch her or even listen to her if she does happen to win. And I pray she doesn't win. Anyone with that type of attitude does not deserve to be up there with the rest of the Food Network Stars.

      • Karma says:

        If I were Giada or Bobby I would be worried about what Penny would be capable of doing as a food network star. Working with her doesn't look easy and shes obviously got a hidden agenda so the celeb chefs should also be thinking of their safety too! So far not impressed with Penny and her actions. Suzie, Jeff, and Vic are my top 3. Good luck to them!

    • kristen says:

      I agree. I don't care who it is (specific person mentioned above seems the most obvious out of this group), but if someone like that won, I wouldn't watch. Frankly, I'm disappointed that this season of The Next Food Network star has degraded into something with more of a "real housewives" flavor. I was looking forward to cooking and creativity, not cat fights :(

      • Blissie says:

        I agree also. I would never watch her show if she won. She is a hateful person that is full of herself and she is not a great cook. I think they keep her around hoping we will keep watching to see her finally get kicked off.

  5. Former FN viewer says:

    stopped watching after big daddy won. I don't need the drama and could care less about the alleged 'star'. If I want manufactured cooking drama, I'll watch Top Chef… At least the contestants are actually chefs.

  6. SueA says:

    Penny is just one more example of the calibur of contestant that NFNS seems to prefer these days. For the past 3 seasons I have noticed that a lot of these contestants exhibit behavior that is better suited for Survivor or The Apprentice. Since when does cheating, lying and backstabbing merit someone their own cooking show? It may make for great TV (arguably), but a Food Network star really needs to be a likable personality as well as a great cook. How long would Diners, Drive-ins and Dives have lasted with Penny as the host?

    • Lynda Byrd says:

      She thinks that showing her t*ts, and always mentioning sex and stillettos, will get her
      voted in. Back stabbing, cow.

    • pandagirl1 says:

      Hi Sue! Funny you should mention how Penny would not make a good host of Guy's iconic "Triple D." She was very rude to the sever at Mel's tonight. I hope that she goes home so the real competition can start next week!

    • Kathy says:

      I dont understand how NFNS even let her get through the audition! She takes away from the show!

    • Sara Carter says:

      If Penny should by some miracle win this competition, I wouldn't watch her show, no matter how good it was. I even switch channels when she is on. She just doesn't have the right personality to be a FN Star.

  7. lengleng says:

    It is frustrating seeing Penny still there. Granted it is about food but, I GUARANTEE IT 200%

  8. harriet says:

    Penny needs to go yesterday!!!! If she wins I will never again watch the food network. Come on judges….get with the program….Penny SUCKS!!!

  9. Kelly NFNS hopeful says:

    When will they start having open calls for season 8?

  10. Mark says:

    TNFNS is for entertainment Chris.. And you are right the producers of the show are not doing their job if we aren't tuning in week after week. But I can tell you this, after this last episode I won't be tuning into the Food Network anymore. There are other channels out there that have food segments, and food shows. I will be tuning into one of them that isn't selling themselves out to the latest and greatest fad of 'fake drama reality'.

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