Food Network Star Premieres This Sunday

by in Shows, June 3rd, 2011

food network star finalists
Back in early April, we gave you a look at the new set of contestants on season seven of Food Network Star. Since then, you’ve cast your pre-season predictions in the Fan Forecast Vote and have watched a sneak peek of the show on the Star homepage.

Now, the time has finally come to indulge in Food Network’s number one series: This Sunday, Food Network Star premieres with bigger personalities and unforgettable star-power.

Join us for a live Twitter viewing party with Entertainment Weekly and special guest stars starting at 9pm/8c; use #star in your tweets.

Tune in: Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central

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Comments (96)

  1. RB Johnson says:

    I have always like Bobby, but I can believe that he has not sent Penny home. She has the worst personality I have ever seen. If Penny wins I will not watch her show, and will feel a great shame for Foodnetwork, that have to let her win, she will cause foodnetwork to loose more viewers than you think.

    • Sharon Simmons says:

      My idea exactly. Penny is a horrid person, I also would not begin to watch a show with her in the kitchen. She may cook but who needs to watch someone that smashes people on her road to sucess.

      • kyozviak says:

        It is a requirement that I like the person who I am watching on TV and I do not like Penny. I would never watch her show because she is mean AND NOT MISUNDERSTOOD as some might claim. I sure hope that the Food Network Executives are reading our blogs. Penny says she is confident; but her insecurity shows week after week. If she were "confident" then there would be no reason to say so. She is so pathetic.

  2. VWS says:

    I just joined because of all the comments i have read. I so agree with them. Why is PENNY still here?? I can't imagine watching any show she would have. Her cooking could never be good enough for me to have to listen to her or look at her. She has a trashy mouth along with the trashy dress. I imagine its to late for the outcome of the show BUT i am sure food Network certsainly would know what a mistake it would be if they do have her a winner. NOONE can be that dense not to have pick up on the way she is.

    • Rayvon says:

      I forgot to mention in my comments about the way she dresses…sorry but this is not the show to have your boobs hanging out all the time. It's not attractive and I'm a man and I love women just not this one. She is the queen of RUDE!!!

  3. Rayvon says:

    Well I joined just so I could comment about Penny and I see that I’m echoing what everyone else is saying. By the end of the first show I know she would NOT host any show that I would watch. She started out from the first show talking about how sexy she is and I find it very unattractive for a woman to tell me how sexy she is…she lost me from day one. Whitney is extremely sexy and she has never once said a word about it. I am amazed that Penny is still on this show, are the judges just keeping her there for the drama? If she wins I assure you that I will not watch her show and I will lose all respect for the judges.

  4. LorraineVC says:

    Yahoo! Penny is gone and I won't have to worry about watching her (or avoiding her) on the tv. Let's go Whitney!!

    • bonnie says:

      i agree, what a person thinks she can go in and treat people like that. yes and now i will keep watching. yes,yes, there is a god. and a screeming meeooowww to her.

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