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by in Shows, June 30th, 2011

justin balmes
The seventh season of Food Network Star is in full swing and the writers on the Star blog are dishing. This week, Melissa d’Arabian gives the finalists pep talks, Paula makes a surprise appearance and Orchid reins in Chris. If you missed last week’s episode, catch up with this recap or watch the latest exit interview.

Watch an all-new episode: Sunday, June 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern/ 8 p.m. Central

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  1. Tinyfrog says:

    I, too, fastforwarded through most of the show. The things they are being asked to do border on the ridiculous. I understand why they are being asked to do this but I get embarassed for the finalists being asked to be who they are not. Any time Penny comes on I FF until the critique and then FF again to find out who is being sent home. Drama is good but this is vicious and there is no need for this. The judges are wusses and allow that stupid wench Penny to continue to whine. Talk about an overinflated sense of self! She really needs to go. I will never watch FN again if she continues much longer. Tired of the pettiness. And…Jyl just shut your trap and be the better person by ignoring her.

    Love Giada but she needs to get over herself too and let Penny have it. Good food isn't anything unless the people presenting it are also good company and…Penny falls short there. Nuf said.

  2. Jennifer says:

    My husband and I have agreed with every cut that they have made. I think Penny's time is coming soon, but people who make me uncomfortable (by their own nervousness) or who cry all the time or who cook obviously nasty food should (and have been) set loose first. I would love to have a cooking show on FN that showcases middle eastern food, but I am in agreement with everyone that Penny is NOT a good host. i predict she is out in the next two weeks, but I'd rather watch her cook good food and make drama than watch others make bland food and make me totally uncomfortable with awkward.

  3. Lilly Lady 0828 says:

    Penny is sick. She seems he'll bent on attacking people, not just for the sake of winning. And she is just plain hard to look at…seems like she is waiting to take a bite out of someone. Even if she was the best cook (she isn't), I still wouldn't watch her show. Has she ever smiled? If she doesn't seem like she's having fun then why would I?

  4. Chuggies says:

    Ok what the heck is going on? FOOD network star. FOOD network. there needs to be good food from contestants and to be a food network host you need to have a personality that matches *cough cough*-PENNY! I got so excited when she burned the mac n cheese cuz I thought 4 sure she'd be sent on her way. The show has too much drama.I watch fn for food if I wanted drama I'd watch e or oxygen or something. My daughter loves fn but now because of penny she thinks she needs to be a drama queen to be a good chef because she loves to cook and wants to be a chef. I really wish that FN can straighten this out and get back to what the show needs talented chefs who know what they r doing who have a personality that matches. Wake UP judges and get penny out of there accoriding to the rest of the posts you are going to be losing viewers including me andmy friends and family.

  5. yummymommy1 says:

    Really Penny? Are you so self absorbed that you don't know this is an opportunity to BUILD a following? Even if you didn't win, if you were so popular with viewers, FN might be compelled to give you a show. I don't care how delicious your food happens to be. I want a likable, entertaining and knowledgable host who has heart and values we all share. You really missed the boat. I have seen enough of your harsh, unflattering personality to know I would NEVER watch any show you were hosting. I hope you don't alienate your family the way you seem to be doing with your colleagues and viewers. Good bye!

    • devonae says:

      Seriously !! No one will touch her with a 10 foot wooden spoon when this is over. I hope she already has a good job ! See ya !!!! SURELY, next week will be the end of this Penny torture! Waterboard me please!

    • jane says:

      I agree, even if she had the best food on earth, I would not watch her on a show.. She is just not nice and then claims that no one is nice to her. She separated herself from the other ladies from day one.. Hope she is off soon!

  6. socaldot says:

    I agree with many of the comments I have just read. Penny in not the type of person that I would ever want to watch> But a number of the other contestants the same could be said of. Am I just about the only one who watches Jyl and all of her expressions…I find her just as obnoxious as Penny and the same can be said about Chris. He gives the impression that this is all a joke, I find him very inmature, not someone that could keep an audience interested. I also wonder why Bob, Suzie, and Bobby think this is good entertainment. If I wanted drama I'd be watching a dramatic show. I want to see mature people with great personality and great cooking ability, someone who is entertaining and well versed in the art of cooking that could teach the audience how to make truly good meals! I really wonder how some of the contestants qualified to get on the show! Maybe they should start eliminating 2 at a time and get this season over and re-think their contestant selection criteria for the next season!!

  7. Amy says:

    I quit watching Design Star for good because of the drama last season and if the drama continues on FN Star, I won't be watching it again either. I don't watch this show for personal drama – it is a cooking show! Susie and Bob have always talked about and shown integrity but I don't see that at all this season. One more week to turn things around, FN, or you've lost another viewer.

  8. SHERRI GAGE says:


  9. IL Diane says:

    I'm confused by the format of the show this season. This week we never heard what the judges thought of the Mel's Diner interviews. And in other weeks the Network focuses on some chefs and speed through others. I'd like to see that the contestants get a chance to really show us what they can do instead of the gymnastics they have to perform while shopping and cooking for 150 people of more! Really? Is this the best way to see who really has the talent? Also, please Food Network, stop focusing on the drama.

  10. Carolyn says:

    who was cut on July 3rd please?

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