Join Anne in the Mediterranean, Read About Her Favorite Ingredients

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anne burrell

This October, you can join Anne Burrell and other Food Network at Sea guests as they set sail and cruise the Mediterranean. In anticipation of this voyage, we recently caught up with her to talk about one of her favorite destinations, Italy. Below, she dishes on her first time there, her favorite ingredients to cook with and tools she uses in the kitchen.

FN Dish: What was it like the first time you were in Italy?
Anne: I visited Italy in May and it was so beautiful there. There were flowers everywhere –it was springtime and everything was just opening up. The grape vines were just starting to bud; it just seemed like there was sunshine everywhere.

FN Dish: What do you love most about making an Italian feast?
Anne: The Italian kitchen is very ingredient-driven — it’s about using perfect ingredients and respecting them. It’s different than the French kitchen in that French cuisine is more about manipulation, covering things up with butter and cream. The Italian kitchen is more about what’s in season, doing as little as you can to it and just letting it speak for itself. It’s so simple, rustic and beautiful.

FN Dish: What are three ingredients that you can’t live without?
Anne: Salt, olive oil and pancetta — that’s my holy trinity.

FN Dish: What’s your favorite kitchen tool for whipping up a delicious Italian meal?
Anne: One of my favorite pieces of kitchen equipment is the food mill. You can pass tomatoes through it or potatoes for either gnocchi or mashed potatoes; you can also puree soups in it. It’s an Old World tool; it’s not about turning anything on. There’s no bells, no whistles — it’s just you and your good old fashioned elbow grease.

Italy sound tempting? Join Anne on the upcoming trip from October 22 – November 2. While Anne’s never been on a cruise, she says, “I’m very excited — and my mom and my sister are coming with me, so we’re going to have a good time.” What can guests expect? “I’m a lot of fun. I like to drink wine and I like people around me to drink wine. We’ll laugh and experience Italy together.”

Tune in to all-new episodes of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef starting Saturday at 12 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Central.

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Comments (8)

  1. Neil says:

    Anne, I love everything about you, you're so funny and your food….looks fantastic, hope to meet you someday.
    I look forward to watching you everyday you make me laugh and I learn so much.

  2. JFayeCooks says:

    Just popped a few tomatoes while weeding in my garden… There is nothing comparable to a garden fresh tomato.

    Would love to see Anne focus a little more on Spanish cuisine… Visited Madrid many years ago and my memorable moments were centered around food.

  3. Anthony says:

    I've always wondered about the size of onions required in a receipe. When a receipe calls for a "large" onion, what is the weight of a "large" onion? Does it automatically mean a large yellow onion? A large spanish onion can be double or triple the size of most yellow onions.
    This may sound like a stupid question, but it has always created doubt especially when using a receipe that calls for "4 large onions."
    Thank you.

  4. Johnny says:

    looking for recipe for chicken aired 9/20/2011 onresturant chef

  5. Teresa&Joy says:

    Hey Anne we both think you are the greatest and funniest personality on Food Network! It really shows how much you love food. You cook with such passion! We would have loved to go on your trip to the Medditerain but no way my wife and I could have afforded it. I know the Next Iron Chef has already been taped we were so dissapointed to see Chef Irvine eliminated. Just wondering how you felt about it? We can tell how much you care for your fellow Chefs. Hope you read this and respond. Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Nola says:

    Anne– I love watching you on any show you do. My favorite recipe, so far, is your Gulf Shrimp Jambalaya.
    After you do your ocean cruise, you will have to do a river cruise. My good friend and I went from Budapest to Amsterdam. It was a wonderful 14 day trip. You need to do it. I hope your trip is as wonderful as our trips have been.

  7. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    Chef Anne ,
    You sparkle like champagne! Your recipes taste devine and I count you responsible for this sob(as in sexy old cooks broad) sister going to culinary school at her local community college, and having worked in a kitchen. You inspire, you rock and you just make everyone want to cook a little better. The guys where I live all think you're a kick in the butt, even though they could compete for worst cooks. You really brighten up Food Network

  8. jane says:

    i love anne…hope she is the next iron chef….i hate to cook……so glad irvine is out.

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