Food Network Scores 11 Daytime Emmy Nominations

by in Food Network Chef, Shows, May 16th, 2011

sandra lee, giada de laurentiis, paula deen, anne burrell

Food Network has something to celebrate — actually, it has 11 things to celebrate. The 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award Nominations have been announced and include several Food Network shows and hosts:

  • Giada at Home is also nominated for three: Directing, Camera Editing and Technical Direction.

The awards will be broadcast on CBS from Las Vegas on June 19.

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Comments (50)

  1. Teddysmom says:

    Congrats to all………. but they missed the best guys ???- DUFF, GUY, Bobby… ;0)

  2. I love cooking with food network, make me happy cook

  3. Chris says:

    I am very pleased to see Anne Burrell receive some long-overdue recognition. I hadn't been truly inspired by a FN chef/cook for a few years, but Anne Burrell has something specia to offer: She makes me a happy, happy girl! Oh! How I wish that my DH and I could afford to take that cruise in November that will feature special classes, demonstrations, social gatherings, etc. with Ms, Burrell.

  4. Varninda says:

    Congrat !!!! To Paula Deen for being selected as host for a new program.
    I love your food network show.

  5. Congratulations to both Paula Deen and Anne Burrell they both rock in different ways!!!

  6. Mary Boser says:

    I stopped watching for a while because there were so blankety blank many contest shows in which all but the top winner is humiliated. Come on, folks, this is supposed to teach us how to cook well, not make people feel badly. Alton is very cerebral and very few appreciate him for all his is worth. There are a lot of good ones on the station but not enough actual cooking shows any more. Each one of the chefs (cooks) has his or her own style. They are all winners in one way or another. Keep the cookings shows afloat and dump the contests!!! Mary Boser

    • M. Tynsdake says:

      agreed! we have to pay to get the Food Channel on TV. We stopped even getting this channelbecause there are so few shows where they actually cook or show how to cook things.

    • Glenda Dennis says:

      Amen, I agree.

    • Barbara Varona says:

      Congrats to ALL, who work tirelessly to bring us entertainment & ideas. All of these programs are of the highest caliber.
      The Food Network is on all day at our house, it's a great learning tool as well as a diversion from repetitive news (never pleasant)!
      Continued success,
      Barbara Varona-Campbell

    • Chris says:

      I'm not particularly fond of the majority of competition and/or non-cooking shows on FN, but I think they have a significant audience and are here to stay. I enjoy watching daytime programs that focus on cooking, but these shows might not generate an evening audience. Food Network has likely responded to its fan base who prefer to watch "reality" TV because that's the current trend in prime-time programming. Serious cooking shows probably wouldn't go over well during the evening viewing hours, so FN is offering food-related alternatives to other reality programming. When I've cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, I'd prefer to watch something lighthearted and entertaining that requires less concentration than a cooking show with detailed directions for recipe preparation.

  7. Mary Barbour says:

    I don't watch Food Network as much as I used to because of all of the realty shows. I think Cooking Channel has better programs with more actual cooking shows. Congratulations to the nominees but they left out several that should be there: Guy Feiri, Sunny Anderson, Tyler Florence, Ina Garten, and the Five Ingredient Fix Show. Glad to see they put Hungry Girl on for four Sundays as she is also very good and is a regular on Cooking Channel.

  8. Mary Barbour says:

    Forgot The Neelys. They are very entertaining and have easy recipes.

  9. Penny Weniger says:

    YAY Anne! Congratulations. Love you and your show. Happy girl here!

  10. DJH says:

    No Chopped?

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