Facebook Fans’ Best Cinco de Mayo Dishes

by in Community, May 6th, 2011

mexican brownies
We asked our Facebook fans to share photos of the Mexican dishes they cooked up for Cinco de Mayo yesterday and we were overwhelmed with the number of delicious-looking enchiladas, nachos, chili, guacamole and Mexican desserts our fans shared. All of the dishes looked to be fit for a proper fiesta and there’s no way we could pick one favorite, so here’s a selection of the amazing dishes our fans prepared — plus some Food Network recipes so you can make your own versions.

Lynn Dickson Ross made: Mexican Brownies with Dulche de Leche Ice Cream (pictured above)

You can make: Aaron Sanchez’s Mexican Brownies

Sonia Mendez Brennan made: Chicken Enchiladas With Chile Ancho Sauce (with homemade guacamole and Mexican rice)

You can make: Chicken Enchiladas Suizas, Alton Brown’s Guacamole, Mexican Rice
chicken enchiladas

Rosemary Moon made: Avocado slices drizzled with roasted tomatillo salsa

You can make: Avocado and Tomatillo Salad With Croutons
avocado with tomatillo

Justina Jedrzejowski made: Chili

You can make: Guy Fieri’s Dragon’s Breath Chili, Giada De Laurentiis’ White Bean Chicken Chili or Bobby Flay’s Red Beef Chili

Jessi Raleigh made: Turkey nachos with homemade tortilla chips

You can make: Guy Fieri’s Guy-talian Nachos (made with turkey sausage)

turkey nachos

Thanks for sharing your Cinco fare with us, Facebook fans! Keep it up, we love to know what you’re making!

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Comments (11)

  1. Meg Martin says:

    I'm honored my photo of my chips and salsa insured you–you inspire me!

  2. Meg martin says:

    I am honored to have my chips and queso pictured! All the foods looks delicious!

  3. Thank you food network for using my photo, we love you! :)

  4. This was an Emeril recipe that I just substituted ground turkey instead of beef: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-live/be
    They were sooooooo good :)

  5. Mary says:

    Love the pict of the queso but where is the recipe?

  6. bjc says:

    So fantastic to see REAL food by REAL people. No food stylist used and still such beautiful photos!

  7. Sonia Mendez Brennan says:

    Thanks to food network for inspiring me to try my best when it comes to cooking!!! Food network, one of the best things to happen to television!!

  8. Isn't that top photo an uncredited homesick texan picture? Just sayin'.

  9. JustinaJ says:

    oh mAn!! —-> thaaaaaat's *mY* chilllllliiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! :D (((((((((bRRrrRRRrrrrrrrccChaAAchaaAAAAA!!!!! ~ ~ ~ FiiiiieeEEESSSsssSSSsssstAAAaaaAAaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))) …… :P

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