Alton Brown Wins James Beard Award for Best TV Food Personality

by in Food Network Chef, May 9th, 2011

alton brown
The James Beard Foundation kicked off its awards weekend this past Friday in New York City with the Book, Broadcast and Journalism Awards Dinner.  Food Network’s own Ted Allen co-hosted the event with Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts host Gail Simmons. Together, they helped announce winners for categories like Best Personal Essay, Best Cookbooks and Best Television Program (click here for a complete list of winners).

One Food Network personality walked away with a big win: Alton Brown took home the award for Best TV Food Personality for his show Good Eats. However, this is not Alton’s first James Beard Award. In 2003, Alton won the award for “Best Reference Book” with “I’m Just Here For the Food.” Nominees also up for this award included Bobby Flay for Cooking Channel’s Brunch @ Bobby’s and Duff Goldman for Ace of Cakes.

Tonight, The James Beard Foundation will host the Awards Ceremony and Gala Reception at Lincoln Center to honor the chefs and restaurateurs who have made the food industry unforgettable in 2010.

Congratulations, Alton!

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Comments (40)

  1. Joyce says:

    A big CONGRATS Alton. Love your show, but would love another ROAD SHOW….keep up the good work.

  2. bobby_fillet says:

    It's interesting that I've never seen him cook anything but whenever I go to FN to search for recipes I end up picking his and they all turn out great.

    • luvcookin says:

      Right there with you Bobby! Did you notice the mods removed posts that were negative toward their "stars"?

      • Grandma Dar says:

        Hi luvcookin. This is PutterUp. Looks like the next season is going to start. Have watched very little of the network since last FNS. Looks like they have a bunch of "kids" again, "boring". I am surprised someone has not challenged them for "age discrimination" for this show. Have you heard from any of the regulars?


        • luvcookin says:

          Hey PutterUp!! Great to hear from you! I have not heard from any of the regulars, but hopefully once the show starts back up, we will. Yep, it does look like they have a bunch of kids again! I guess they think Ina and Paula suffice for the older crowd!

  3. Flat Kat says:

    Alton Brown's "Good Eats" will never be duplicated because he is at a whole other level than the rest of the "stand and stir" cooks on the network. They just don't have the creativity and intelligence that Alton has. Nor do they have his background in video production.

  4. John Nanny says:

    Why do the chefs on TV always serve their meat dishes almost raw? Since pre-historic times man has had the ability to fully cook his foods.

    • MichaelLeeSmyth says:

      Just wondering…do you cook all of your meat "Well" When we have cookouts I cook steaks everywhere from well to dripping. Since prehistoric times man has had the ability to burn and ruin his food as well.

  5. MichaelLeeSmyth says:

    Many times…when I have an issue…such as taking up that Beef Wellington challenge and such, I remember WWAD. Many time being harassed by my friend the classically trained pastry chef poo pooing me until she tasted.

  6. Dino says:

    Alton is a superb,dynamic,exceptional star at FN. I watch Good Eats religiously.I hope there are many more as I am a dedicated follower. Props to Alton CONGGRATULATIONS

  7. Thankyou for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting information. “The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.” by James Bryce.

  8. spam_hater says:


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