Alton Brown Wins James Beard Award for Best TV Food Personality

by in Food Network Chef, May 9th, 2011

alton brown
The James Beard Foundation kicked off its awards weekend this past Friday in New York City with the Book, Broadcast and Journalism Awards Dinner.  Food Network’s own Ted Allen co-hosted the event with Bravo’s Top Chef: Just Desserts host Gail Simmons. Together, they helped announce winners for categories like Best Personal Essay, Best Cookbooks and Best Television Program (click here for a complete list of winners).

One Food Network personality walked away with a big win: Alton Brown took home the award for Best TV Food Personality for his show Good Eats. However, this is not Alton’s first James Beard Award. In 2003, Alton won the award for “Best Reference Book” with “I’m Just Here For the Food.” Nominees also up for this award included Bobby Flay for Cooking Channel’s Brunch @ Bobby’s and Duff Goldman for Ace of Cakes.

Tonight, The James Beard Foundation will host the Awards Ceremony and Gala Reception at Lincoln Center to honor the chefs and restaurateurs who have made the food industry unforgettable in 2010.

Congratulations, Alton!

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Comments (40)

  1. Paul B. says:

    Alton Brown is my all-time favorite Food Network star. If he told me to jump off a bridge I would do it because he would have a very good reason for asking me to do it and would also have a thoroughly researched 15-minute segment about why I should do it complete with props and diagrams.

  2. I Have watched Alton Brown evolve over the years on the foodnetwork. He has kept my interest every time. I have learned so much watching his show.

  3. Alton is the man. He has a great personality to pull of being a TV star, but he can also back up the fast talk with some obvious smarts. His ability to explain the science behind the cooking has always kept me coming back for more. Congrats Alton!

  4. jancarnation says:

    Congratulations! It is a pleasure to watch Alton Brown, and I have learned much from him. It's nice to see someone so deserving get the recognition!

  5. SundanceGarden says:

    Woohoo!! Congrats Alton, love ya, and your show teachs the science to make 100 recipes, not just 2 or 3! Keep handing us the science of food and keep the Chairman in line!! (I really hope you get a plate too…)

  6. Cookie Bell says:

    Alton Brown is my hero. He has taught me many a thing. Congrat Alton and keep it coming.

  7. Elaine M says:

    when will we see new Good Eats, miss that show, hey Food Network, take Iron Chef off and give Alton an hour show.

    • luvcookin says:

      NO! I love Iron Chef America! Take Aarti off and give Alton an hour show! Or take off Cupcake Wars or one of the many challenges!

      • Pudgiecat says:

        I totally agree!!!

        • think4string says:

          Yes, I'm equating what happened to MTV in the 1980's (when they stopped playing music video's) to what is happening on Food Network now: NOBODY IS COOKING REAL RECIPE'S ANYMORE AFTER DINNER TIME. Reality based shows to compete with ALL the other networks' reality based blah, blah. It's a shame – and I understand the FN has to make (more) money. The thing is, it's plain boring watching the same formula on any given network thrown into the mix here. FN needs to try and deliver on ONE THING – make the show's about the FOOD, the RECIPE, the TECHNIQUE, and stop trying to develop overly dramatic characters and storylines in the (psuedo) reality based shows you are presenting. That NEW cake show has characters that are SO OVERLY PREDICTABLE, that I only needed to watch 2 episodes to hate it. Too many challenges, NOT ENOUGH REAL COOKING.

      • bobby_fillet says:

        What???? You don't like hot dogs with curry thrown on it? Or hamburgers with curry thrown on it? Or mac and cheese with curry thrown on it? Or pizza with curry thrown on it? Or sloppy joes with curry thrown on it? How can you not like such originality?

    • Stewpot says:

      I just read that a couple of days ago Alton sent out a tweet (apparently his first) stating that he is closing up shop on Good Eats. I haven't seen a confirmation. Say it ain't so Alton!

  8. gladys siegel says:

    Alton, you are the best.

  9. ncapps says:

    Yeah Alton! Over the years I used so many of his recipes that my family knows a meal will be great because "this is one of Alton's recipes" — you've never failed us. Huge fav is your French Onion Soup, your Sugar cookies, oh and your …. you get the pictures! Thank you Alton. Well deserved!

  10. KEV says:

    Alton Brown you are awesome. Your detailed recipes are so delicious, you taught me how to poach an egg! Your scientific explanations of food help me understand why I need to cook things a certain way, and I've learned so much from you.

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