In The Kitchens: Royal Wedding Cakes From Last Cake Standing Contenders

by in Behind the Scenes, April 17th, 2011
Jason from Last Cake Standing spent hours in the Food Network Kitchens working on a special royal project.

Last week, three of the talented pastry wizards from Last Cake Standing Jason, Jörg and Richard — were up in Food Network Kitchens working on a special project. It wasn’t totally top secret, so we’ll spill the beans: They’d been asked by Rachael Ray to come up with over-the-top cakes inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Each cake artist took a different direction; beyond the Royal Wedding theme, they had free rein to follow their own inspirations. Tomorrow, the guys will present the final creations on the Rachael Ray Show and Rachael will declare a winner. We hear the Royal Couple is planning to serve traditional English fruitcake at the reception, but if Will and Kate happen to catch Rachael’s show and see these beauties, I’m thinking they might reconsider.

Huge, high-end cakes like these are massive projects, and Jason, Jörg and Richard spent hours in the Kitchens, each with an assistant, to work on their detailed masterpieces. Still, the vibe remained relaxed and fun. The guys each took a couple of minutes to chat with us about their royal inspirations as they worked.

Jason embellishes his cake with gold and the sapphire blue of Kate's engagement ring.

Jason’s cake features intricate gold detail work, but it’s not totally classic. “When I came in here this morning, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go traditional or if I wanted to incorporate Will and Kate’s personalities — because you know, we’re best friends,” he joked. “But for the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s really the one calling the shots. So you’ve got to do a little bit of classical in there.” He found inspiration in the blue of Kate’s sapphire engagement ring and “that infamous engagement photo dress.”

Jörg adds intricate detail to the base layer of his cake.

Jörg also made sure to incorporate some royal flair into his design: “I was thinking of jewels and gold. I also did a little research and found that dark burgundy red is a very royal color.” He showed us his sketch of the final product with its towering piece de resistance: A fleur de lys (a symbol that connotes royalty) topped with the most royal icon of all, a gold crown. He nodded to old and new: “Prince Charles and his mother are the old royalty. Kate and William, they’re a little bit more hip. They’ll have a lot of young friends there. It’s 2011, it’s not 1901 anymore. We wanted to bring in a little bit of both.”

Jorg's detailed sketch of his cake.

Richard had extra motivation to depart from tradition: “Believe it or not, I had already created another Royal Wedding cake. I went real classic with that one; I put the Royal Seal on the cake. I did gum paste flowers that looked completely real,” he explained. Rather than replicating that, he went in a new direction, using modern techniques to give a more “relaxed” feel to the cake: “I like that Will and Kate are more relaxed. Like one of us, you know?”

Richard used a new technique using cocoa butter and potato starch for his cake's flowers and decorations.

Keep watching Jason, Jörg and Richard on Last Cake Standing tonight at 9pm/8c – all three are still in the running for the show’s $100,000 grand prize. Then, catch Rachael’s show tomorrow (times and channels vary, so check your local listing) to see their completed Royal Wedding cakes.

Planning your own Royal Wedding party? Check out our gallery for lots of menu ideas including British classics and dishes inspired by Will and Kate’s favorites. You could even make your own wedding cake to commemorate the occasion: Browse our gallery of Creative Wedding Cakes for ideas.

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Comments (35)

  1. Sierra Hall says:

    FN is about to lose me as a viewer , because these shows are whack

    • nic says:

      Richard had no cake to judge because it fell to the ground. He should have been eliminated. Because the black woman was arguing with her husband she was sent home. I'm done watching this sorry show.

  2. Heather says:

    This show is hard to watch when they are working in teams. Artists need to be able work on their own dream/idea, not someone else's or a compromise of different ideas. Please let these cake artists do what they do best, make individual, fabulous cakes.

  3. Michael Tavella says:

    This show has "jumped the shark" I am afraid that the idiotic team contests look good in view of last night's episode. You reward one player by screwing over another. What would have happened if her cake had gotten damaged?

    In your effort to "spice" up the show, you have just tuned it into a inane contest that has little to do with cakes. You should the title to the "last cake DESIGNER standing".

  4. Annie says:

    What the heck is wrong with the producers and the host? These inane performance challenges are ruining the show. Not seeing great cakes because the artists are having to dream up ridiculous things the cakes should do and how they need to present them to the public. Also, taking advantage of the friendship between Josh and Jason was just plain sad. I was offended by the host's forcing of the issue trying to get them to pick the other to go home. Have been a big fan but find it starting to become demeaning to the contestants.

  5. Suzi Bye says:

    Please rethink the concept of this show…it feels like nothing more than every other reality show that is on tv (ad nauseum) right now. I was hoping that this show would continue the fantastic job that FN usually does showcasing the talents of the artists involved. Not so much with this show…unfortunately.

  6. JBananaH says:

    Producers of this show: PLEASE stop messing with the contestants and let them do what they are there to do – create amazing cakes! This competition has sunk to new lows. Food Network's challenges are supposed to be about talent, not about making them screw each other over or making the contestants' lives miserable. If I wanted to watch back-stabbing, I could tune into dozens of other tawdry shows. Are you going to wreck "The Next Food Network Star" with this kind of nonsense too? Count me out!

    • Becca says:

      I SO agree with you! I really hate them pitting the contestants against each other in such a sleazy way. It brings out the worst in people. Just let them compete in a straight forward way, not in a sneaky, underhanded way. That business of hiding the one woman's cake and making her spend all her work time hunting it down was the lowest. It made the show look bad, and it made Orlando look bad (especially when he said he hoped she never found her cake). I mean, a good competitor should want to win based on their talent, not because their competitors have been handicapped in some way. Please, save the sleaze for other shows, not a cake competition show!

    • Roger Wilke says:

      I agree, but the worst thing they did was to allow Richard back. This is such a set up to let their favorite to win. Iwill not watch another episode or another challenge period

  7. Guest says:

    HFor the past few week, we turn of FN after 5 Ingrediant Fix. We have not and WILL NOT watch Paula and all of her family. They have no interest for us and only make her show boring. PLEASE get them off! Until then, see ya!

  8. Marianne Siegel says:

    What is Jason's health problem, and has he had surgery yet?

  9. oaktreefestival says:

    Sponsored by__Your Organization__The 2011 Oak Tree Festival is holding__its first Cake Decorating Contest to take__place at the event on Friday May 20.__Two winners will be chosen from each__category. There are 2 categories, Fancy__and Fun. Contest Entry Fee: $35 for__first cake $20 for each additional cake.__TO ENTER__Professional and Amateur cake__decorators are encouraged to mail the__following along with Contest Entry Fee__to by Noon__on Thursday, May. 19:__. Name__. Mailing address__. E-mail address__. Date of birth__. Daytime phone number__Contest__St. Dorothy Church* Glendora, CA__2011 Oak Tree Festival__May 20, 2011__DETAILS__. Date of competition: Friday, May 20, 2011__. Set up begins at 4 p.m.__. Competition begins at 6 p.m.__. Judging will begin at 8 p.m.__St. Dorothy Church__Oak Tree Festival__241 S. Valley Center__Glendora, CA 91741__Official Rules and Contest__Guidelines @: Oaktreefestival.org__

  10. Gloria says:

    What happened to Jason ? Does anyone no?

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