In The Kitchens: Royal Wedding Cakes From Last Cake Standing Contenders

by in Behind the Scenes, April 17th, 2011
Jason from Last Cake Standing spent hours in the Food Network Kitchens working on a special royal project.

Last week, three of the talented pastry wizards from Last Cake Standing Jason, Jörg and Richard — were up in Food Network Kitchens working on a special project. It wasn’t totally top secret, so we’ll spill the beans: They’d been asked by Rachael Ray to come up with over-the-top cakes inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding.

Each cake artist took a different direction; beyond the Royal Wedding theme, they had free rein to follow their own inspirations. Tomorrow, the guys will present the final creations on the Rachael Ray Show and Rachael will declare a winner. We hear the Royal Couple is planning to serve traditional English fruitcake at the reception, but if Will and Kate happen to catch Rachael’s show and see these beauties, I’m thinking they might reconsider.

Huge, high-end cakes like these are massive projects, and Jason, Jörg and Richard spent hours in the Kitchens, each with an assistant, to work on their detailed masterpieces. Still, the vibe remained relaxed and fun. The guys each took a couple of minutes to chat with us about their royal inspirations as they worked.

Jason embellishes his cake with gold and the sapphire blue of Kate's engagement ring.

Jason’s cake features intricate gold detail work, but it’s not totally classic. “When I came in here this morning, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go traditional or if I wanted to incorporate Will and Kate’s personalities — because you know, we’re best friends,” he joked. “But for the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s really the one calling the shots. So you’ve got to do a little bit of classical in there.” He found inspiration in the blue of Kate’s sapphire engagement ring and “that infamous engagement photo dress.”

Jörg adds intricate detail to the base layer of his cake.

Jörg also made sure to incorporate some royal flair into his design: “I was thinking of jewels and gold. I also did a little research and found that dark burgundy red is a very royal color.” He showed us his sketch of the final product with its towering piece de resistance: A fleur de lys (a symbol that connotes royalty) topped with the most royal icon of all, a gold crown. He nodded to old and new: “Prince Charles and his mother are the old royalty. Kate and William, they’re a little bit more hip. They’ll have a lot of young friends there. It’s 2011, it’s not 1901 anymore. We wanted to bring in a little bit of both.”

Jorg's detailed sketch of his cake.

Richard had extra motivation to depart from tradition: “Believe it or not, I had already created another Royal Wedding cake. I went real classic with that one; I put the Royal Seal on the cake. I did gum paste flowers that looked completely real,” he explained. Rather than replicating that, he went in a new direction, using modern techniques to give a more “relaxed” feel to the cake: “I like that Will and Kate are more relaxed. Like one of us, you know?”

Richard used a new technique using cocoa butter and potato starch for his cake's flowers and decorations.

Keep watching Jason, Jörg and Richard on Last Cake Standing tonight at 9pm/8c – all three are still in the running for the show’s $100,000 grand prize. Then, catch Rachael’s show tomorrow (times and channels vary, so check your local listing) to see their completed Royal Wedding cakes.

Planning your own Royal Wedding party? Check out our gallery for lots of menu ideas including British classics and dishes inspired by Will and Kate’s favorites. You could even make your own wedding cake to commemorate the occasion: Browse our gallery of Creative Wedding Cakes for ideas.

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Comments (35)

  1. Just beautiful! I love this show.

  2. nkemdilim says:

    I absolutely LOVE the show! So inspiring!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    I think Richard is a whiny child and no matter what he says or does Cari Vincent is on his side. She gets almost giddy. Ridiculous!!! It's so annoying and unfair to the others. He should have went home last week when his cake hit the floor. It makes me and my friends not want to watch.

  4. Barbara says:

    Richard is whiney and arrogant.
    Jorg is arrogant and should have lost the talent show.
    Orlando is talented, but is very arrogant.

    Those 3 personalities are very strong and might ctually be their demise.

  5. dob says:

    these people sure could use a LOT of sugar added to their personalities. What a bunch of whiny, nasty spoiled brats. i changed the channel.

  6. Cisneros Rosa says:

    Beutiful ……

  7. pkol says:

    Go Jason! Hope his health holds up, altho previews of next week's show are not promising.

  8. Pete says:

    I cannot figure out what FN is up to. Lats Cake Standing had the possibility of being one of the BEST shows on tv. Now, it has gone from the sublime to the stupidly ridiculous. What is this show even about? The best cake baker or the most drama laden prima donna? This show has joined Chopped in this house and has been relegated to the dustbin of boredom.
    I am running out of shows that are worth watching on FN. FN seems to have forgotten what made them in the first place.

  9. Shel says:

    I love the show when they stick to letting them do what they do best. Working together is NOT what they do best! I wish they'd just let them, each week, make the most wonderful cakes they can. Next it'll be…ok, now, you can only use your left hand….and.. must wear an eye patch…oh..and stand on one leg. I haven't seen a wonderful cake yet! How can they when they are interrupted and the rules change constantly?

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