Flying High with Food Network Stars

by in News, April 7th, 2011
Cat Cora, shown here in her home kitchen, will soon launch a quick service restaurant in the San Francisco airport.

SFGate is reporting that Tyler Florence and Cat Cora are soon to launch quick service eateries in SFO’s Terminal 2.  Chef Florence will bring a scaled down version of his Rotisserie and Wine restaurant. His menu will be offering roasted meats along with a variety of southern style side dishes. The Cat Cora Lounge will be a cocktail bar and the menu will offer fresh local seafood. The goal of the project is to support local and sustainable dining with a number of food offerings throughout the terminal, something never before seen at an airport.

Delaware North has partnered with Iron Chef Morimoto to launch a new restaurant in Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 5. The menu will consist of a selection of soups and salads as well as yakitori style skewers which will include meats and vegetables served with rice. The focus will be on tasty, healthy foods that can be served and eaten quickly.

Looking for more places to find something from a favorite Food Network star?

Sandra Lee is launching a new line of kitchenware for Sears and Kmart. The collection will feature small appliances and other kitchen items.

The Baltimore Business Journal is reporting that Duff Goldman will be offering a line of less expensive cakes. Priced around $250, these cakes feed 12 to 15 and will be available much quicker than the more pricey custom designs which need to be ordered months in advance.

Guy Fieri gave a sneak peek on Twitter this week of a new “Knuckle Sandwich” shoe being designed by Globe Shoes. No word yet on when they will be available.

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Comments (13)

  1. C Grail Currey says:

    Where are The Neeley's?????????????? Please put them back on.

  2. Mary Lovig says:

    Cat is so cute i just LOVE her house. She is my all time favorite.

  3. Mary Lovig says:

    [polldaddy 4871220 polldaddy][polldaddy 4871220 polldaddy][polldaddy 4871220 polldaddy]

  4. Wagsy123 says:

    Guy Fieri was having a hard time with the plastic wrap today. If he would keep it in the freezer, it would be much easier to work with.

  5. Cathy Oldfield LPN says:

    Aaron –
    watched your show this morning. It was great!
    Loved your new phrase "don't get stressed out".
    Those bloody marys must be fabulous.
    Consider canning it in a jar

  6. Chris says:

    Gorgeous kitchen, Cat! Understated elegance.

  7. Sam Mason says:

    Ok. Love Adam. Keep him. Loose the rest. But new material! Chopped – make everyone wear hair nets! Should be SOP for any cook, resturant, cooking show, etc, etc, etc.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      A hair net isn't enough. They need to wear a sweat band under the hair net. All I ever see is sweat dripping into the food. Ewwwwww!

      P.S. Why is FN censoring every post having to do with I*N*A?

      Check out my blog called "I hate spam"

  8. Front Row Eats says:

    Interesting to hear Chef Morimoto will be launching a restaurant at LAX. I knew it wouldn't be long before other chefs started following Wolfgang Puck's lead. It definitely beats the fast food at airports with prices 10x their usual cost! :)

    Check out my food blog at


  9. I can`t see Neeley`s
    Where are them?

  10. Sarah says:

    Not sure if this is the place to post this comment…but I just want to say that I'm so sad to hear that Chefs vs. City is going to be pulled. This was the best show on the Network…even my kids love to play "Chris and Aaron"! These two were a pleasure to watch and Chris is definitely a food genius…hope Food Network reconsiders or finds something else for this pair to star in!

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