FN Fan Bites: Cooking Shows and Demos, a Chance to See Stars

by in Food Network Chef, April 26th, 2011

paula deen
Giada De Laurentiis, Paula Deen and The Neelys are scheduled to appear at the 2011 Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Atlanta, taking place April 30-May 1. In addition to presentations, there will be book signings featuring all 3 headliners. Plenty of other offerings will be available throughout the 2-day event with over 200 exhibitors, cooking classes, cooking demonstrations and food samples. Visit Metrocooking.com for calendar and ticket information.

Alton Brown will give the 2011 commencement address for the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Alton, the host of Good Eats, is a 1997 Graduate of NECI. The Burlington Free Press reports the graduation ceremony is planned for June 4th in Montpelier.

Chef Claire Robinson has partnered with The California Olive Committee to offer tips on how to dress up any dish with California ripe black olives. A recipe contest has been launched on Facebook offering a $2,500 cash prize for a winning original recipe featuring the olives. Find inspiration in the Food Network recipe database.

Ted Allen will be in Dallas with the Robert Mondavi Discover Wine entourage for Taste Addison, a three day festival featuring over 60 restaurants from the area. A random drawing will select 10 winners to be his guests at a cooking demo — to enter, text “TedAllen” to 47464. You can enter once a day (subject, of course, to your phone carrier’s fees). Deadline is 11:59 p.m. on May 2. For full details visit http://4ir.io/jxbds.

The Food Network Fans are constantly looking for info and sharing links on where we can find favorite stars, discuss favorite shows, visit a book signing, or see an appearance in other venues. We invite you to stop by and visit at FoodNetworkFans.com

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Comments (33)

  1. Nancy says:

    Paula Deen is my herion. I may be 35 years old, but I want to be like Paula when I grow up. I have two boys of my own and I want to have the kind of relationship with them that she has with her adult boys. When I cook a recipe from Paula, it's made with my love and hers so it's twice as fantastic! If I could be as successful and wonderful as she is, my dreams will have come true! I may be a busy mom, but if I could meet Paula, I would be in heaven.

  2. BSmith0145 says:

    PAULA . . . PLEASE CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!! We all love you, but the hair HAS TO GO!!! PLEASE!!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Paula Deen looks fabulous. The one with the awefull hair is Kerry Vincent, judge of Last Cake Standing. What is with that headband she wears all the time.

  4. Pat says:

    Paula can be a "stitch" and a great hostess. However, her cooking manners are attrocious. She licks her fingers or eats off cooking utensils and continues to prep food using the same. She talks and laughs with huge mouthfuls of food. She touches her hair and then continues to prep food. Often, I turn her off because she is disgusting, as do many others that I know. We all love most of her recipes and enjoy her sons.

    • jeri says:

      Like you don't do all that?! When was the last time you tasted food then washed? When was the last time you flicked a hair out of your face and washed?! That's what real cooks do in their home.

  5. Deb says:

    am very disappointed that Five Ingredient Fix with Claire Robinson has replaced the Neely's in the 5:30 pm est time slot. That show, in my opinion, is the worst cooking show on your network. Claire seems like a nice person, but the show is the pits.

    How about putting that show somewhere during the day, and put your better shows from 5:00 on. I love Barefoot Contessa and Paula, but Five Ingredient seems to ruin the mix.

    Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts.

    • Diana says:

      I agree with you, Claire Robinson is no cook. Yesterday she boiled a beef tenderloin!! Today she is making a Cesar salad with no anchovies and using pizza dough for croutons!! It is painful to watch. Get her off the air, I would like to see the Neelys back!!

      • Susan says:

        While I agree I would never par-boil a beef tenderloin, I have tried many of Claire's recipes and they were great. She has a nice smile and presentation and I enjoy her show. What I did NOT enjoy is watching those disgusting Neelys bump and grind all over their kitchen, listening to their sexual innuendos and wearing their bling while mixing food with their hands. Classless, tasteless and boring.

        • Nola says:

          Let not be so petty and critical…not every chef is appealing to every viewer…I for one enjoy watching Claire Robinson…she puts some personality in her show…and remember it is 5 INGREDIENTS…yu can always tweak a recipe to your own tastes…I think she is refreshing and Im sorry to see her moved to days …I will continue to watch her…and make her recipes …I think all the programs should be shuffled …because I am tired of seeing the regulars…bring back Claire to 5:30…and also put Anne Burrell and Sunny Anderson in later time slot…both also entertaining to watch…cooking should be fun and all 3 of those girls cook with gusto….MY favs !!

  6. Neil says:

    Paula is so sweet, I can't wait to visit her restaurant in Savannah, but until then I'll just keep watching.

  7. Ronnie says:

    I so miss seeing Aaron McCargo (Big Daddy's House). Love so many of his recipes and some of his ingredients are great and open new worlds for seasoned cooks. I found him at 8:00 AM several weekends and today they had him on at 7:30 AM. Are they trying to squeeze him out with the terrible time slots? I prefer being out of bed and in my kitchen when I watch my favorite cooks. My favorite recipe of his is Inside Out Burger. Everyone loves it and I've shared it with so many people.

  8. Anne Marie Higgins says:

    I wonder what happened to Claire Robinson……..her picture and show is not listed with all the other chefs. Please let me know if anyone has an answer.

  9. jeri says:

    I'm so confused with who's on when, I have to keep tuned to FN all the time! But maybe that's the point. I just don't have time! I'm a home nurse for a special need 3 year old and it's not convenient to just sit and watch. I hope FN can pick a schedule for daytime. I know it's late, but I agree with Nancy. Paula D. Is what America stands for: if you have the need and drive, you can achieve. Bless Paula, her boys, and the good ol US ofA!!!

  10. nora aldana says:

    hola paula soy nora de tijuana b.c, me encanta tu programa, tiene recetas faciles y me encanto un pastel de chocolate con queso crema y nuez , tambien me gustaria saber porque en tu pagina no hay opcion de traducir a español, eso estaria increible,, gracia

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