Chopped for Charity

by in Shows, April 1st, 2011

All-StarsOur Food Network fans are full of great ideas. In a comment on our blog after an episode of Chopped All-Stars, fan Eric Londergan suggested that we post a list of all of the contestants’ charities. We took him up on it and pulled together this rundown of the organizations that each All-Star chef played for — plus, we asked host Ted Allen to weigh in with his own charity pick. Thanks, Eric!

Of course, there are only four left standing to compete in the All-Stars finale this Sunday night: Aaron Sanchez, playing for the Greater New Orleans Foundation; Anne Burrell, supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Michael Proietti, competing for the Jed Foundation; and Nate Appleman, representing the Kawasaki Disease Foundation. All are beyond worthy causes, to be sure, and all four chefs are hungry to win for their causes.

Which charity will get a hefty $50,000 donation, and who will walk away with bragging rights? You’ll have to watch and see! Don’t miss the super-charged Chopped All-Stars finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c.


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Comments (60)

  1. Rita says:

    Shame on you people. You voted for one of your own even though you commented that there was a problem with Aaron's dish. He should not have made it through to the dessert dish. However you gave Nate a pass twice. Is that because you had pangs of sorrow for him? Shame on you once again because there was no question that Anne should have won this competition. She's amazing! You had too many biases and you played favoritism. If this is what Chopped is all about then I don't need to watch it again!

  2. Mary says:

    I haven't seen the show yet. I just couldn't wait to see Chef Anne Burrell in action (Wednesday) and win for her "out of this world" skills. Sure, ALL the contestants are "beyond good" to reach this level……….but I can't help thinking the "sympathy" vote made the final decision. Too bad for Anne, I'm still amazed at what she did with a can of haggis. Unless there is a RE-MATCH, "Chopped" is chopped for me.

  3. Mrs. Munnerlyn says:

    I loved every show but the 4th episode. I thought this episode was so unfair. You gave the judges extra perks that you wouldn't have gave a ordinary contestant. You gave them 40 mins in the entrée round and also 2 judges had bones on their plate. One of them would have gotten kicked off ordinarily …totally unfair.

  4. Sheila says:

    These are comments about the show in general:

    A 2009 episode showed one chef with sanitary problems (blood & double dipping) & he got through to the last round. I would have chopped him in round one!

    Why are there ingredients in the basket that can't be cooked in the allotted time?

    I don't like competitors who constantly make negative comments about other competitors. It's not that difficult to want to win and cheer each other on too!

  5. Daren Reed says:

    I have a difficult time understanding the rules of chopped. If the ingredients in the basket are "mandatory", then how can a contestant forget an ingredient and still go through? I would also like to know why people are sent through with questionable hygiene standards. I watched a plate with a hair go through, a cut finger and the chef continued cooking and then he doubled dipped the spoon, twice. If it is mandatory or if hygiene is really important, then they should be judged as such. It is really dishonest.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      Makes you think twice about eating in a restaurant since I'm sure that they are all doing the same thing.

    • Pete says:

      Over the past 2 years, I have seen "Chefs" pick up dropped food, drop hair, double dip, sweat into food and bleed.
      In EVERY instance these "Chefs" were allowed to progress. What the judges do not seem to grasp is that these are not accidents, these are HABITS. On Chopped, it seems that bad behavior is rewarded.
      I am running out of reasons to watch FN. The quality of programming is deteriorating rapidly.
      I guess the Watch Paint Dry Channel will have new colors this season.
      Chopped has been chopped.

  6. Juliet says:

    Don't get me wrong – Chopped is my favorite show on TV. But some gender discrimination issues are becoming increasingly apparent the more that I watch. Not only are women less likely to progress/win than men, but traditionally "male" attitudes (e.g., aggression, cockiness, etc.) are also rewarded and encouraged. (The big a**holes always seem to make it to the final round and lose to the more subdued man.)

    Many of the women contestants come across as uncomfortable and even apologetic (the notable exception being Ann), and I wonder if the judges' preference for masculinity contributes to their discomfort or vice versa. In any case, this dynamic is turning me off.

    I hope this enormous, distracting issue is somehow addressed…

  7. Julie says:

    Really disappointed in Chopped. I just do not believe that men are always superior to women as chefs, which leads me to believe there's some sexism going on. Of course, All Stars was really a hard decision–all of the dishes were equally good, so of course let's cut the woman (Anne) because that's what we do :(. I'm watching another episode right now, and all of the chefs blew the second round in some way, but I'm waiting for them to cut the woman because they always do, and the verdict is… and she's gone!! :( Might have to give up on Chopped-

  8. Jbl says:

    i wonder if anyone notices ted always has a facial expression when it comes to women…sorry ted but i can see it and it is annoying, not appropriate for this network

  9. jeff says:

    chopped was a disappointment…nobody i really would call a star until chef anne and robert…who the hell is nate??? nobody i care to see on tv…when i expect to see all star chefs GIVE ME ALL STARS NOT WASTE MY TIME…from now on i will use dvr and delete instead of wasting my time

  10. meontv says:

    i think when anne burrell dies of a stroke from salt intake, she'll be growling like Grover for help. She's soooooooo annoying.

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