Chopped for Charity

by in Shows, April 1st, 2011

All-StarsOur Food Network fans are full of great ideas. In a comment on our blog after an episode of Chopped All-Stars, fan Eric Londergan suggested that we post a list of all of the contestants’ charities. We took him up on it and pulled together this rundown of the organizations that each All-Star chef played for — plus, we asked host Ted Allen to weigh in with his own charity pick. Thanks, Eric!

Of course, there are only four left standing to compete in the All-Stars finale this Sunday night: Aaron Sanchez, playing for the Greater New Orleans Foundation; Anne Burrell, supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Michael Proietti, competing for the Jed Foundation; and Nate Appleman, representing the Kawasaki Disease Foundation. All are beyond worthy causes, to be sure, and all four chefs are hungry to win for their causes.

Which charity will get a hefty $50,000 donation, and who will walk away with bragging rights? You’ll have to watch and see! Don’t miss the super-charged Chopped All-Stars finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c.


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Comments (60)

  1. Suzanne Maurer says:

    I will never watch this show again!!! I have always enjoyed it, even though I disagree with the decisions so many times-(it is "one of" the most misogynistic shows on tv; but as a woman I have learned to accept this). But when you cut "ANNE BURRELL" after the second round.*.. NO! I'm done! And I'm sure a lot of others are also. Goodbye.
    *P.S. It was sadly predictable

    • misssamayy says:

      I just signed up for this to say that the whining of the "unknown cook " and I don't say Chef because all he did was blend everything, will also keep from ever watching this show again, and I agree with you but I could not figure out how to comment on my on so forgive me for commenting on yours but I think their viewers should be heard and that was absolutely ridiculous. Yes it was predictable, they allowed him to whine and blend his way into mediocrity, when they claim to be the hardest show on live cooking. I'm very upset at this decision and as a fan I can honestly say that my family is done with this show forever.

      • bobby_fillet says:

        I think it's safe to safe to say that you will never have to watch this again because after this debacle, there will never again be another Chopped All Stars. Eventually, viewers realize that these shows are all predetermined, just like the Next Food Network Star. Where is Giggles and Jiggles now?

    • Jim Henderson says:

      Little did I know that apparently the New York elite food scene is male dominated. I never would have known that, but there have been little clues all along as many of the female chefs in this series singularly talk about wanting to win because beating the men chefs would be satisfying. Alex apparently is an advocate for women as she has openly made comments in the past that she wanted a woman to win. I hadn't really seen any of the judges make any comments related to gender so if there are any prejudiced feelings, I think they hide it very well. Suzanne.. you sound like you might be working in a male dominated industry yourself. Keep up the good fight.

      • Distressed says:

        Alex is just as guilty of it too. I watched an episode recently where in the second round all three contestants had issues but the judges made more negative comments on the two male contestants. But, like usual, they chopped the female. Alex's reason – 'Your dish in the appetizer was so good, and we just don't think you hit that high a level this round'. They chopped her because she wasn't better than herself?!

    • CJinTX says:

      I agree, it was predictable. The minute Chef Nate appeared on episode #2 and started talking about his son and Kawasaki's disease, I had feeling he would be the winner of $50,000.

    • Jaki says:

      Suzanne, I could not agree with you more! The judges should be ashamed of themselves — especially Marcus Samuelsson, who is often more critical of the women chefs than the men chefs. I have been disgusted for a long time with the rampant sexism on this show, but was willing to hang in there hoping for something better as the show matured. I know the cooking industry, along with so much of US society, is very misogynistic, but this show purports to rise above bias to recognize chefs based on their work. Sadly, that has not happened. I consistently see gender bias-based decisions. The final straw was tonight's show. In that second round, when the judges identified both excellence and problems with ALL 3 dishes and even said they couldn't decide who to chop. I knew it would be Anne that would be cut. I have worked in the area of discrimination for a long time and It is my professional opinion that Anne was not cut because of her work, but because of her gender. Whenever it's a toss-up in a competition where both genders are involved, the woman is statistically more likely to be the one tossed out. Anne is an amazing chef and she deserved better. I am now out of patience with the show. I've had it! I'm done, too! And, so are many friends (female and male) that I spoke with tonight.

  2. bobby_fillet says:

    It's all about charity, so I'm glad that Nate's charity received $50K. I know that Michael probably doesn't have much income, but I would hope that Anne and Aaron, with their several hundred K income, donate at least $25K to the charities they were playing for. Come on, Anne and Aaron, step up to the plate (no pun intended)!!!

  3. sue says:

    i love watching cooking shows and chopped was one of my favorte but after tonight i will never watch this show again.

  4. bobby_fillet says:

    I don't know why I keep watchnig these FN "contests". Maybe because I already know that the winner is based only on ratings and future advertising and not on cooking ability. I still can't believe Arteeeeeeee Parteeeeeeeee. At least she's gone now.

    • misssamayy says:

      I agree. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! Thank you again for your time and understanding on the board. When you can't trust food to not be "biased"…..Just a bit of "food" for thought. Good evening to you and yours. Have a great night.

  5. Luann says:

    3 couples in Texas (good friends) decided to watch all the episodes of Chopped All Stars together. We met every Sunday night, had dinner, and kept score. Congratulations to Pat – the top winner! She won a can of haggis!

  6. mskathyk says:

    I was really sad tonight because I keep wondering if a woman will ever have a chance to win on Chopped when she competes against men. This program seems to always favor men. What a shame because I enjoy the show, but hate sexism.

    • Ryan says:

      That giant ugly piece of Iceburg lettuce was pathetic. She deserved to be chopped in the 2nd round for a presentation that was straight out of the Denny's menu. It had nothing to do with sexism.

    • bobby_fillet says:

      I hate sexism too. Why is it that women always win the Next Food Network Star? The last 3 female "winners' have been losers. Arteeeeee Parteeeeee? Give me a break! BTW my vote was for Anne.

  7. Tony says:

    Did Anne Burrell even make an entree? Her dish seemed more like an appetizer round item to me.

  8. Jim Henderson says:

    I figure the whole one hour show takes 4-5 hours (maybe more) to tape the cooking segments and all of the inner cut candids of the chefs. To think Chef Nate would have taken his young son to the studio in the morning and then have him hang around to make his cameo appearance at the end is unlikely. So the question is…. when did they know Nate was the winner and when did they get the word out to whoever to deliver Nate's son to the FN studios. Normally I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but to me this just smells like a bad can of haggis. What did they know and when did they know it? They did the same thing with the other specialty winner, Madison, with an appearance by his offspring at the end. To me this just looks like the FN is in the business of producing "compelling" TV with not a lot of honesty in the process. So goes their "Celebrity All-Star Chopped" episodes. And please refresh my memory… what was it that made Nate an All-Star in the first place?

  9. Whitney says:

    Wow! What a joke! Nate was very creative I will give him that, but how could he beat out the other chefs with what he made. His appetizer was described as bitter, his main dish: you couldn't cut through some of his meat, and his dessert was not described as tasting good, but on the boarder of smart and weird. I think it should come down to taste, presentation, and creativity. With that said, Nate's creative abilities shouldn't outweigh the other components. In the end would you rather eat something creatively cooked or something that tastes good? I want to eat something that tastes good, and I think restaurants worldwide would agree with me.

  10. JustHeidi says:

    Amazing to read how so many people take this show too seriously and are so negative. This show is completely entertaining and engaging. It's incredible to see how each chef can think of a dish made from odd ingredients, cook it in a short amount of time, and have it taste good. I think those who take the competition too seriously need to take a step back and enjoy the show for what it is…great entertainment. Congrats to Nate's charity!

    • momxx4 says:

      You are absolutely right. The show entertaining and I love to see what the chefs come up with. I try to think of what I would do with the ingrediants and sometimes it's the same as one of the chefs. TV is entertaining, not to be taken too seriously.

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