Pass the Peas Please

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Spring for Peas

Spring is almost here, which means longer days, chirping birds, blooming flowers and, of course, the start of pea season. Pea plants do best in cool-weather environments, making the fair months of March and April the ideal time to grow these teeny green veggies. Whether you like them pureed in soup, scooped alongside meat or mixed in a salad, peas are sure to liven up any spring dish.

At your next get-together, trade in the carrots and ranch for Giada’s Sun-dried Tomatoes and Peas on Endive Spears from When pureed, the peas and sun-dried tomatoes take on a light dip texture, making this appetizer a classy starter to any meal.

For a vibrant green dish to match the blooming plants outside, try this Pea, Feta and Mint Salad With Pistachios from Sweet sautéed onions, tangy crumbled feta cheese and crisp peas combine for light-yet-satisfying salad, perfect for a simple lunch or dinner.

Dress up those drab frozen peas with Bobby Flay’s classic recipe for Peas With Shallots and Pancetta from Salty and robust, pancetta adds a perfect contrast to the delicate flavors of sweet shallots and the crunch of green peas.

Michael Chiarello’s Spring Pea Soup from is a cinch to make and filled with fresh garden ingredients, like leeks, celery, English peas and thyme. Whip up a batch of this creamy soup any night of the week.

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Comments (4)

  1. beth#1 says:

    this is in the wrong place, but i can't find a help button. i also can't find a printer friendly button. Can anyone help? thanks

  2. Ann says:

    I was watching Giada at home. The episode was Jades Dance Party – Kid friendly meals.
    While making wagon wheel pasta with pacetta and vegetables, Giada repetedly refed to green
    beens as snap "peas". Huhhhh???? Snap peas? She added what looked like green beans, edemine, and peas to the recepie. Was I wrong? What is a snap pea?

    • nycmarie says:

      Anne, snap peas when purchased fresh, come in a pod that looks like a green bean. You then snap open the pod and get the peas……

  3. FredAndLynne says:

    Hi Beth, didn't want to lose you, so didn't check it out… but have you tried the Recipe Box (upper right corner of page) for a Printer Friendly button? I know has theirs there. Good luck! I'll keep looking for a Help button. Sure seems like there should be one somewhere. :)

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